The Story of the 9th Digidestined.

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Chapter One: So the Adventure begins

It all began when the climate went completely out of control. The rainforest dried out, and snowstorms hit places that didn't snow. Places that were normally hot in the summer got super cold. And people in the south had said they saw the northern lights. At the time, I didn't know or care that any of this was going on, all I wanted was to leave, get out of this world.

"You don't care about me, ever since dad died all you cared about is your self!" a boy yells and grabs his hat and his vest and bolts out of the house into the cold raining night.

"Stupid weather man, I thought he said it was going to be a clear night."

The young boy says his hands over his head trying to block the rain from soaking his head, he runs over to giant maple tree hoping it will give him some shelter from the rain.

"Awe man I'm soaked." He says with a sigh, he looks up to the sky,

"So now it stops raining after I'm soaked, I wish I could just get out of here," He says sadness and annoyance clear in his voice, as he looks at the gray clouds weird lights and colors plays out across the sky.

"I know I live up north but not that far north to see the Aurora Borealis." Just then a circle of green light appears in the sky, a beam of light shoots out of the weird green circle right at the boy,

"Whoa!" He cries as the beam of light land with explosions of earth at his feet.

"Was that a meteorite?"

He looks into the hole where it landed, from the hole an object surrounded in light float up from the ground to the boy. He grabs it out of the air and looks at the devices now in his hand. The device was a light teal colour with three blue buttons on it and a screen in the middle, around the screen was some kind of code.

"I wonder what this is." The boy says in surprise, the screen of the device glows green, the wind picks up causing the boy to but a hand on his head so he won't lose his blue hat.

"What's going on!?!" he cries as the wind picks him sending him flying into a endless hole, lights of every color flashing as he falls.


"Hey wake up." A voice says.

"That wasn't fun." The boy says groggily and opens his eyes, he blinks and rubs his eyes sitting on his chest was a creature that looked like a lion's head with a golden mane and a yellow tail, it had big round yellow eyes and two jagged looking teeth.


The boy screams and jumps up quickly surprising the lion creature he backs up in to a tree.

"Wha...wha...what are you?" The boy asks, he then looks around and see's that his surroundings as changed he was in a forest but it was different then the ones he was use to.

"Actually a better question would be where am I?" He asked the little lion creature.

"You're in the digital world, and I'm Frizmon." The creature said happily.

"What are you exactly?" The boy asks.

"I'm a digimon that's short for digital monster and I'm your partner." He replies happily.

"You're my partner?" The boy asks in surprised.

"Yup." Frizmon says and points his tail at the boy's belt. "That device on your waist proves that were partners."

"This thing huh?" The boy says taking the device off his waist and looking at it.

"Since were partners any chance I can get your name?" Frizmon asked shyly the boy blushes in embarrassment.

"I'm Ryan Adams nice to meet you Frizmon." Ryan says and smiles at Frizmon. "So why am I here?" Ryan asks, Frizmon goes to say something when the two of them heard a inhuman roar, a gorilla with white fur, black skin and a cannon on his right arm appears knocking down a couple of trees.

"Who's that?!?" Ryan asked panic clear in his voice.

"That's Gorillamon." Frizmon says angrily and starts to tense up.

"Frizmon what's wrong?" Ryan asks as Frizmon glares at Gorillamon hatefully. Gorillamon is yelling and beating his chest.

"Gorillamon stole my treasure." Frizmon says and uses his tail to points at Gorillamon's neck around his neck was a gold pendent with a blue screen.


Frizmon cried and an orange bubble shot out of his mouth and hit Gorillamon in the chest, Gorillamon roared in pain.


Frizmon cried and hit Gorillamon in the face Gorillamon glares at him and point his cannon at Frizmon.


He cried and a purple energy blast shot out of it right at Frizmon, Ryan run's and grabs Frizmon just before he could be hit by the blast.

"What do you think your doing!?" Ryan asks as he runs with Frizmon in his arms.

"I'm trying to get my treasure back now let me go." Frizmon says angry, another energy blast stops them from arguing.

"How are we going to get rid of this guy?" Ryan asks while looking for a place to hide.

"Easy let me take him." Frizmon says Ryan smiles at Frizmon.

"Your crazy but your also brave but lets save that for a last resort ok?" He says.


