It was everywhere. If you turned a corner, there was three more gallons of it, all over the floor. I couldn't help, but let tears fall. He abandoned me, leaving me to die in this hell hole. Around my neck was the necklace, heart-shaped, that he gave me.

Before I could think anything else, gunshots were heard all around the window that was to my left. Then…nothing.

My body snapped forward as I heard beeping from my side. I was in my room, sweating out of fear. The beeping from my alarm switched from that to the radio, having me listen to, once again, Nikko Alexander. He was singing "Don't Tell Me". Selfish, Caring Bastard. I snorted lightly at my sudden name calling. It was sorta funny. But every time I heard him sing, I wished I was there next to him, singing, too.



Damn alarm…smacking the switch, I stood and got ready for school, sighing at the thought of working with, ugh, Nikko.

(At Practice)

Wincing, I rubbed the new bruise I had received this morning. One little question, and dad goes ballistic. Why did he hit me so much? I wish that someone would stop this abuse I was receiving.

I entered the auditorium, only to be met with many laughing dancers. Friends. Well, friends and Nikko. He was singing and dancing goofily as others laughed with him. But the song shattered my heart. It was meant as a joke, for he sang it before, but the song always reminded of my dad. How he killed my mom and how no one knew except me!

Why don't you break my heart
Make it hurt so bad
Come on give it your best
None the less, I insist, just like that
Why don't you break my heart
It sounds good to me
Do it over again, again, again
You're just what I need
Why don't you break my heart

Yeah, break it

Stare me down, intimidate me
Baby please you'll never break me
Bring it on, cause I can take it
You're so cool, the way you play it
Oh, you can do whatever you like
It's alright with me

Nikko froze as I stared blankly at him, the glint in my eyes gone. No more happiness, just…pain. Pain and sadness. The stinging on my cheek was stronger, overcoming my body.

Shutting my eyes tightly, I grabbed my cheek and held it in pain, suppressing the urge to scream out in pain. I could hear many footsteps come towards me, but the voice was less than expected. It was Nikko, not Brittany (I have NO idea what her best friends name is so if ya wanna you can send it to me, but I think it was Brittany). His hand was on my shoulder and he was talking, I think. It was jumbled.

"Courtney! What's wrong?!" That was a mix of both Brittany and Nikko, but Nikko was louder. It was like this before, I was hurt, Nikko cared, I went home, came back with twice as many bruises or a broken bone. But it was different too. This time, Nikko was the last thing I heard before I passed out into his welcoming arms, my head gently hitting his chest. The last words I heard were,

"Wake Up!" And they were from, of course, Nikko.

That's IT!!! Sorry for such a short chapter, but it's my first Spectacular! Story so I wanted it to be different but writer's block got in the way! I'll try to write longer stories!