Angel turns around and the other 3 follow him. He runs around a road and through to an ally way. He hears her heartbeat pounding. He moves faster.

Buffy looks up at Kevin and sees his crazy eyes, full of angry, not like the last time she saw them. Back then they were full of need but no emotion. Buffy struggled more and more but could not get free. He pinned her down with his body, his hands holding her wrists. His lips tried to grab hers but she turned her head and let out a small cry. His hand moves across her face in a punch, she lets out another cry. He then grabs the neck of her top and pulls on it, ripping it down slightly past her bra. She tried to cover herself but she is pinned again. "This time is going to even more fun than last time."

"No!" Buffy moans, once again trying to get her strength but her brain isn't functioning. Her muscles are frozen. Kevin's hands move to her jeans. His finger unhook the button. Buffy's eyes go wide and tears slightly fall. Kevin's hands move to the zip and move it down, keeping an eye on each movement Buffy makes. "Stop!"

"Why? You didn't want me to stop the first time." He teases. He remembers he drugged her, he remembers how she didn't want him on her and the fear in her eyes. He laughs to himself.

"I didn't want it. Stop!" she pleads but he doesn't.

Kevin reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little silver square. "Don't worry, I won't let there be another little brat that you can use to get me thrown back into prison."

Buffy sees the condom and almost throws up. Fresh tears flow.

He puts the condom on her stomach reach for when he needs it. He keeps quietly laughing to himself as Buffy cries and runs a finger along the top of her jeans ready to pull them down.

The next thing Kevin knows is hands on his shoulder, pulling him back and throw him into a wall above a dustbin. He then falls onto it and roles to the floor moaning in pain. Above him Angel growls, fangs showing. Kevin scampers up to his feet and starts to run Angel would chase him but Buffy is more important, Angel will kill him later. He moves over to where Xander, Willow and Giles are with Buffy. He moves to Buffy and wraps his arms around her. She is holding her clothes to herself but lets Angel hold her.

"Tia?" She manages to ask.

"She is okay, she's with your mom and the other."

Buffy takes this in and her mind closes down. She knew Tia was safe and now Angel had her.

"Buffy?" Angel asks seeing her eyes mist over and her body goes limp. She just stairs straight forward. Angel shifts her into his arms and they get back to the house as fast as possible. He lays her on her bed and she just stairs forward.

"You're okay Buffy. You're home." Angel kisses her head then notices her jeans are undone. He has already saw her ripped top and had anger while in the ally but now that his seen the jeans he felt sick to his stomach and feared what would have happened to his girl if he has been a few minutes later. He promised he would protect her and he failed. He did her jeans up and covered her with a blanket. He then kissed her again and left her on her own to make sure Tia was safe still. He moved downstairs and the anger must still be showing in his eyes as Willow looks up with him and asks, "Are you okay? Buffy needs you here. Going after him tonight isn't going to help anything." Angel looks down on her and slightly loosens, she was right.

"I wasn't planning on going after him." Angel says calmly. "Where is Tia?"

"She woke up. Mom took her to the kitchen for some milk." Dawn says and before she could ask what happened, Angel was in the kitchen.

"Angel!" Tia yells out and runs at him. He grabs her as she jumps up for him. "I had a good time at the fair, mommy won me a big toy, did you see it? It's in the living room. It is so cute. Where is mommy?" Tia was speaking 100 words a second.

"Slow down, little one. Mommy is asleep. She was tired. Want to go show me your toys?" Angel asks and puts her down; she grabs Angel's hand and moves to the living room, followed by Joyce carrying Tia's milk.

"Look this is my giraffe, I'm calling her, Angel. And my unicorn, Star. Do you like them?" Angel nods and smiles.

"I do very much. My gosh, look at the time, it's past your bedtime little one." Angel says seeing the time. He then thinks of where she could sleep, normally it's in Buffy's room but with the way Buffy is Tia just worry about her mom and not sleep. "How about you sleep in with Aunty Dawnie tonight? Is that okay Dawn?" She nods.

"Yay, I love Aunty Dawnie's teddies she has loads.

"Come on then, let's go get you changed and I'll read you a bed time story." Tia smiles and goes around to kiss everyone goodnight. "Can I kiss mommy goodnight?" She asks.

"I'll give it to her for you, we don't want to wake her up now do we." Angel hopes this will be enough for her.

"Okay." Tia then grabs both her teddies and walks to Dawn's room. Angel gets her milk and follows her.