Gorillamon roars again Ryan and Frizmon duck just in time to avoid Gorillamon's energy cannon attack.

"Less talking more running!" Frizmon yells as Ryan picks him up and runs as fast as his legs can carry him. As Ryan runs he trips and falls,

"Ahhh!" He cries as he drops Frizmon, Ryan tries to get up but roar stops him he turns around and see's Gorillamon standing over him.

"Get away from him you dam dirty ape!" Frizmon cries and launches one his baby growls at him, Gorillamon slaps the attack way.

Frizmon get out of here!" Ryan yells, but instead of running away Frizmon jumps in front of Ryan and hits Gorillamon.

"What do you think your doing!?!" Ryan asked.

"What does it look like, I'm protecting you!" Frizmon says while just avoiding Gorillamon's arm,

"But why would you go so far for me?"

"Easy because were partners." Frizmon says and smiles at the boy before Gorillamon hits him into a tree,

"Frizmon!" Ryan cries and runs over to young digimon, Gorillamon lets out a triumphant cry and walks over to them he points his cannon at them

"Frizmon!" Ryan cries and then something weird happens, the device on Ryan's waist starts to glow and beep and Frizmon starts to glow as well.


Frizmon had disappeared and in his place was a small lion standing up on its back legs it had gold fur like Frizmon but it didn't have a mane, on his tall and on his paws he had blue bands, and he had pure gentle green eyes.

"Frizmon is that you?" Brian asked.


Leemon cried his paw glows blue and he jumps and hits Gorillamon's cannon away causing Gorillamon's blast to be sent upwards.


Leemon roared and a green blast is shot at Gorillamon making him stagger away from them, Leemon turns around and smiles at Ryan.

"I'm called Leemon now. He said,

"You evolved how?!?" Ryan asks in awe, Leemon smiles.

"Actually I digivolve and its all thanks to you partner, now I can get my treasure back."

Leemon said happily and turn around to face Gorillamon.

"Give me back my treasure!" He yelled.

"Actually you should give it to me." A voice says, behind Gorillamon was a puppet looking creature it had black and blue skin and one red eye and one green it was standing on a yellow dragonfly creature.

"Yes Dracmon." Gorillamon says obediently and takes off the pendent and hands it to Dracmon.

"Give me back my treasure!" Leemon yells angrily and charges at Gorillamon and Dracmon.


The dragonfly digimon cries and three sonic rings shoots out of his mouth and hits Leemon sending him flying into Ryan.

"Good work Yanmamon." Dracmon says evilly and takes the pendant from Gorillamon.

"With this my master will be very pleased I don't need you anymore Gorillamon." Dracmon says and open his blue hand revealing a green eye ball, it glows green and Gorillamon's eyes go back to its natural colour Yanmamon then grabs Gorillamon and drops him over the cliff.

"Hey come back here!" Leemon yells angrily runs to the cliff Ryan right behind him.

"Later Digidestined want to be." Dracmon says with an evil laugh as he and Yanmamon fly away.

"I'll never get my treasure back now." Leemon says bitterly, he feels a hand on his shoulder, and turns around.

"Don't worry Leemon I'll help you get your treasure back. Were partners now so I'm going to help you and maybe on the way I can find out what I am doing here." Ryan says with a smile,

" Ya." Leemon says happily.

"Let's find the treasure!" They cheer in unison and punch the sky.


(In a darker part of the Digital World)

"Master I'm sorry the digidestined has met up with his chosen Digimon and he has digivolved to the rookie level." Dracmon says to a dark mirror, several digimon are around him smiling evilly.

"Do you have the tag?" The mirror asks.

"Yes." Dracmon says and pulls out the gold pendant.

"Good all is not lost with out this he will not be able to digivolve."

The mirror says evilly, and some of the other digimon start to laugh.

"But master what about the other digidestineds?" Dracmon says fearfully.

"The other seven has gone back to their world and with them out of the way we will be able to plunge the digital world into darkness." The mirror says and all the digimon laugh triumphantly.


(In the real world (Japan))

"Where are we?" A boy with big brown hair and goggles asks. "I know this place…..this is the summer camp where we all met….you did it Tai were home!" An older boy with glasses exclaims.

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