A/N: Okay so I've gotten enough of a response that I'll go ahead and put in an outtake of Vegas. This is purely for fun, not really to end the story, so don't take it too seriously. Hope you like it. The song is "Waking Up In Vegas" by Katy Perry.


"It's Vegas BABY!" I hopped up and down in my seat as the strip came into view. It was an especially welcome sight after driving through hours of absolutely nothing. Then all of the sudden, there it was. Lights, flashes, crazy Vegas.

Edward grabbed his phone and put it up to his ear.

"Jazz. You guys here yet?....Great. Nice job buddy. We're just coming into town now. We'll see you in a few."

He hung up the phone and turned towards me.

"They're already at the hotel. And he says he scored us some fakes from the bar back in L.A. Apparently he was on a witch-hunt for anyone that looked like any of us. One girl called the cops on him because he took her I.D. when she was really legal."

I threw my head back in laughter. "Of course he would do that. Goof."

I was so excited to see Alice again, even though I'd technically just seen her. This was going to be one hell of a trip.

I jumped out of the car and ran in the hotel as soon as Edward put it in park.

"Room 1011 babe!" He called after me.

Taking the elevator was a bad choice, especially considering I was on the top floor. Why, one might ask, would it have been a better idea to have to walk up 10 flights of stairs? Because the elevator stopped at every single floor. And at every single floor people took forever to get off the elevator. And at every single floor someone got on, and then realized it was going up so they stopped the door from closing to get back off. I was practically kicking people off by the time we got to the top.

As soon as the elevator doors opened I was out and running. 1005…1007…1009…1011. Why were our bags sitting outside already? Why was Edward's voice coming from inside the open door?

"How the fuck did you get up here so fast?" I was pissed. I'd just spent an eternity on the stupid elevator and he somehow got here before I did.

"Sweetheart we're staying in one of the nicest suites in the hotel. There's a service elevator that we're allowed to use. It takes us right to the top."

I crossed my arms as a "humph" escaped through my lips.

"If you would have given me the chance, I could have told you that." Edward walked over and kissed my angry little forehead before stepping outside to grab our bags.

As soon as I saw Alice my mood lifted immensely. We reenacted our scene from back in my dorm, when they first came to visit.

"Okay," she said pulling away from me. "Let me see the rock."

I practically threw my left hand in her face. She took it and examined my ring finger carefully, then her face turned serious.

"Okay Edward. I approve. You now have permission to marry my best friend."

Edward laughed. "Well thank you Alice. I'm glad that you approve."

Jasper handed us our fake I.D.s.

"Hilda Bertrand?" I stared at the girl with long brown hair and large brown eyes. She looked like me, I guess.

"Hey it was that or Moonshadow Stardust." Alice and I paused and looked at Jasper, in complete disbelief that there was actually a woman named Moonshadow Stardust.

Edward, however, just laughed. "You almost took Moonshadow's I.D.? She woulda gone all hippie on your ass."

I turned towards Edward.

"So I take it you know Moonshadow?"

"She was a regular at the bar. You get to know the regulars."

I raised an eyebrow. "Alright Hilda Bertrand it is. Fuck yeah!" My arm shot up in triumph.

"Hilda Bertrand? Nice to meet you." Alice extended her hand. "My name is…" she peeked at her I.D. "Gertrude McMan. But you can call me Gertie. This is my boyfriend Humphrey Bojangles."

"That's gotta be fake," I said in disbelief. There was no way there was an actual person named Humphrey Bojangles.

"Dude you got Humphrey's?" Edward slapped Jasper a high five.

"Yeah. I had to slip Tim a twenty to get them at the door when they tried to get in."

This was unbelievable.

"And I'm Thomas Patterson." Edward showed us his fake.

"How the hell did you get a normal name like Thomas Patterson and I get stuck with Hilda Bertrand?"

"Just be thankful you aren't marrying Humphrey Bojangles."

I tilted my head in contemplation. "That's true."

"Just call me Bo for short," Jasper interjected, putting on a sly face.

"Or Hum Bo." Edward laughed.

"Okay, okay. Enough talking about our fakes, let's go use em! Bella, Edward you guys need to…" Alice looked over our outfits. "Ugh you need to change. This is unacceptable. Jasper, give Edward one of your dress up outfits, Bella come with me." Alice grabbed my hand and took me across the suite. I finally really looked around. It was amazing what that much money could get you. It was like our own little apartment, complete with wacky furniture and a huge wall of windows looking out over the strip. Alice towed me along to the second bedroom and closed the door.

"Okay I know you have your wedding dress, but you have to let me dress you for the festivities before. Please please please."

"Fine Alice. Go for it." I wasn't planning on being completely sober anyway; I wouldn't care in the long run what I looked like right now.

