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Part Nine

This was ridiculous, Kagome thought to herself, reaching down to smooth the material of her ornate gown. There was no reason to be nervous. She was the priestess of the Shikon no Tama, not some blushing virgin. Kurama had returned the jewel to her immediately after retrieving it from its hiding spot. It now hung around her neck.

Compared to Naraku, and the other challenges Kagome had faced, one little ceremony was nothing. Besides, it wasn't like the wedding would change anything. It was a technicality, nothing more. In the young woman's mind, Kurama would always be her mate, not simply her husband.

To be honest, the priestess felt a bit sorry for her friends and classmates. Human marriage was a shame compared to the kitsune equivalent. It was unlikely any of them would ever experience the levels of love and devotion Kurama showered on her. He would never leave her; it was an impossibility.

But she was getting off topic. This was her day, not theirs. Kagome exhaled slowly, trying to settle her nerves.

"Would you calm down," a familiar voice spoke up from the windowsill. "You look beautiful."

Kagome spun, her eyes lighting up. Her powers easily allowed her to see through the glamour that hid her friend's true appearance. "Inuyasha!" The miko threw herself across the room and into his outstretched arms, hugging the other tightly.

The hanyou had aged of course, the last vestiges of childhood leaving him. His features were sharper than they had been five hundred years ago and a pair of jagged magenta stripes snaked across his cheeks. It was clear Inuyasha was now a man, not a boy. They were back on even ground.

Still, in other ways, her friend hadn't changed at all. Awkwardly Inuyasha patted her on the back. Shows of strong emotion had never been his forte. "Oi wench," he barked gruffly. "Don't cry. You'll ruin your makeup."

A brilliant smile crossed Kagome's face as she straightened. That was so like Inuyasha. True, they weren't the most encouraging words ever, but it had been just what she needed to hear. The young woman raised her head, taking a deep breath. Now she was ready.

All in all, the wedding went perfectly. Especially considering a full half of the guests were actually disguised youkai. There had been one incident where a wind demon named Jin had gotten a bit tipsy. The redhead had actually been hovering an inch or so off the ground. Fortunately, his partner had quickly handled the situation. It was amazing how far a sudden drop of temperature could go towards sobering one up.

The bride was radiant, the groom handsome, and no one attempted to object. Not even the fan girls, which was just as well considering Hiei was fingering his sword at that point. The small hi-koorime had taken his duties as best man extremely seriously. When it was over, Kurama and Kagome had been pronounced man and wife.

Though the pair had added their own unique twist to the wedding vows. They had promised each other forever and a day. A romantic gesture that left not a female eye dry in the entire house, and in the privacy of their own minds, each swore an additional oath. No one would ever separate them again.


Kagome's fingers tightened convulsively around her mate's hand as another contraction hit. Sweat had soaked the young woman's long raven black hair to her face. She wanted this baby, of course she did. Though it wouldn't hurt her feelings in the least if he could hurry it up a bit.

"You're doing great Minamino-san," the doctor tried to comfort her. "Just a little longer, now take deep breaths."

The priestess tried to obey, only to have a strangled cry erupt from her throat as another wave of pain swept through her body. Kurama grimaced as her grip tightened even more. The kitsune took a moment to thank Inari he wasn't truly human. If he had been Kagome probably would have broken his hand by now.

The doctor took a moment to measure the dilatation. He was relieved to see his patient had made a great deal of progress since the last time. "All right," he said. "Now push." A few minutes later they had a healthy baby.

A brilliant smile crossed Kagome's face as she looked at the squalling infant. The doctor would have joined her if not for one thing. "What on earth?" he muttered, his expression growing befuddled. Growing out of the babes dark hair were two fox-like ears.

The two parents shared a look. "Kurama," Kagome hissed. Quickly the kitsune threw a fistful of some sort of dust into the doctor's face, prudently relieving the man of his burden as he did so.

The brunette blinked, his eyes going unfocused. "What happened," he slurred, swaying on his feet. The drug had already taken full effect.

"Nothing to be concerned about," Kurama assured him. "The baby is fine and everything went well. It's a boy."

"It's a boy," the man repeated dazed. He turned and walked unsteadily out of the room. Waiting room, he thought. He needed to go to the waiting room to tell the family.

Kagome waited until the door had closed behind the doctor before smothering a laugh. She levered herself up, ignoring the pain in her midsection, and reached over to slide a singer finger softly over her son's furry ears. "Cute," she cooed. The one thing she truly missed about her mate's youkai body were his ears.

The kitsune's lips twitched. "True," he agreed kissing his mate on top of her head. "But what are we going to tell my Mother?"

She shrugged. "Don't worry. We'll think of something."


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