Disclaimer:Doctor Who belongs to the BBC and all the grand high Mucky Mucks. No copyright infringement is intended and no money was made from this ficlit. Any similarity to any story not my own is coincidence. Title: Goodnight Doctor
Sometime after the Human Doctor's and Rose's arrival on the Alternate Earth
Author's Note: Just warn you all, this is as fluffy sweet as cotton candy, beware cavities. Also, this can be read as a 'Ship or not, either way you prefer. *grin*

Goodnight Doctor


The voice was warm and soft, brushing into her sleep.


It was a gentle invader, drawing her loose from the embrace of her dreams and into its own persistent hold.

"Rose... my sweet, brilliant girl..."

"Rose is asleep," she managed to finally reply, her voice muffled by the downy comfort of her pillow.

"Really?" The Doctor asked, as if genuinely surprised.

She felt his breath tickle the nape of her neck and held back a quick shiver in response.

"What else would I be doing in bed?" She countered before thinking. The Doctor's rich, suddenly very masculine chuckle answered the question eloquently and Rose blushed to the roots of her hair. She buried her burning face into the coolness of her pillow.


"Doctor..." she replied in kind, trying her best to ignore the warmth of his voice and the coolness of his touch as he brushed his fingertips through the loose curls at her neck.

"Rose... I can't sleep."

"So what, you thought that that meant I shouldn't be able to either?" Rose asked with good natured exasperation, turning face back out of her pillow.


She continued to try and ignore her traveling companion even as his fingers began to brush against her skin lightly.


"Oh for goodness sake," she sighed finally, shifting beneath her comforter and reaching back to lift it up, offering the Doctor a place beneath it.

She didn't have to see the Doctor's face to know that he had a pleased and almost gleeful expression as he slipped into place behind her.


"Not quite yet," he replied before pulling her against himself and wrapping his arms comfortably around her. "There... perfect..." he sighed, his breath warm against her cheek.

"And after everything, here I am, Rose Tyler, teddy bear for a 940 year old," she murmured wryly.

"Oh, you're ever so much better than a teddy bear, Rose."

The Doctor kissed her lightly just behind her ear, his lips warm and soft.

"My darling, fantastic Rose," he whispered with an innocently drowsy affection, brushing a kiss along her ear once more.

The Doctor's words echoed softly in Rose's ears, keeping her awake even as his steady breathing became deeper, telling her that he had drifted off to sleep finally.

"Goodnight, Doctor..." she whispered into the warm stillness.