Its pointed head tore through the last layer of her skin and Ruby's face contorted in pain. She sucked in a breath and let out a pitiful moan simultaneously.

"For god sake Ruby, it's a splinter!" Mina growled, her grip round the girls wrist tightening. "Hold still."

"It bloody hurts!" The teenager whined, deliberately ignoring the part of her welcoming the pain as a distraction to Mina's nimble, un-gloved fingers skating over the crevices of her palm and the…responses her body was making. Mina's hands were long and slender, with a creamy porcelain colouring that Ruby found strangely hypnotising and exotic without their usual black cloth covering.

"I've seen more impressive war wounds." The older woman replied dryly.

Ruby snorted. "It's your fault! If you hadn't of pushed me down those stairs-"

"It was about to rip your head of your shoulders." Mina sighed, refraining from making a quip about the more desirable of the two options.

"Because shouting 'get out of the way' would have been a far too simple and painless solution," Ruby scowled, crossing her arms over her chest and attempting not to blush when her mind wandered to the not-entirely-unpleasant memory of Mina landing flush against her, their legs enwinding, breathing heavily…

There was a rush of pain in her palm and Ruby hissed in surprise. Looking downwards she found Mina, having taken the opportunity to pull the splinter out while the younger girl was fanta-preoccupied, was smiling impishly, a shard of wood pinched between her fingers.

"Now that wasn't hard was it?" The blind woman raised a mocking eyebrow.

Ruby glared at her. "There's no need to look quite so smug."

"Oh, I think there is - you're buying me diner after all."

That was news to Ruby. "Huh?"

Mina smiled coyly. "To thank me for saving your life and then tending to your wounds."

Ruby swallowed and wondered just how exactly she was going to afford diner. She had a feeling Mina wasn't talking about a drive through at the local MacDonald's, after all she was the sort of woman you couldn't imagine eating without cutlery.

Something else occurred to her and she resisted the urge to grin. "Are you asking me on a date?"

Mina raised an eyebrow, already turning towards the door. "Oh, I'm not asking."