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Buffy walks though the door "Hey I'm home" she shouts to Joyce and Dawn who should be home, Buffy puts her coat and keys on the rack next to the door and walks into the kitchen and see dawn and her mom sitting at the counter not looking the happiest, "hey what's up?"

"Honey I think you should sit down"

"Mom what's going on?"

"Well your aunt Lily is bringing Tia here"

"What? Why? I mean yay, but it's not safe here"

"It's not safe there." Dawn say joining in on the conversation.

Buffy looks at her mother and then little sister and then back to her mom "What aren't you telling me?"

"Well…" Joyce starts


"Well he… Next month he is getting out of prison. Aunty Lily thinks it's best if Tia is here with us and I agree."

Buffy sits down not being able to process the information. Joyce picks up a letter and hands it to Buffy, she reads it and tears well up in her eyes,

"This can't be happening, can it? They said he would be in prison for 20 years it's only been 5. When is she getting here?"

"Honey calm down everything will be fine, Tia will be here in about two hours"

"Oh no I need to tell the guys, what are they gonna think? What if the same thing happens as last time?"

"Buffy you've known they guys for what almost 5 years, I don't think they will do what the last ones did" Dawn trying to reassure her sister.

"Ok I better go tell them"

"Invite them over here that way me and Dawn are here for you, not that you will need it."

Buffy nods and goes to call them, she said that she had something to tell them and needed them at her house in a few minute, well them minute turning into an hour. Buffy let them in and went to get them drinks; she was shaking like a leaf, she didn't know where to beginning. Buffy walked into the living room with sodas for Willow, Xander, Tara, Anya while Joyce carried Giles's Tea, then Joyce went back to the kitchen where Dawn was.

In the living room Buffy was trying to think of how to tell everyone but didn't know where to start, everyone was talking about they had been doing and then there was a knock on the door, Joyce walks from the kitchen to the door and opens it, it was Lily and she was holding a sleeping 6 year old "Shh, go around the back and I'll let you in" Joyce closes the door and walks back to the kitchen and opens the door waiting for Lilly to come it.

In the other room Buffy and the guys hadn't even realised the door had been open and carried on to talk about everything; Buffy had tried a few times to tell them her news but bottled out every time.

In the kitchen, "Oh my God, she gotten so big I haven't seen her in ages" Dawn says talking about her niece,

"Yeah she has been growing fast, and why did I have to go around the back way?"

"Because Buffy is trying to tell her friends about Tia" and a Joyce said her name she woke up,

"Are we there yet?"

"Yeah look there's Grandma and auntie Dawnie"

"Where is my mommy?"

"She'll be here soon sweetheart" Joyce was amazed at Tia and Buffy where almost Identical in personality.

"I WANT MY MOMMY" Tia screamed and jumps out of Lilly's arms and a ran though the house to find Buffy, but as soon as Buffy heard her daughter scream she was on her way to the kitchen when Tia ran and jumped into Buffy's arms. Buffy picked her up easier and didn't notice that the Scooby gang were right next to her staring at her.

"I really miss you mommy I haven't seen you in forever"

"It's only been a few months" then she remembered the gang and turned to them, they all had different expressions on their faces Xander was the first one able to speak but even then only the word "Mom?" came out.

"Um maybe we should go to my room so I can explain"

"No, no, no mommy stay here"

"I'll be 10 minute"




Buffy put Tia down and she ran off to watch a clock to make sure Buffy was only 8 minute, Buffy smiled at her daughter

"Mom can you keep an eye on her?" Joyce nods and Buffy and the gang walk upstairs to her room.