She pulled out an electric blue minidress, along with a white cut off vest and hot pink heels. It was definitely a Vegas outfit.

"Okay you change. Now."

Alice flew into the bathroom that was attached to the bedroom to change her clothes while I undressed.

She emerged in a barely there fire engine red dress. It was spaghetti strapped, rouched, and sure to catch Jasper's fancy, not to mention every other man's. I was thankful that mine was a little more modest.

"Well," Alice said as she pulled my hair back into a loose pony, "You're almost a married woman now. Don't want you flashing the goods to the entire universe."

We were ready to go in record time. My phone rang as we were heading out the bedroom door.

"Dad! Hey are you here yet?"

"We just landed. What time are you planning on heading to the chapel? I think I'll leave the celebrating up to you guys. I'm just an old fart."

I laughed. "We're scheduled for 9:30. So meet us there around 9."

"Okay sounds good."

"Oh and Dad. What do you mean we?"

"Sorry Bells. When I told him where I was going he threatened to physically restrain me unless I brought him along."

"Bells. How could you get married and not invite me?" Jake's voice was sarcastically angry.

"Jake. I can't believe you threatened a police officer. Pretty bad ass."

"So we'll see you at 9 then."

"Jake you're not an old fart. Come out with us."

"No no. You go ahead. The Chief and I will just chill a bit before the big event."

"Alright. Well call me if you feel like coming out."

"I will. I promise."

"See ya Jake."

I hung up the phone just as Alice and I came into the living room area again. My jaw dropped to the floor.

Edward stood, one leg on the base of a stool, leaning against the bar in the middle of the room. And damnit did my future husband look sexy.

"Damn babe you look hot," he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You look. You. You look…" I couldn't even speak. I couldn't decide if I should be undressing him with my eyes or just imagining screwing him with his clothes on. They looked that good. His hair was slicked back, not too greasy looking, just cool and suave.

I leaned in closer to his ear.

"You have no idea what I want to do to you right now…" I whispered. I dragged my teeth across his ear before pulling away.

His eyes contemplated what I'd said. He grabbed my hand and whisked us away into our master bedroom suite.

"You have five minutes. And no removal of clothing." Alice yelled after us.

"Shut up Alice!" I screamed against Edward's lips.

He pushed me up against the back of the door and ran his hands down my body.

Exactly five minutes later, Alice was pounding on the door.

I was trying to keep quiet, but, hell, I wasn't doing a good job at it. I doubt anyone would if they were with Edward right now.

"I can hear you guys! I know you're in there. I said no taking off the clothes. I was lucky enough to get her in them Edward, don't make me bitch slap you for taking them off!" She pounded on the door again.

"We have to go," I whispered into Edward's ear.

He sighed and finally released me from his grasp, taking his hands off of my hips. I unwrapped my legs from his waist as he rebuckled his pants.

I straightened my dress and opened the door to Alice tapping her foot.

"What?" I looked at her with a sarcastic look. "We followed the rules. There was no removal of clothes."

She looked at me sternly. "You could have fooled me. Now let's go!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me out into the living room and towards the door. "Boys! We're leaving!"

The boys followed us quickly out the door as we headed down towards the bar and casino area. Edward ordered us all a round of shots, telling the bartender to put it on our tab. I could already tell that tonight was going to be expensive, but it was going to be worth it.

Next, Alice and I ordered some girly drinks while the boys drank gin and tonics. An hour later, we made our way into the casino, a couple notches past buzzed. I wasn't ready to try my hand at gambling with real money in big time Vegas yet. People got pissed if you didn't know what you were talking about. I sat on Edward's lap while he, Alice and Jasper played a hand of blackjack.

Edward flipped one of his cards up slightly so we could see.

"What do you think babe?" He turned his face towards mine.

I pressed my lips gently against his. "Go big or go home."

He smiled. "Hit me."

The dealer through King our way.

He flipped over the Ace we were holding. "Blackjack bitches!"

Alice frowned as she saw her "bust." Jasper stayed at 18, conceding in an effort to earn some small winnings compared to losing it all.

Edward smiled as he raked in all of our chips.

"Well I'm out of chips already." Alice shrugged her shoulders, looking completely defeated.

"Edward? Up for a game of Craps?" Jasper nodded his head towards the Craps table.

"I've got my Lady Luck with me tonight," he kissed me on my cheek and grabbed my hand. "I'm up for anything."

The tension was thick in the air. It was all down to this. One last throw.

"Okay babe. Give me some of your magic." Edward held up the dice to my face. I blew softly on the dice and kissed his wrist.

The dice flew down towards the end of the table. I held my breath as they tumbled around, knocking against the side of the table before coming to rest. A seven.

The crowd erupted in cheers. Edward and I hugged each other before raking in our chips.

"Bella! Edward! It's 8 o'clock. We need to go get dressed."

