Chapter Three: The Legend of the Digivice and the Digidestined

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"What's that noise?" Ryan asked himself weakly as he forced his eyes open; he was looking up at a shadowy figure.

"Who are you?" Ryan asked.

"It seems the digidestined child is starting to come to." The shadowy figure said, the voice sounded very wise and mature and unfamiliar to Ryan, his eyes started to focus and the shadowy figure was a digimon with a blue face, sharp long teeth, red spiky hair, wearing green clothes with a red cape and what seem to be a winged headdress he also had three eyes.

"Ahhhhh!" Ryan screamed and jumped up surprising the digimon.

"I mean you no harm digidestined, I am a friend." The blue face digimon said.

"I'm sorry about my reaction I haven't met many friendly digimon." Ryan apologized, he looked around to see where he was, they were in a cave with a river running through it, there was also a fire burning in the middle of the cave, right away Ryan realize something was missing.

"Hey where's Leemon?" Ryan asked the digimon, it point behind him he turned around and sure enough he saw the familiar lion looking digimon coming towards them with a bundle of sticks in his paws.

"Hey Baronmon you think this is enough sticks to warm Ryan up?" He asked and looked up to see Ryan standing he dropped the pile of sticks and ran over to his friend. "Ryan your ok!" He exclaimed happy. "I was really worried there. Leemon said.

"Hey Leemon what happen, I remember fighting with Fangmon, you digivolving, and then we jumped of the cliff, but after that I don't remember anything. Ryan said, Leemon blushed with embarrassment and rubbed the back of his head with his paw.

"After we jumped I de-digivolved and we crashed into the river, luckily Baronmon saw us and saved us." Leemon said still quite embarrassed. Ryan turned to Baronmon." Thank you for saving us Baronmon." He said.

Baronmon nodded. "It's the least I can do for the digidestined." Baronmon said.

"Digidestined what's that?" Ryan asked it was clear he was confused.

Baronmon pointed towards the fire. "Please sit and I'll tell you." He said. Ryan looked to Leemon who shrugged and sat down by the fire Ryan followed and sat down. "It has been told that our world will be plunged into darkness and children from another world known as the digidestines would appear and save our world from the darkness." Baronmon said.

"But how do you know I'm this so called digidestined?" Ryan asked.

Baronmon pointed to the device on Ryan's waist. "The digidestines will carry with them the digivice; the preserver of the light the last line of defence against the darkness and the key for digimon to digivolve, that digivice proves that you are the digidestined of legend. "Baronmon said with a hint of awe in his voice.

Ryan looked at the digivice. "This little thing can do all that?" He asked sceptically.

Baronmon nodded, "That and so much more."

Ryan stood up and looked at Baronmon, "I think you have the wrong person, I got transported to the digital world by per chance and I'm definitely no hero and beside your legend says "children" I'm just one kid and I came here by myself so I can't be the digidestined." Ryan said trying to convince the older digimon.

Baronmon smiled at Ryan. "No I believe you are the digidestined legend speaks of you just have to have faith in yourself and in Leemon."

Ryan looked down at the ground not convinced.

"Saving the world is good and all but I hope we can still get my treasure back in the process." Leemon huffed.

"You have a one tracked mind you know that Leemon." Ryan said with a sigh.

"Treasure?" Baronmon asked,

"Yeah when I first arrived in the digital world a Dracmon sent a Gorillamon after us and then took Leemon's treasure." Ryan Explain.

"Hmm was it riding on a Yanmamon?" Baronmon question.

"Yeah." Leemon exclaimed.

I saw a Dracmon riding a Yanmamon heading towards the Ice Fortress a few days ago." Baronmon said.

"Then that's where we are heading then!" Leemon exclaimed, and looked at Ryan who didn't seem to share his enthusiasm, Ryan sighed then smiled at his digimon.

"Right!" Ryan said. "I don't know if I'm this digidestined thing or not but I promised Leemon I would help him get back his treasure and that's what I'm going to do." Ryan thought.

"There are many evil digimon gathering there, at the ice fortress." Baronmon said quietly. "That just means we can kill two birds with one stone."

Leemon exclaimed even louder, Ryan just smiles at his digimon.

"Fangmon we still haven't found them." A Soulmon said to an angry Fangmon, he growled at the ghost digimon.

"If you haven't found them then keep searching!" He howled and the Soulmon went flying away before Fangmon could take his rage out on him, they had been searching near the river all day to find the boy and his digimon. "Tuskmon" Fangmon called, after a minute the ground near him started to crumble giving way to a hole, a green dinosaur with two black horns coming out of his back and the sign of poison on its shoulder emerged from the hole.

"You called Fangmon?" it asked.

"I want you to go find that boy and his digimon they might have found a hole to scurry into." Tuskmon nodded and disappeared back inside the hole, Fangmon watched Tuskmon vanished back into his hole and turned to continue the search himself when two Soulmon flew up to him.

"We think we found them." Fangmon smiled revealing his sharp fangs and let out a triumph howl.

Ryan was still thinking about what Baronmon said.

"You are the digidestined legend speaks of you just have to have faith in yourself and in Leemon."

There is no way I'm this digidestined, is there?" He was so deep in thought he didn't hear Leemon calling him.

"Ryan, Ryan hello anybody there?"

