A/N: Let's all hear it for AU! (and coffee! loving Zutara!)

He has an iced mocha frappuccino in one hand, and is balancing a pile of theoretical physics textbooks on the other.

She's nursing a green tea chai latter and is trying to cram a stack of Mariah Carey CDs and a psychology handbook into a canvas bag that's stubbornly refusing to comply.

"Hey." He smiles. She stops breathing.

"Hi." She lets Music Box fall to the ground.

"Name's Zuko." She notices he has taken off the cardboard ring around his coffee cup and has slung it around his wrist, like a bracelet. Just like hers.

"Katara." Her eyes, he realizes, are the exact color of oceans rippling with sheens of ice. Light. Cool. Icily azure.

"Very nice to meet you."


An awkward, yet companionable silence as they look at each other, heads cocked.

"So…wanna go for coffee?"

She looks pointedly at the rapidly condensing frappuccino settled in his hands, then at the latte that's balanced in the crook of her arm.

He drops the frappuccino without hesitation. "Whoops." The dark brown cream dribbles over the pavement. Frost and chunks of ice spider the gravel.

He smirks. She smiles.

A small swirl of steam sizzles when the green tea chai latte comes in contact with the spilt frappuccino as its Styrofoam cap comes loose when it hits the ground.

"Oh." Katara says, her grin growing wider. "How clumsy of me."

Zuko offers her his arm. She takes it. "Milady." He mock bows. She hits him with her canvas bag.

They walk off into the Starbucks they just came out of less than five minutes ago together.