Alice tugged on my arm and the boys followed behind us. I decided I wasn't having another drink until after the wedding. I wanted to remember this.

I got changed into my dress quickly. Surprisingly Alice made a change in her wardrobe as well. It was a lot more elegant than Alice's usual funky, clubby attire. It looked amazing.

"Okay I'm going to go see if the boys are ready. You stay here."

I looked myself over as she closed the door behind her. My hands reached for a tissue, which I used to wipe all the excessive makeup off my face. I wanted to look like me, the natural me when I married Edward. I wouldn't have it any other way. When it came down to it, it was just me and him. And that's exactly how I wanted it to be.

Alice didn't give me any trouble about my undone face, except suggesting that I put some lip-gloss on, which I did because she was right. I needed a little color on my lips. My cheeks had all the natural color they needed. I was getting anxious.

"Okay I'm covering your eyes for the big reveal." She put her hands carefully over my eyes and led me out into the living room.

"Ready Jazz?"

"Ready darlin."

"Okay 1,2,3!" Her hands flew off my eyes and I blinked a few times, clearing my vision. Edward stood in front of me with a nice dress shirt and pants on, complete with a tie and his leather jacket. Absolute perfection. I smiled coyly as I took in the scene. Alice and Jasper discreetly left the room to give us a few minutes of privacy.

Edward walked towards me and pulled a bouquet of flowers from behind his back.

"I got these for you."

"Thank you," I said with awe as I took them in my hand.

"You look beyond beautiful."


He bent down and kissed me on the cheek before taking my hand in his.

"You ready to go get married?" He winked in my direction.

"So ready," I smiled as we walked out the door, his thumb rubbing gently against the back of my hand.

The limo was waiting for us when we came out, complete with one order of a Dad and a side of Jacob. The ride to the chapel was lighthearted and fun. I talked to my Dad and Jake about New York, while Edward looked on. Alice and Jasper were drinking more champagne at the other end of the limo. As if they needed more alcohol. I was probably going to have to push her down the aisle.

Alice and Jasper got out of the limo first, giggling and shouting playfully.

"We really should have cut them off after the 5th shot of tequila."

Edward and Jacob laughed as they followed the drunkards out of the limo.

Edward lingered by the door, holding it open for me and my dad.

"Uh Bells," Charlie grabbed my arm as I started to get out. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Oh. Yeah sure Dad." I turned towards Edward. "We'll meet you in there. Make sure Alice doesn't puke on anything."

He smiled and closed the door.

My dad took my hands in his.

"Baby I just wanted to say that I'm really proud of you. For everything. For NYU, and for the woman you've become, and even for marrying Edward. I couldn't find a more suitable person for you honey. I trust him to take good care of you." His brow furrowed. He just wasn't good at this emotional stuff. "And well..well I…"

I threw my arms around his neck. "I love you Dad."

He laughed and hugged me back. "I love you too Bells."

I opened the door to the limo and stepped out, my Dad following close behind.

We walked into the "Little Chapel of Love" as it was called to be promptly met by a plump old woman with tanorexia and hair so blonde it would put Dolly Parton to shame.

"I take it you're the bride?" She smiled at me.

"Yes I am." I took my Dad's arm.

"They're all waiting for you through those doors. And you might need to give her a little poke or something to get her going." She nodded towards the big purple doors with a neon pink heart over them. Alice was slumped next to them, passed out.

"Alice," I whispered. She didn't move. The only way I knew that she was alive was because of her loud snore that was echoing through the entire place.

"Alice!" I smacked her across her face. Not too hard, but just hard enough.

Her eyes got big as they opened. She jumped up a little too quickly and stumbled forward into the doors, then went right into her march forward without missing a beat. She smiled brightly to the other couples waiting in the pews, if you could call them that.

I squeezed Charlie's hand slightly before we started walking forward. This place could only be described as gaudy, tacky, overdone, insert synonym here. It was absolute crazy and I loved it. The walls were a bright purple, matching the purple doors. There was extravagant white fabric draped all around and pink neon hearts everywhere you looked. Edward, Alice and Jasper stood inside a tiny white arch, along with our minister, a man by the name of Elvis Presley. He had his hand placed over his stomach as his hips gyrated to the sounds of "I Can't Help Falling in Love" that was being played by a small identically dressed midget. A mini Elvis, I thought. How lovely.

We finally reached the altar. My father shook Edward's hand before placing my hand in his. Alice swayed gently from side to side. Jasper looked ready at a moment's notice to catch her if she decided it was naptime.

"D-d-d-dearly beloved. We are gathered here to celebrate the love of Bella and Edward in our Little Chapel of Love. Edward. Do you take this here little lady to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"Hell yes."

"Uh-huh. Uh-huh." Elvis spun his arm around and around in a pinwheel.

