Athena walked inside the smithy of Hephaestus. Zeus had declared himself neutral on the war at hand and respecting his desires, Athena asked the blacksmith of the gods for some new weapons. Her father wouldn't refuse her the aegis or his sword if she were to ask, but it felt, in some way, like cheating. And the goddess of war never cheated. She would beat Ares and Apollo and whoever stupid enough to oppose her cleanly. Her victory-and their humiliation- would be then the more sweet.

Hephaestus, big, burly and covered in sweat, greeted her quite friendly. She looked at him curiously. Hephaestus was a very shy and quiet god. He never talked, nor touched, more than it was absolutely necessary. Aphrodite had just dumped him, however. Maybe he was just feeling lonely. Smiling, Athena put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Then she took off several bars of gold to offer him as payment for his work, but the blacksmith politely refused.

"Your love is the only payment I need" He assured her.

That was very nicely spoken. She liked Hephaestus. He was very kind to everyone and everything. He was ugly, and lame, but his soul possessed more beauty than any body or any face the other gods could presume of.

The blacksmith moved aside and led her to his smithy, where the new weapons were awaiting her. The door closed with a resounding metallic blow. And then, he suddenly attacked her.

Athena didn't knew what was happening until it was too late. No one had ever dared to attack her, except the impulsive Ares. And Hephaestus moved faster than she would have even imagined he could move. In seconds, the blacksmith had her on the floor, crushing her body with his bulk.

He ripped her gown and Athena tried to stop him. But he was stronger than she was and his huge body laying over hers made any movement almost impossible.

"What are you doing?! Stop!" She managed to gasp as he trapped both her hands on one of his huge fists

"He told me you like it rough…I know you want this. I want to give you…the love you seek…"

Hephaestus tried to force her legs open with his, but on this he found greater difficulty, for his legs were weak and hers healthy and strong..

"Zeus will punish you for this!" Athena screamed, trashing wildly and trying to free her hands. "You shall burn in the eternal flames of your lust and never ease your disgusting desires on the hole he will bury you on!"

The god smiled, his eyes bulging out on his excitement. Athena felt, for the very first time in her life, fear.. He was going to destroy her, take away her most precious possession, her virginity, one of the pillars of her divinity, of her identity.

Letting out an earth-shaking battle cry, she stopped her erratic kicking and allowed him to move between her legs just to lash out with renewed strength and kicking directly to his parts. Hephaestus moved aside and her foot impacted on his leg instead. He whimpered in pain, and the hold of his huge hand eased. The goddess freed one of her hands and punched him right on the mouth. Hephaestus, dazed by the blow, retreated a few inches. Before she could hit again, however, his other hand came forth and grabbed her arm roughly His nose was bleeding now and he seemed upset.

"Ea…Aphrodite would have never done that."

Athena heaved and waited, hoping he would desist but then she felt the touch of his hideous thing on her thigh. She twisted again, more frantically this time. Hephaestus was now less vehement on his attempts, but nonetheless the excitement of the struggled aroused him even more and he allowed his bulk to fall onto her again.

Athena grunted and turning bit one of his ears with all her might. Howling in pain, the blacksmith sat up taking his crisped hands to the bleeding wound. Her face a mask of outrage and terror, Athena turned on the floor and reached out for her fallen spear.

"Wha…Wait!!" Hephaestus screamed to her and grabbed her shoulder, trying to drag her back towards him

Athena turned and brought the spear down on his head with all her strength, trying to penetrate his skull with the head, but on her haste, she missed the blow and what was meant to be mortal, just dazed.

And then something warm spread over her leg and Athena trembled in both repulse and horror, seeing what it was. She hit him again, this time managing to cut him with the cruel bronze. Whimpering and moaning, Hephaestus struggled to stand, grabbing the spear to stop the attack, but not making another move to hold her.

Athena released the spear and retreated, making a desperate run towards the door, wiping the hideous liquid off her leg and throwing the dirty cloth to the earth.