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~*~ Unstoppable~*~


He felt as though he were falling. Fast. His breath came in short rasps as he struggled to get a hold of something, anything, that would slow his descent in this warped space.

Colors flew past his face in a multitude of shades and hues, all swirling and spinning, making him feel a little nauseous. His eyes frantically searched through the colors for any sign of difference, and he felt panic set in the longer he found nothing.

As he was falling, he could have sworn he caught glimpses of people off in the distance. They were hazy and misty looking, as though they were but holograms set in the multi-hued walls. They all seemed so damned familiar! There was something about the set in that man's eyes or that woman's hips. The way people had certain…mannerisms when they moved about. He saw it all. Suddenly he stopped. Or at least he thought he had. He felt like he was more or less floating or hovering now instead of his full blown free-fall in this empty space.

Where da hell am I?

He looked around, still not finding anything. The colors seemed to have calmed a little since his 'landing' and his stomach began to settle once again. He was somewhat relieved for that, but for the most part, he still wanted nothing more than to get out of this place.

How'd I get here?!

The last thing he could remember was walking down a street in the French Quarter. He had heard something behind him and as he turned, he heard someone screaming "No!" before a horrid smell came, then the darkness. Somewhere in that fray, he could have sworn he saw Rogue, though he had only caught just a flash of her presence before unconsciousness weighed him down.

She had knocked him out.

What did I do to her? I haven't even been back to New York in at least three months! She can't be mad at me for something I didn't do! She didn't even know I was there.

His mind mulled over these thoughts as he caught his bearings. The colors continued to stream around him. He thought back to her. He had done as he'd promised her: watched over her. She had helped him in his time of need, even after she'd found out he was lying to her. The least he could do for her was watch her from afar; keep her safe when that angry little man couldn't. What was that man's name again?

"Logan, mon ami." A voice called from behind him.

His body stopped it descent so quickly, his stomach seemed to have rushed to his throat. He dealt with a small bout of dizziness before gaining his pseudo-balance once again.

In the distance he heard steps; heavy footfalls that were steadily getting closer and closer to where he rested in mid-air. He turned to the origin of the noise and was caught in awe at the figure making its way to him.

A very large man with broad shoulders that were covered by a tan trench coat was walking calmly to him. The man seemed to have a grin spread across his face above a small bit of facial hair. The man's hair seemed to fall in his face, long auburn bangs hung in his eyes but didn't completely cover them. This is what made Remy LeBeau forget to breathe.

Black sclera and red pupils gazed back at him.

Just like…just like me…

The man took a few more steps towards him then stopped and crossed his muscled arms across his chest. He was still grinning like he knew something Remy didn't. Hell, he probably did.

" 'scuse me, monsieur. I t'ink I may be a bit lost. Maybe you could help me out?"

The man just continued to grin at him. Remy looked around nervously before letting his eyes rest on the man again. He felt pitiful, floating in the air and unable to ground himself.

"S'il vous plaît?"

The man laughed, and Remy looked bewildered. After a few moments, Remy just gave the man a strange look.

"I know I must make quite a sight, but monsieur, please. I t'ink I may be somewhere I shouldn't be."

The man took a couple more steps to Remy's side, stopping to put a hand on his shoulder. The motion caused Remy to shift in his hovering stance. The man smiled as he spoke.

"Den maybe Remy just might help. Dat is…if ya still wantin' it?"

Remy looked to the man, puzzled.

"I can't help ya, monsieur. I was askin' YOU for help."

The stranger shook his head, grin still in place.

"Ya just don' get it, do ya? Here, garcon, lemme introduce myself properly."

The man took three steps back and placed one arm around his stomach and the other behind his back. He took his time to mock a bow.

"My name be Remy Etienne LeBeau. Also known as Gambit."



Monsieur - Mister (polite speak)
Garcon - Boy
S'il vous plait - Please

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