"He is so good to her." Joyce says smiling at the guy she once hated, but now wished was the real father to her granddaughter.

Upstairs Angel tells Tia to put her teddies into Dawn's room while he goes to get her nightclothes and a book. When he goes into Buffy's room he checks on her. Her eyes are now closed and she has curled slightly into a ball. He can see a wet patch on her pillow. It breaks his heart to know she was crying and he wasn't here to comfort her. He covers her again as the blanket moved off her slightly. He kisses her head then gets Tia's stuff. He moves back to Dawn's room and helps Tia undress and into her nightclothes. They then move to the bathroom and brush Tia's teeth. After that Angel gets Tia into Dawn's bed, puts the unicorn and giraffe next to her on he floor and read her the story. Before the end of it she is asleep and Angel kisses her as well and tucks her in before moving downstairs. The gang are sitting in the living room and watch him come downstairs. Angel sits next to Tara on the sofa.

"What happened?" Joyce asks.

As Angel, Giles, Willow and Xander explain what they saw tears come to Joyce's eyes.

"She is asleep now. I'm actually going to go watch her. Make sure she is okay through the night." Angel once again moves upstairs and leave the gang in silence.

In the morning Angel is still by Buffy's side. She hadn't moved through the night and at some points her breathing became so light that Angel had to check she was still breathing. About 7 in the morning he heard little footsteps along the hall. He gets up and opens the door, making Tia jump.

"Caught you." Angel says picking her up giving her a big kiss.

"I miss mommy."

Angel looks at Buffy, she looked as if she was sleeping, but Angel knew that there was a lot more going on in her mind then just a peaceful sleep.

"Be quiet and go give her a kiss, she isn't feeling to tell so she needs to sleep." Tia nods at Angel's words and then walks to Buffy and kisses her mommy's head. As Tia moves away Buffy's eyes flutter open. She sees her little girl's face and smiles with tears in her eyes. She sits up and grabs Tia, pulling her onto the bed and into her lap.

"I love you." She whispers.

"I love you too mommy. I'm sorry I woke you. Are you feeling better?" Tia asks.

"You didn't wake me baby. I'm perfect now I have seen you." Buffy holds her tight and rocks slightly. Angel watches and thanks the higher powers that Buffy has woken up.

"Mommy, what's happened to your top?" Tia asks.

Buffy looks down and fresh tears come to her eyes that she blinks away so Tia doesn't see. "A bad person ripped it. I'm okay."

"You mean a vampire?" Tia asks innocently.

"Something like that."

Angel moves to sit on the bed and holds Buffy's hand.

"I slept in with Aunty Dawnie last night." Tia smiles.

"Was that nice?" Buffy asks. Tia nods.

"Good, but I want you in with me tonight. That okay?"

Tia smiles and nods quickly. "I need the toilet mommy."

Buffy reluctantly lets her go and Tia walks to the toilet. Angel leans forward and holds Buffy just as tightly as Buffy holds him. Buffy has a small, quiet cry. Angel kisses the tears away. "I'm sorry." Buffy says.

"Don't. You have nothing to be sorry for. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you." Angel has tears in his chocolate eyes.

Buffy shakes her head then kisses his lips.

Tia walks back in. "Ewwww." Buffy and smile let out a small laugh.

"You shhh, madam." Buffy says. " How about you and Angel go downstairs and he can cook us some pancakes?" Buffy says.

"Yay, okay mommy."

"Hey, come here first." Buffy says.

"Mommy?" Tia moves to her. Buffy ten grabs her again giving her a big kiss and cuddle then lays her on the bed and tickles her belly.

"Mommy, stop!" Tia laughs. Angel continues tickling her then picks her up.

"Come on little one. Pancake time. Mommy will be down in a minute." He then leaves Buffy to herself. She gets out of bed and looks in the mirror. Her top shows her bra, her neck has bruises, her arm stings with pain. In fact all her body hurts. She knows she will have to get Giles to get her arm over, as it feels slightly broken, but for now it was useable.

She undresses and throws her clothes in a heap that will be going into the bin. She get more clothes and moves to the bathroom to have a shower.

Afterwards she moves downstairs and finds the pancakes being served. "Yummy." Buffy says and sits next to Tia. They all eat and a few minutes after they finish Joyce walks down the stairs and sees Buffy.

She goes over and hugs her daughter. The one that has been through so much and still holds it together for the sake of her own daughter. Buffy couldn't have been more perfect in Joyce's eyes.

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