Packing all that I owned (which was not much) I slid open the window and hopped out, glad that the upstairs wasn't high off the ground. Grabbing my bag, I took in the fresh air happily and darted across the back yard, and over the fence. I was doing it. I was running away. And I was NOT coming back.

Nearing Nikko's home, I pondered on telling him goodbye, but I shortly realized his car wasn't there. It was his brother's. Sitting the bag down on a bench, I jogged up to the door and took out a piece of paper out of my pocket. All I wrote was GOODBYE. Not a sincerely or my name. Just goodbye. And I felt some weight slam into my chest as I slid under the door and into the house. Guilt. I hate it. It was a horrible feeling I had, but I ignored it, because I knew he wouldn't care that I was gone. He had Tammi.

Running as fast as I could, I retrieved my bag and darted down the street, not even looking back. Because I knew if I did, I wouldn't leave. I wouldn't be able to. As I made it about two miles away from his house, I came to a busy intersection. Cars were rushing by in a blink of an eye. I couldn't pass this way. Tears filled my eyes as I realized this is as far as I could get. I couldn't leave. I was stuck. That was what I thought. Until I heard a loud screech coming down the road. A car in the shade of red squirmed as I spun out and came towards me.

My head screamed and hollered at me to move, but I couldn't. I realized it was my only escape. Death. My legs were glued to the ground as I closed my eyes tight, waiting for the impact. But I felt…nothing. Wait! Was I…flying? Opening my eyes, I again shut them as I slammed into the ground, hearing a sharp cracking noise from leg. I looked down at it to see it badly bleeding and a piece of the bone sticking out. It was bent in a weird direction.

Frozen. I couldn't move my body at all as people stopped their cars to run to me. The first people that I ever saw that had concern for me. And one of them…was Nikko.

"Courtney!" That was the last thing I heard as I slipped more into my darkness. It was my blanket, and I loved it. It was isolated from everything, except his voice.

"Courtney! Please!" I felt Nikko shake my shoulders, begging me to be alive, "OPEN YOUR EYES!" He hollered fearfully as I went limp. I couldn't feel his words. I didn't feel them sink in. They just flew around my body, not connecting into my ears or brain.

"No…!" I whispered with what strength I had left.

"What?" Nikko wouldn't leave. He wouldn't let me die. Opening my eyes, I pushed him away (not far with the little strength I had), and bellowed at the top of my lungs before I fainted.