Midsummer Nights

By Trish.

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A/N: Okay - I'm back! This is the third instalment in my "Midsummer Series" - "Midsummer Madness," "Midsummer Dreams" and "Midsummer Nights." And it isn't about a disco. :P Please read the other two first as this will not make sense. This is another offering of inspired insanity, humour, romance, drama, Pokéspeare and author cameos by yours truly. Not to be taken too seriously. I will be calling Mia by her proper name in her because I always call her that..

The Prologue takes place one year after the events of "Midsummer Dreams". The first chapter one year after the Prologue. Therefore two years after the second series. Ash -28, Misty -28, Mia (Arrow) - 17.


Prologue: Going To The Chapel Of Love

The Spring sunshine filtered through the leafy green foliage of the trees around Pallet's St. Andrew's Cathedral. A feeling of excitement pervaded the air as various media photographers and curious spectators milled around behind barriers as police and security guards kept watch.

The Pokémon Grand Master was getting married today to his childhood sweetheart in what the magazines were terming the "Wedding of the Year". The public and the magazines were there to get a peek at their favourite celebrity, who they were dating, what they were wearing. Most importantly, they were there to see what SHE would be wearing….

They had seen the bridegroom and the groomsmen arrive in their black tuxedos, and Ash had greeted the cheering crowd with a warm smile and a wave.

It had now been fifteen minutes since the ceremony was supposed to start - and the bride still wasn't here.

Their patience was rewarded when two sleek white limousines bedecked in white ribbon pulled up outside the cathedral. The chauffeur of the first car got out and opened the passenger doors. Out stepped four bridesmaids in simple emerald green gowns with spaghetti straps - Daisy, Violet, Lily and Duplica.

The expectant crowd fell silent as Professor Oak emerged from the second car and went with the chauffeur around to the other passenger door where the wedding photographer was waiting to one side. The door opened and Misty stepped out, looking every inch the beautiful and radiant bride, to rapturous applause.

She wore an off-the-shoulder fitted gown of white silk with delicate embroidery on the bodice and the full-length skirt flowed into a long train at the back. Her long red hair was softly curled and swept up in the back. White roses held the full-length veil in place. A pearl necklace, which many guessed to be a wedding present from the groom, adorned her neck. The whole look was sexy, elegant and sophisticated, and the female proportion of the crowd cooed.

After the obligatory pre-ceremony photos had been taken, the bridal party moved towards the entrance to the cathedral. As Misty walked up the steps on Professor Oak's arm, someone from the crowd yelled out to her. "Go get him, Misty!"

Misty turned and smiled through her veil. "Don't worry, I will!" she called back. "You don't know how many years I've waited for this moment."

Meanwhile in the cathedral, Ash was talking quietly to his parents in the front pew. Delia occasionally dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief, emotional at the thought that her little 'baby' was getting married and starting a family of his own. Gary was standing there with them and from time to time felt in his tuxedo pocket for the rings. Brock, Tracey and Richie, the other groomsmen stood to one side and talked amongst themselves. Richie caught the eye of his girlfriend Dana in the congregation and winked at her.

She sighed dreamily and settled back in her pew with a smile, oblivious to Mia rolling her eyes and Trish's grin.

Suddenly the organist began to play the processional piece The Trumpet Voluntary and the congregation stood as the bridegroom and groomsmen took their places. Cameras flashed as the bridesmaids came down the aisle one by one, the females in the congregation craning to see the dresses, while the males tended to focus on what was in the dresses….

Then the bride appeared, and began to make her way slowly down the aisle on the arm of a beaming Professor. Coos came from the congregation and all the single guys eyed their girlfriends with but one thought. Please don't start getting any ideas…..

Finally Misty was at Ash's side, the Professor stepped back and the priest began the service. "We have come together in the sight of God for the joining in marriage of this man Ash Ketchum and this woman Misty Waterflower….."

It was a beautiful ceremony and it went off without a hitch. At last came the words that everyone who had known the couple had been waiting to hear. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Ash turned to Misty and gently lifted the veil from her face and they kissed to many cheers from the congregation. James was bawling along with Meowth and Pikachu and Jessie just had a huge smile on her face.

Finally…was the thought in everybody's minds. Ash and Misty had finally done it.

After the sermon and signing of the marriage certificate, the priest declared. "I present you with Mr. and Mrs. Ash Ketchum."

Ash offered his arm to his new wife and they made their way down the aisle to the time-honoured tune of Mendelssohn's Bridal March. Once outside they were greeted with cheers and the blinding flash of hundreds of cameras. The newlyweds smiled and shared a tender kiss.

The rest of the congregation poured out of the cathedral after the bridal party and milled around the grounds as the photos were taken before the bridal party were whisked away to the reception place.



In the world of Elysium, the streets were deserted. Not a soul stirred among the dwellings, all were up at the castle at the court of the Faerie King and Queen.

The vast throne room was filled with Faes, sprites, nymphs, pixies and elves. Sunlight streamed through the tall narrow windows and glistened on delicate wings and fabrics. King Oberon and Queen Titania were seated on the ornate thrones, solemn expressions on their regal faces. Flanking them on either side were Puck and Calliope, looking equally serious.

No one spoke as the sound of footsteps came down the corridor. The double doors opened to admit two Fae sentries with a prisoner between them. The walk up to the thrones was long, every step echoing in the cavernous room, finally coming to a halt in front of the monarchs.

Oberon rose and cleared his throat and glared at the russet-haired Fae in front of him. "Before I give you your punishment - is there anything you have to say for yourself?"

The prisoner raised his head and his green eyes flashed. "I retract nothing…" he stated defiantly.

"For the crime of attempted overthrow of your king, you are hereby sentenced to eternal banishment from the world of Elysium….Take him away!"

As the guards started to haul him away the prisoner shot a look of pure venom towards Puck. The dark-haired Fae returned the look. That guy is trouble….

He fished a small framed photo out of his pocket. A pretty young brunette's face stared at him. Mia, I wonder how you are doing…I miss you so much….


Back in the mortal world…

Mia was enjoying herself at the wedding. True, she was the only one of her group of friends who was there 'stag' but she never felt left out…Trish was there with Drake, Jenn and Gary, Dana and Richie, Erina and Flory, Karlie and Tracey.

They were standing on the wide balcony of the reception centre, enjoying the night air. Mia felt a little pang as Flory wrapped his arms around Erina who turned and kissed her fiancé. The young couple had announced their engagement a month ago and were planning to be wed the next year. The fact that Flory was a certain Fae's cousin and had decided to give up everything for the girl he loved, still hurt Mia more than she cared to admit. That could have been me…

Trish who was standing next to her, saw the hurt in Mia's eyes and gave the younger girl a gentle squeeze of the shoulders. Mia smiled gratefully, she really was like a elder sister to her.

Just then a strange feeling of foreboding crept over her and Mia shuddered, to her amazement she saw Trish, Jenn, Dana and Flory do the same….

"What's the matter?" Erina asked her partner.

"Nothing…it was nothing…" Flory said a bit too quickly.

His troubled dark brown eyes met Mia's and she shivered again. Something was brewing….


In a cave outside of Pallet, a cloaked figure summoned up a crystal ball out of thin air. In the depths of the crystal images came to light….that of a chestnut-haired Fae.

The figure spat on the ground and threw back the hood to reveal wild red hair, handsome face and piercing green eyes. "I will destroy you for this….," he vowed in a low menacing tone.

"Puck…I will destroy you. You will rue the day you crossed paths with Lucius…"


To be continued….

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