I Want a Refund!

Summary: After Kuno learns about Ranma's curse, he's outraged—at Nabiki. Will he ever get his revenge? Will he ever get a clue? Once again, place your bets…

Rated T for language and innuendo.

Copyright: Last time I borrowed Rumiko Takahashi's characters. This time I'm stealing them. They are mine to do with as I please. Bwahahahaha. (Evil laugh.) Er… please don't sue.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: A Simple Solution

Chapter 2: Old Photographs

Chapter 3: The Battle Begins

Chapter 4: The Champion

Chapter 5: The Date

Chapter 6: Anything

Author's note: First, for those who read Umbrella of Lies, this is my apology fanfic. Humor and romance should never make people cry at the end. Here is the happy ending you want. For those of you who didn't read Umbrella of Lies, it's not necessary to read it to enjoy this fanfic. But I wouldn't say no to a few more reviews for my Umbrella story. :)

Okay, my second attempt at humor and romance. You'd think I'd be better at it, but I've probably just grown worse. Also, the second time I've already written the rough draft and had yet to revise it. Revision takes me forever. You've been warned. This story takes place when Nabiki and Kuno are beginning their third and final year of high school, after the end of the Ranma series. I would like the characters to mature a little. Will that make them OOC? I hope not, but in the end, I can only do my best and hope it works out.

Interpretation of Characters: Nabiki and Kuno can and have been interpreted many different ways—that's what makes them so fun. This time, I want to explore some new aspects in the character. Here's what I'm up to.

Tatewaki Kuno: I don't see him as stupid. No, Kuno's problem, in my opinion, is that he spins his own little fantasy world for himself and then he can't step out of it and see the whole picture clearly. Throughout the entire Ranma ½ series Kuno has been pursuing Akane and/or Ranma. He's thrown everything he has into this doomed courtship: his thoughts, his emotions, his physical ability, and his imagination. So what happens if you take that away? What will he channel his energy into then?

Nabiki Tendo: Here's a radical idea: Nabiki doesn't do everything for the sole purpose of money. Sometimes in all her dastardly schemes, she's really trying to teach people a lesson—and get paid for it at the same time. I think that Nabiki has a moral code. It's hidden, complex, and hypocritical—but it's there. You may disagree with me, but I want to explore this a little in this story. Of course, Nabiki is still and always will be an incurable trickster. Do not trust anything she says. For the purposes of this story, she has a little crush on Kuno.

Well, nothing more to say. Happy reading!