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This takes place long after Firestar's reign.

Author's Note

In the Warrior's series, there are not many cats in the Clans. This would lead to inbreeding, which makes no sense because the cats know who their kin is. So I've made huge Clans.

Also, I've edited the apprentice ceremony a bit.

Below are some conversions to make things easier for you. Some are in the original books, some are my own.


Nose-length: two centimetres/one inch

Whisker-length: twelve centimetres/five inches

Tail-length: thirty centimetres/twelve inches

Fox-length: one metre/three and a half feet


Sunrise (dawn): when the sun rises (about 6am, depending on the season)

Sunhalf: halfway between sunrise and sunhigh (about 9am)

Sunhigh: when the sun is at its highest (about 12-1pm)

Sundown: when the sun begins to go down (about 3-5pm)

Sunset (dusk): when the sun sets (about 6pm, depending on the season)

Moonrise: when the moon is in the sky (about 7-8pm, depending on the season)

Moonhalf: halfway between moonrise and moonhigh (about 10pm)

Moonhigh: when the moon is at its highest (about 12-1am)

Moondown: when the moon begins to go down (about 3-4am)