Author's note,

This story is based on Ben Bova's "Jupiter", about Grant Archer. A man who *SPOILERS ARE IN ITALICS*goes to a research station in orbit around Jupiter and helps discover sentient alien life*CLEAR*. Anyway, if you haven't read the book, I urge you to do so. It's part of a series but you don't particularly need to read them in order, and the main reason I'm writing this is to let people know there is a Grand Tour section of the site, but if people like it I'll keep going, and I'll do the same for other categories I've suggested. So with that said, on with the show.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Jupiter

Research Station Gold

Grant Archer sat at his desk preparing the final details of the most important mission his station had ever conducted, the launching of the largest plasma screen in the solar system in an attempt to prove or disprove the intelligence of the Jovian whales. Grant didn't need proof of course, seeing as how he saw their capacity for altruism firsthand when one of them risked its life to save him and his friends from being crushed in the depths of the Jovian ocean. Not everyone was excited about this experiment unfortunately; organizations like "The New Morality" frowned on anything that deviated from their strict religious dogma or threatened their power. The only reason all of humanity knew of their exploits was via a pirate broadcast that even the New Morality couldn't contain, but soon their risks and work would all pay off…hopefully. Grant's phone buzzed until he said "Answer" and the wall displayed one of the technicians. "We're ready to start sir" he said in a professional, clipped manner. "Good, I'll be right down." And at that Grant was off to go through the long and uncomfortable process of pressurizing himself to withstand the Jovian ocean.

To be continued…hopefully.