Ginny let Harry spend the night on her couch, but kicked him out early the next morning and made him promise to at least try to talk to Ron. Harry, mumbling something rude under his breath, turned away from Ginny and disappeared with a quiet pop.

Ron was leaning against the back of the couch in their apartment, scanning the front page of The Daily Prophet when Harry Apparated and appeared inches away from him. Clutching the paper tightly to his chest, Ron exhaled shakily.

"Bloody hell, Harry! You scared the piss out of me."

"Sorry." Harry stepped away and took off his coat, throwing it over the back of a kitchen chair. He stepped towards his room, but Ron held his arm to prevent him from escaping.

"You smell like cigarettes."

"Imagine that."

"Harry, can we talk?" Ron's voice was soft as he dropped the newspaper and stepped closer to his nervous flatmate. "Please?"

Harry nodded wordlessly, avoiding Ron's piercing blue eyes. Ron sat down at the kitchen table, and Harry followed, reluctantly.

"Where have you been?"


"Oh. Right." Ron frowned slightly. "I didn't really know you two were close…"

"Yeah, well…" Harry shrugged, holding back an insult.

"Why did you leave?"

Harry looked down at his feet and chewed on his tongue, wondering if he should just make his life easier and modify Ron's memory. "I… I don't… I don't just fancy you, Ron. Maybe at Hogwarts, yeah… I fancied you and I fancied Cedric and I fancied Dan, the Ravenclaw bloke, and I fancied Dean and I fancied Fred-"

"Fuck, Harry, you fancied Fred?"

"And I fancied Wood and I fancied… everyone 'cept Neville, really…" Harry sighed and picked at one of his thumbnails. "But that was different. That was ten years ago."

Ron sighed and watched Harry closely. "What are you trying to tell me, Harry?"

"I'm trying to tell you that I love you and I can't just be an experiment for you." Harry looked up and met Ron's eyes, barely able to hear his own voice over the blood rushing through his ears and his heart pounding spastically in his chest.

Ron blinked and Harry looked away. "Harry, you're not an experiment." Ron's voice was barely above a whisper.

Harry grunted and rolled his eyes. "Oi, Ron, I do listen to what you say, believe it or not. You told me you were straight and you told me you kissed me to see what it was like. Just because I'm a poofter, doesn't mean I'm stupid, Ron."

"Don't call yourself that." Ron's voice was growing stronger. "And if you haven't learned after all these years to ignore what I say, then you are stupid, Harry. You're not an experiment… you're the person I care about most in the whole world."

"Then why didn't you tell me you knew and why didn't you tell me you were gay and why did you ignore me for the last year if you care about me so bloody much?"

Ron looked over at the sink, helplessly searching for answers. "Harry, I don't have any excuses. I didn't know how to tell you that I saw you kissing some bloke. I didn't… I don't think I'm gay, really. A bloke, one of George's friends, kissed me last year and… and it got me thinking, but I didn't like him and I didn't like any blokes, really… but I thought about you and that Ravenclaw boy and… and then I thought about you, just you, and I thought, maybe… if it was you kissing me, it wouldn't be so bad. But I thought you'd gotten over that… and the more I tried not to think about it, the more I thought about it until I couldn't get it out of my head and I thought about kissing you day and night and I couldn't handle being around you… I'm sorry. I'm so bloody sorry, Harry. I know I've been a complete idiot and I know I've been hurting you this year. I didn't mean to be so rude… honestly. But then you told me, finally, that you're gay, that you're still gay, that it wasn't just the one lad the one time… and I couldn't help myself. I had to kiss you – I had to know if what I'd been thinking about all year was true."

Harry stared up at Ron, forcing himself to accept that Ron wasn't lying. The rawness and honesty in Ron's shaky voice was impossible to ignore. With his pulse racing, Harry swallowed his nerves. "And?"

"And… it was bloody brilliant," Ron smiled despite himself. "I thought you listened to what I say." Ron paused and searched Harry's features for any sign of a smile. "I know I should have stopped things and explained all this before anything happened, but I couldn't help myself. It felt… it felt so right… more right than anything else I've ever felt or known." Ron stood and moved around the table, pulling Harry up easily and looking into his timid green eyes. "I love you, Harry… you're not an experiment and I want to be with you."

A wobbling smile broke across Harry's face. "I love you, too… and want to be with you… and that I'm sorry for being so daft and leaving like that yesterday. But, mostly… I love you."

Ron grinned and slid his fingers into Harry's messy hair, drawing him closer. "I love you, too, Harry." Ron parted Harry's lips with his own and kissed him with everything he had been bottling up inside himself for the past year. Harry kissed back, pressing every possible inch of their bodies together, feeling their hearts beating together against their chests.

"Harry…" Ron pulled back and kissed gently along Harry's jaw. "Can I ask a favor?"

Harry smiled and ran his hand under Ron's shirt and up his back. "Anything."

"Will you stop smoking?" Ron raised his head to look at Harry. "It doesn't taste great."

Harry blushed but cracked a smile. "Sure… yeah. It's not healthy anyway."

"Thanks…" Ron grinned and stepped away. "Go brush your teeth… and meet me in the bedroom when you're done."

"Which one?"

Ron raised his wand and aimed it at the space between their bedroom doors. The two doors slid together to form one, and Harry heard the wall separating the rooms disappear with a scrape. Ron turned back to Harry, grinning. "Hurry up. I have a few more ideas for our room."

Winking, Ron opened the new door and stepped inside the large room, immediately setting off to merge their beds. Harry watched, speechless and paralyzed with shock and joy. He watched as Ron flicked his wand around, dimming the lights in the room and placing new sheets on the new quite-ridiculously large bed. Regaining his senses, Harry tore his eyes off Ron and went into the bathroom. When he reemerged, he found Ron lying on the gigantic bed, naked, hard, and looking up at Harry with obvious lust, and love, in his bright eyes. Harry stepped into the room, shut the door, and stripped down quickly.

"You are something else." Harry mused, crawling on top of Ron.

"Something good?" Ron asked, nipping at Harry's earlobe.

"Something great." Harry chuckled and closed his eyes, letting his lips find Ron's and bringing him into a deep kiss.