Joker stalked around the plain wooden chair. Batman was strapped to it securely, watching him with dark blue eyes. He wasn't gagged, too uncouth. Batman simply refused to speak, to yell, to protest, to respond. For a brief moment, the clown had to wonder if he'd hit his Sugar Plum a little too hard this time. But he dismissed it when he saw the defiant look in the Bats' eyes. He knew quite well that his Sugar Plum could have been up and away without a hitch had his belt not been stolen while he was asleep.

He couldn't stand the silence too long. His love refused to say anything, and he needed something to fill the silence before his brain melted. So as he stood behind the Batman, he placed a hand on his black clad shoulder. He leaned in, whispering into Batman's ear. "Should I tell you why I brought you here, Sugar Plum?"

Batman didn't reply. Joker felt a scowl pull at his face. So he upped the ante. His other hand came around to stroke the strong line of Batman's jaw, placing soft kisses on his other cheek. "Do you think I really want to kill you, Batman? The worse I could ever give you is maybe a knife through the gut." still no reply. Joker found himself getting frustrated. Blunt finger nails dug into the bat suit, gripping the hero's shoulder in irritation.

Did Batman not care what happened to him? He moved in front of the bat, placing himself on the Dark Knight's lap. He pulled the handsome face around so that they could stare at each other. "You should get it, shouldn't you, Sugar Plum? Tell me you're not like the others." he pressed their lips together in a kiss. There was no response. Batman stood still and stiff against him.

Joker flew off his lap in a rage, his face bent in despair, no matter how unnatural it felt. "Do you think I can just do whatever I want to you?! Do you think I could just kill you if I wanted to?! I need you! I need you! You complete me! So tell me you're not like the rest of them! TELL ME!" Joker's voice rose and fell in intensity as he screamed and ranted. His chest heaved quickly with heavy breaths. His hand wrapped around the back of the Dark Knight's neck, forcing him forward for another kiss.

They parted softly. Green stared intently into shadowed blue, waiting for something. The hero gave a soft sigh. "What do you want?"

Joker smirked, his eyes lighting up as he placed himself back in batman's lap, arms wrapped around his neck in an embrace. "You, Sugar Plum. I want you."


I really wanted to show Joker's random mood swings. I hope this is a little kinkier, finally. Review please!