"And little lady. Do you take this hunka-hunka-burning love over here to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." I slid his ring onto his finger.

"Well then by the power vested in me by the great state of Nevada I now pronounce you hitched. Kiss her dude."

Edward smiled and pulled me to him for a tender but passion filled kiss. The crowd erupted in cheers. I saw a flash as Jacob took a picture.

"I love you," I nuzzled Edward's nose with mine.

"Love you too."

"Burning Love" started blaring over the speakers and we took that as our cue to leave. Our group followed behind us as another couple got ready to take the plunge.

The next thing I knew I was taking more shots at our hotel, still in my wedding dress. Apparently people here loved newlyweds because we just kept getting free drinks. So did Alice, which was not a good idea. She was already sloshed. Jasper stopped his attempts to halt her drinking and just started drinking along with her. I guess he was going for the "If you can't beat em, join em." My Dad and Jake didn't stay out with us long, they had an early flight to catch in the morning. "Some people have to work," they both had said.

The rest of the night was a complete blur. I don't know what I did, where I did it, or who I did. Well I take back that last part. I knew who I did. I did Edward. Five times. I do remember that pretty clearly.

I woke up the next morning feeling like an elephant was sitting on my head.

"Here take these Mrs. Cullen, they'll make you feel better." Edward handed me some Advil.

I was draped across his bare chest, with my hair all a mess and my dress hanging oddly from the ceiling fan. I watched it as it spun around, and around, and around. Not a good idea.

I peeked at my phone. Twenty-nine missed calls from my mother. What the hell? I didn't call her did I? I looked back through my last calls. Turns out I didn't call my mother. I did however send her a text containing a picture of Edward and I with our rings. That would explain the numerous calls. "Oh my goodness. What the hell happened last night?"

"5 shots of tequila, 2 Long Islands, 2 body shots, and one holy unions."

I tilted my head up to kiss him.

"Do you think Alice is awake yet?" Edward laughed loudly as he put his hand over his eyes.

"Considering she hasn't stormed in here screaming, I'll bet she's not awake yet….We were pretty lucky last night you know? We won a lot." My eyes drifted to the huge stack of chips on our dresser.

"No doubt about that." His eyes never moved from my face. "I won the jackpot."


I squinted as the light poured into the room. If the jackhammer feeling in my head was any indication of how much I drank last night…it was too much. Way too much. I brought my fingers up to my temples, rubbing them in a soothing way. I felt something on my left hand.

"What the hell is this?" I brought my hand in front of my face. There was a silver mood ring on my ring finger. "Jasper?!" I looked around the room. He was nowhere to be found.

I looked back down at the ring occupying a very important finger.

My thoughts flew back to last night. Can't I just remember something? Anything? Even just a blur of something would be fabulous at this point. Nope. Nada. Nothing.

I struggled over to the dresser, and I really mean struggled. I looked like I had made Vegas proud. "Jasper?" I yelled again. Someone needed to tell me what the hell was going on. Right now.

Once I felt comfortable enough to walk I stomped across the suite and knocked on Bella and Edward's door.

"You have ten seconds to cover your private business before I come in!"

I heard them laugh hysterically on the other side of the door. I counted to ten and then walked straight in like I owned the place.

"What the hell?" I put my left hand up for display.

"What ever are you talking about Alice?" Bella stifled a laugh against Edward's chest.

"You know damn well what I'm talking about. What is this?" I pointed to the ring, which was now turning a deep shade of red from its regular soothing green.

"You don't remember?"

"Remember what?"

Edward sat up. "Does the word double wedding mean anything to you?"

I paused and reflected on that question and everything that it could possibly mean.

"You don't mean….No I couldn't have…Jasper and I…Oh no…." I shook my head in disbelief.

"Where is my beautiful wife?" Jasper entered the room with a box full of doughnuts. He kissed me on the cheek and sat down on the edge of the bed, offering Edward and Bella a doughnut.

"This. This. Ugh." I stomped my foot and marched out of the room.


"Do you think we should tell her it was just a joke?" Bella took a bite of her doughnut.

"No. Let her squirm a little bit more. It's fairly entertaining." I offered Edward another doughnut.

I leaned back on my elbows as I put the last of my breakfast in my mouth before smacking a three way high five to my accomplices. I could hear Alice yelling from the other room.

"Should we show her the pictures or would that be too much, too soon?" Bella nodded towards the digital camera sitting on the nightstand.

"Ugh! I can't believe this!" Alice was really loud when she wanted to be.

"Too soon…" We all echoed in unison.

I laughed as Alice continued her rant.

"That's what you get for waking up in Vegas…"

A/N: Okay so that's really it this time. I had a lot of fun writing this outtake so I hope you guys enjoyed it. It almost makes me want to get married in Vegas…as long as I get my own Edward : )