Edward's eyes widened slightly at my question but his perfect composure was not shaken off. He leant his head forward and pressed his body harder into mine in out tight little bundle on the bed. His nose slid down the side of my face and he replied in a gruff whisper, "I think I'll keep on enjoying my wife and her little teasers. You know that after your little show with Carlisle you'll have me hard with just the word daddy." His tongue darted quickly across my jaw line and I felt like I was coming apart at the seams again. "For the love of God, my Bella, don't ever call me daddy when Renesmee is sitting on my lap."


Chapter 7

I laughed with him but I did find the mental image he'd created horrifying.

"Speaking of which, Edward, we need to make sure Jake won't bring Renesme home ro find a house full of vampires in a compromising position. How about we offer to take them to a movie in town or something? I know Nessie wanted to see some girly Disney flick with me and you boys could tag along. Jake will make fun of it in his thoughts, you'll laugh, Renesme will bite you and we'll all bond."

Edward snorted at the mental image that I'd created, God he looked so good I just wanted to pull him back under the covers with me. He had to know what he did to me when those little creases appeared around his perfect topaz eyes. I was probably a fool to agree to share him, but somehow Emmett's muscular back and Alice's petite hips made it into my mind as well to remind me of what gaining in the arrangement. And for the moment Edward was all mine.

"I think it's a wonderful idea love. We'll have to throw in the offer of a large lunch for them before Jake will agree to share her with us though, but I think we can wear the cost. It's probably what we need right now, to get a bit of 'normal' in us. And God only knows, what could be more normal than Disney?"

We packed a backpack with the essentials for any parents planning a day out with their child and were running through the forest in no time. As we approached the big house the noise didn't sound much different to me than it did on a night when Renesme was away on a 'sleepover', it was only that this time I know that the sounds were most likely coming from the same room that I felt a little strange. I'd have flushed with embarrassment if there had still been blood pumping through my veins. Edward just took my hand firmly in his, a reassuring gesture, and led me into the the garage by opening the electric roller door on the outside of the house.

Before my change I'd been looking forward to the departure of my black Mercedes but with Renesme in the picture I tended to prefer it when we were going to be speeding down highways at an illegal pace. It still made me nervous that she's outgrown her safe little booster seat and now delighted in how she could slide her little behind around on the smooth leather with every turn to make the journey more 'fun'. I know that in all likelihood a crash would have the same effect on her as a bump on the back would have to any normal child but what can I say, I'm a mother, it's my job to worry.

I tossed Edward the keys and as we pulled out of the garage I dialled Jake's number and filled him in on the plan. He thought he was being cheated out of some quality big brother time but the mention of fast, cinema food brought about an agreeable, "sure, sure" from him and I could hear Renesme's voice in the background excitedly explaining the plot of the movie to Jake before he'd even hung up the phone.

"You know maybe we are cheating him out of quality time with her. We could always ask if they want to extend their sleepover for another night?" Delicious images filled my head, I'm sure Jake would never give up an extra second with Renesme if he had a choice.

"It would be nice love, but you have to remember that a trip to town will put a strain on your thirst, I think the three of us could do with a little family hunting trip this evening, don't you?"

"I hate that I married a man who makes sense all the time." I crossed my arms like a moody five year old and he chuckled at my pout.

We sped along the highway and were at the La Push in minutes. edward parked the car by the side of the road and we waited for the big russet wolf to appear and appear he did with our beautiful little girl clinging to his back one handed like a bull rider and clutching a back pack of clothes for him in her other hand.

Jake lowered himself to the dirt and let Renesme climb off of him before taking the bag in his teeth and disappearing into the foliage by the side of the road to change back.

"Mama! Da! Jakey took me to the big cliffs last night! Uncle Billy said we had to be home by eight o'clock but Jakey took me to the cliffs and let me look at the stars until ten thirty!" My daughter spoke in exclamations as only a child can.

"Nessie, hon, You don't need to tell you parents every time we break the rules okay?" Jake emerged wearing jeans, a FooFighters tshirt and grubby green thongs on his massive feet.

"Oh yes she does!" Edward was in 'daddy mode' instantly. He scooped Renesme up into his arms and gave her a cuddle as he said to Jacob, "She's a little girl, she needs her sleep. Do you have any idea how much faster she grows than a normal child? Who knows what a lack of sleep could do to her? Anyone would think that you want her to end up with some half-human growth disorder. We are her parents and whatever you may be Jacob Black, we know what's best for her and we make those rules for a reason. If you can't stick to them you'll find yourself being supervised every second you are near my baby girl. Do I make myself clear?"

"Come on, Edward! You know that stuff about her getting sick is crap. I'd never hurt her, it's just not possible. And last nigh..."

"Do I make myself clear?" I was half a second away from removing Renesme from his arms, I didn't want her caught in the middle of some werewolf/vampire fist fight when Jake hung his head and nodded.


"Da, are we really going to see "The Singing Princess Police Force"?"

"We sure are baby. And because you're such a good girl and you told me Jacob broke Uncle Billy's rules, I'm going to buy you one of those bags of the pink fairy floss that you love so much, you remember the stuff that melts in your mouth and makes your teeth sick together?"

Renesme flung her arms around him and Jake scoffed.

"Speaking of which, we need to get going if we want to make it in time."

We all climbed into the shiny black car and as soon as Renesme had fastened herself in we'd turned and were heading down the highway again at a slightly lesser speed. The ride to the movies was that of a normal family, we sang along with the radio and Renesme occasionally giggled when we made a turn and she could play 'corners'.

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