"Huh sorry I didn't hear you" Ryan replied,

"I wanted to know if you weren't hungry?" Leemon asked and as if on cue Ryan's stomach growled.

"Yeah I am it feels like I haven't eaten all day." Ryan said embarrassed.

"That is to be expected you have been unconscious for most of the day, follow me to the river and I'll get you something to eat. Once they reached the river Baronmon was waiting for them.

"Leemon why is he dancing like that?" Ryan asked.

"Maybe his dance summons food." Leemon said with shrug.

"METOR DANCE." Baronmon cried and several small meteorites appeared above his head and shot into the river causing a big splash and a pile of fish was in front of Ryan and Leemon.

"Wow!" They both said in awe. As they ate the fish by the fire Ryan continue to wonder if he really was a digidestined, Baronmon notice this and decide to speak.

"Ryan you should not worry yourself, whether you are the digidestined of legend or not is not important, as you said yourself your goal is helping Leemon, correct?" Baronmon said with a smile. Ryan was going say something when the ground beneath them started shaking interrupting him.

"This is not good, move now!" Baronmon yelled and pushed Ryan and Leemon out of the way as a giant hole appeared where they were. Tuskmon came out of the hole with a roar.

"Who is that?" Ryan asked concern clear in his voice.

"That is Tuskmon a digimon who works with Fangmon." Baronmon said.

"Fangmon?" Both Leemon and Ryan cried in unison and as if on cue there was an explosion behind them and several Soulmon started coming in from a hole and Fangmon right behind them with a murderous grin.

"Leemon!" Ryan cried and his digivice and Leemon started to grow.


As soon as Leemon had digvolved he went on the attack. "KING'S THUNDER!" Liomon roared and blasted some of the Soulmon coming from the hole.

"Ryan get on my back now." Liomon commanded but before Ryan could get on Tuskmon attacked Liomon.

"PANZER KNUCLE!" Tuskmon cried and charged Liomon and sent him flying. With Liomon busy fighting Tuskmon the Soulmon entered the cave and started to gather around Ryan.

"METOR DANCE." Baronmon yelled and took out all the Soulmon that was gathered around Ryan.

"Run I will take care of the Soulmon." Baronmon said as more Soulmon started to enter the cave, Ryan nodded and ran towards Liomon. Liomon and Tuskmon were exchanging blow for blow unfortunately Tuskmon had the upper hand, Ryan and almost reached them when a growl behind him had stopped him in his tracks. Fangmon had gotten behind him, Ryan turned around and Fangmon pounced on him with a triumphant smile on his face. Ryan looked to see if Liomon or Baronmon could save him but they were both busy.

"No way is this it, am I going to die?" Ryan thought.

"Say your prayers brat." Fangmon said with a murderous intent but right before Fangmon attacked, Ryan's digivice started to glow and a bright light shot out of it at Fangmon sending him off of Ryan.

"What happen?" Ryan asked in bewilderment. He remembered what Baronmon had said, the digivice is the last line of defence against the darkness, Fangmon rose to his feet and growled angrily at Ryan but this time Ryan was ready for him, he stood up and pulled out his digivice and pointed it at Fangmon, once again it started to glow and once again a bright light shot out of the digivice causing Fangmon to howl in pain. Fangmon stood up and Ryan pointed the digivice at him Fangmon glared hatefully at the boy before running towards the hole he came from with all the Soulmon following him. Ryan smiled triumphantly and then ran over to Liomon who was still fighting Tuskmon.

"HORN DRIVER" Tuskmon yelled and launched a yellow blast from his tusks launching Liomon right in front of Ryan.

"Liomon are you ok?" Ryan asked concerned for his friend.

"I'm alright he's a little stronger than I expected. Liomon replied.

"There has to be a way to beat him" Ryan says as he looks around then notices the river in the middle of the cave. "Wait I have idea get him to the river." Liomon looks at Ryan then to the river.

"Ok." He says and launches a king's thunder at Tuskmon and then runs towards the river. Tuskmon avoids the attack and advances. "BEAST CLAW" Liomon roars and slashes Tuskmon face causing him to cry out in pain and begin to chase Liomon. "That's right follow me you stupid lizard." Liomon says and runs towards the river, Liomon hits the river with Tuskmon right behind.

"PANZER KNUCLE!" Tuskmon cried and charged Liomon but this time he was ready for him, Liomon dodges Tuskmon punch letting him crash into the river.

"Liomon now!" Ryan exclaims.

"KING"S THUNDER!" Liomon roars blasting Tuskmon causing a huge explosion. Liomon glows yellow and de-digivoles back into Leemon and walks over to Ryan and Baronmon.

"I'm sorry you got involved in this Baronmon." Ryan says. Baronmon smiles at the boy.

"It's alright you two are my friends I was glad I was able to help, but now that Fangmon knows your here you two won't be able to stay here." Baronmon walk over to a wall and touches it with his hand, a tunnel appears leading upwards. "This tunnel will take you out of here to a forest follow the forest till you hit a village the digimon they should help you get to the ice fortress." Baronmon says as he points to the tunnel.

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for us Baronmon." Ryan says. "Ready to go Leemon?"

"Yeah lets go partner." Leemon replies and the two begin through the tunnel, before Baronmon is out of eyesight he calls after them.

"Don't forget Ryan you are the digidestined legend speaks of you just have to have faith in yourself and in Leemon.