I got really, really bored. The idea came to me after a rather bizarre dream involving Light, L, Matsuda, Near, Mello and lots of lego blocks. Don't ask.

All was silent.

A white-clad man tip-toed into the room, face covered by a child's Halloween mask. He glanced at the blonde man sleeping peacefully, a bar of chocolate trapped between his slightly parted lips. The masked man shook his head and carried on.

Finally he found the room he had been looking for; a room that was completely empty apart from a small, beige chest in the corner. The man crept towards it and gently eased the lid open to be met with thousands of multi-coloured plastic blocks.

He took a small, green block and pushed his mask further up his face so that his full lips were visible. Softly, he pressed the block to his lips – and then devoured it.

He delved further into the chest, which was a huge mistake. Thousands upon thousands of tiny plastic blocks clinked against each other, causing a racket that would rouse the dead.

Or a particular light-sleeping emotional blonde.

The door was flung open, the light snapped on and the man turned quickly enough to crick his neck. The sudden action dislodged the mask and his blank, childish face was exposed, framed by wild locks of pure white hair.

Mello stamped his foot. "For God's sake, Near, I told you not to eat my legos!"

And that was how Near got the crap kicked out of him.

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