Chapter 1

"Inuyasha, you should take this." Kagome thrust a winter coat into his arms.

"Feh! Wench, you should know by now that I don't need this crap." Inuyasha tossed the coat back to her.

"Don't be silly! It's going to be freezing where we are going! Even Miroku and Sango chose to stay behind this time!" She tried to once again shove the coat into his hands, but he refused. She sighed and stuffed it into her bag. After adding a few blankets and winter commodities, Kagome assured the pacing hanyou that she was ready to leave.

"Well it's about time!" He hoisted the bag to his shoulders and headed toward the well, Kagome following. When they arrived on the other side, a bitter cold wind whipped against their faces.

"BBRRRRRR! It's already freezing!" Kagome complained.

"The ice witch must already be working hard," Inuyasha sniffed the air, "this way, Kagome! Let's put a stop to this freezing mess!" Inuyasha helped her onto his back and they took off, following the scent of their enemy. Lately, the weather had been getting colder and colder, causing villages to have trouble farming and working outdoors. When investigation began on the phenomenon, they discovered that a demon, an ice witch, was behind the freezing cold. So far, all attempts to kill the demon resulted in frozen deaths. Kagome and Inuyasha headed toward the demon now. Inuyasha bounded across the icy terrain, leaping so far he was almost flying. In the distance, the sun was setting. Suddenly, Inuyasha's leap was much lower than usual.

"What the hell?" Inuyasha cursed as he was forced to reduce his speed. Kagome and the backpack combined on his back began to feel slightly heavy and slowed him down. Kagome watched as the disappearing sun sunk below the horizon and took with it Inuyasha's demon powers. Now a mere human, Inuyasha stopped and lowered Kagome to the ground.

"Night of the new moon?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah I must have forgotten." Inuyasha looked angry. He walked around the area, starting to feel the cold now. "We'd better find somewhere to camp…" He pulled her with him, spotting a cave. Tentatively, the two teens peeked inside the cave.

"Looks empty." Kagome said.

"Yeah, whoever lived here must have gone south like everyone else." Inuyasha said. "I'm going to find some firewood," he paused before leaving, "S-stay warm." His cheeks reddened slightly as he dashed away. Kagome flushed as well, mumbling, "You too…" to his retreating figure. She turned to her backpack and carefully unloaded all the equipment. Kagome unrolled two sleeping bags and cracked a couple "hot hands" to place inside them for warmth. Upon Inuyasha's return, Kagome gasped at his bare feet. Inuyasha started a fire and sat before it, ignoring Kagome's pleas that he wear some shoes. She pulled a pair of woolen socks from her bag and slipped his feet in them. He blushed and sputtered but Kagome wouldn't take no for an answer.

"I thought I already told ya, I don't need your crap!" Inuyasha barked.

"Inuyasha! You are human for tonight, you need them just as much as I do!" Kagome countered while shoving a fury Russian hat on his head. Inuyasha grumbled, but didn't stop the girl from helping him. After she was done bundling him up, Inuyasha looked at Kagome's lack of winter wear.

"Hey! How come you aren't wearing a bunch of this…stuff?" He said. Kagome wrapped her arms around herself saying, "I'll be fine. You gotta stay warm, Inuyasha." She watched the fire. Kagome heard Inuyasha rustling around and then she felt a warmth envelope her. She glanced up to see the robe of the fire rat draped over her. Inuyasha was there, concern in his eyes as he placed her hands into warm mittens.

"Kagome, you're the one who needs to stay warm." Inuyasha said, not meeting her eyes, but continuing to add layers to her person. Kagome placed a hand on his cheek, forcing him to look at her. Their cheeks burned.

"Thank you, Inuyasha." Kagome whispered. Inuyasha blinked, then "Keh!"ed and sat next her, frowning into the fire while waiting for his blush to fade.

"Let's just hope we can make it through the night!" Inuyasha said as the wind outside picked up, making the cave colder than before. Kagome shivered.

"Yeah, let's hope." She said.