I know I said I would do this only once but I grew up being called names and all of this bull shit. So. Mr. Or Mrs. Or Miss None of ur bizniz

first thank you for the comment.:

u r a stupid friggin deemun wat the hell iz rong wit u?
ben and kevin r not in love i am in luv wit ben so obveeussly kev cant be i
hate u and will never ever reed ur storys ever again u demon witch


Honestly I don't give a rat's ass if you don't read my stories again. You can say what you want about my stories. That they suck or whatever.


I refuse to standby and let you call me names. No I'm not a demon no I'm not being taking over by some spirit and no I'm not a witch. Ben and Kevin are fictional characters so if you love Ben keep dreaming it's not reality. Hate me all you want too because it doesn't bother me.

By what right do you have to call people names for doing a fan fiction story? YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO READ IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. It say warning that it is slash. Not my fault you can't read or didn't care to. Look for warning or something that says slash before you read.

Got another question. How do you possibly hate someone you don't know or never will know most likely?

Sorry about this those who read this and like it but i'm not going to standby and let people call me names, and be my down fall again. It took me almost 10 years to get my self esteem back and I'm not going to lose it again to this.