Buffy turns on her heels and walks the opposite direction of Tia and the group. She stops by a wall and watches Tia pass Kevin by a few meters and the group then go around a corner and out of Buffy's sight. He didn't see them and she sighs with relief but then she turns and gets moving herself. There was no may she could have walked that close to him and not have him notice her so she needed to go the long way around to get home. Around the block, through allies and down other roads. She was only a few turns away from her house when she heard running footsteps. She looked forward and saw the opening of the ally onto the road. She tried to walk towards it but a hand grabbed her shoulder and slammed her into the wall.

She knew within a second he had got her. She remembered his smell to feel, remembered the tight grip of his hand. She seized up and couldn't do anything but look at the opening to the ally. His face was right next to hers, his lips by her ear.

"You thin' I wouldn't notice your 'air. The same bright blond color?" his hands were around her neck holding her back and the other on the wall blocking her from the road only a few steps away. She continued to look in that direction and swallowed hard.

Kevin followed her gaze and then grabbed her neck and arm roughly and pushed her further into the ally. She saw the only play she could escape to become smaller. He was in the darkest part of the ally and through the still frozen Buffy into a dustbin and leaned her over it, bending her back at a painful angle. Pushed his body against hers and pinned her down again.

Now there was no exit for Buffy was look at, hoping she would get there. Now all she could see was a thin outline of Kevin in the darkness. She felt him though. Huge over her tiny, and at the moment very weak, body.

"You scared of me?" He says through gritted teeth. "Huh?" He says louder in Buffy's ear.

She doesn't speak, doesn't move and tries not to breathe. She doesn't want to be here. Her brain tries to shut it out, make her go into a catatonic state but her heart knows she needs to stay here so that this monster of a man doesn't get to her daughter.

But tries to move her hand to punch him in the guy but from the shock of the situation she is not fast enough and Kevin grabs her hand and pins it down.

"Not again! I'm not letting you get away after ruining my life. You took everything from me; my job, my life, family and friend even deserted me. But you also took years of my life I can't get back." Kevin was winding himself up thinking of what happened. He lashed out and punched Buffy square in the face. Her vision blurs and head thumbs. Next she feels the floor against her back. Her legs gave out and she fell to the floor. But still his weight was on top of her. Her head dropped and she heard the noise her head made and instantly had a headache and felt sick. She tried to roll him off her but he only laughed at her feeble attempts of getting him off her.

Secretly Kevin enjoyed feeling Buffy struggle under him and he was taken back to the day when she was tied to the bed. He only played it nice in prison, saying he felt terrible for the crimes he committed and had accepted what he had done as wrong. As he was now above a cry girl he smiled and was glad he could lie to well to get out.

He looks around for something he can use to tie her hands together, once again just like that time years ago. He can't see anything so quickly pulls off his belt. He wraps it around her wrists so tightly she whimpers at the pain of the circulation being cut off and bones being forced to bend in ways they weren't meant to.

"Now, you had my kid didn't ya?" He looks at her.

She doesn't respond but deep in her heart she fells pain now that he has mentioned her Tia. "Tell me!" He screams at her. Buffy just shakes her head, while crying, hoping it will make him go away, but of course it wouldn't. He knows he won't get an answer from her so punches her again. Still, no answer. No matter how many times he punches, hits, slaps and bites Buffy she will not say she did. She just shakes her head. Of course he knows she is lying, due to the DNA test that proved she was carrying his child but he needed to know if she had kept the kid or put it into adoption.

He grabs a handful of Buffy's hair from the back and pulls it up. Making her face an inch from his. "If you don't tell me I will just make your life a living hell until you tell me where the kid is." He looked at Buffy and she was determined not to say. She would never give up her precious daughter.

Why does he even care? Thought Buffy.

She didn't know this but if Kevin found out that Buffy had kept Tia and that she was only around the block from where they were now, he would kill her. He didn't want there to be something out there that can prove that night happened. The DNA was on records yes but he has paid from what he did in the eyes of the law. What he didn't want was to know that he has a child out there that he didn't want. He wanted it gone.

There was a loud bang and Angel looked up to see Xander and the gang, Tia in Xander's arms, thankfully still asleep. Angel jumps up seeing their faces. takes Tia gently and checks her face, she was just asleep. "Where's Buffy? What's wrong?" He was instantly in panic mode about his love.

"We don't know. She just told us to get Tia home as soon as possible and then went off in the opposite direction. She looked scared."

Angel moves Tia to the sofa and lays her down. He then rushes out of the door and looks towards the fair. He starts to run in that direction with Xander, Willow and Giles slowly following him, but then he smells something, Buffy's blood.

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