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Katrina sat on the edge of the small, empty clearing near the east side of the Varden's camp. On the other side of the clearing, Arya was walking by, with Eragon right behind her. It sounded like Eragon was pleading with the rumored elf princess.

"Look, Arya, I apologize for being so forward and placing you in a difficult situation, but I slipped, I'm sorry, and I just wanted you to know how I feel."

'He's at it again', thought Katrina. The first time she had talked to Arya, Eragon had been there; and she could tell that farm boy from Carvahall she had grown up with had fallen for the mysterious elf. He hung on to her every word like each was crucial to survival, and he looked at her with such admiration it was like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time. Katrina was happy that Eragon had found someone to love, for she knew he deserved it probably more than anyone, with what he had gone through. She watched as Eragon reached out and grabbed Arya hand to prevent her from walking away.

"Arya please." She turned to face him, hand still in his. Her face was free of emotion, but Katrina caught something underneath the surface. Anger, and-was that regret?

"Eragon, I'm sorry, but as I said at the Celebration, it could never work." Eragon's face fell. Then, a reckless, determined smile appeared on his face. He looked up.

"Then please, promise me something Arya" he asked.

'Oh no, say bye-bye to that friendship. He just killed it.' Thought Katrina. Arya sighed.


"Promise me you won't forget". Then he leaned in, kissed her lightly on the lips, and walked away. Arya just stood there dumbfounded, cheeks bright red. Katrina smiled, and got up to go to the tent she shared with Roran. Back in the clearing, Arya remained in the same spot, eyes wide. She raised one hand to her cherry red lips, still completely shocked. The elf princess looked up to the sky and smiled at what she saw. A sapphire blue dragon and her rider soared overhead. Whispering so quietly only she could hear, five words were uttered in the Ancient Language.

"I promise, Eragon. I promise"