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The Ranam Cult

S'kriva'h, the blue giant, was glowing proudly and powerfully. It was one of the universe's youngest and greatest suns. The gigantic blue sun shared its overwhelming might without greed, but exaggerated generosity. Touching everything within her vast domains with unimaginable power. Sucking and vaporizing everything bold enough to significantly approach its neon blue-white beauty. Only one of its entrusted worlds was blessed with life. Only one could resist its beautiful power and might, the distant child, the last planet of the system, the beautiful T'areba.

S'kriva'h was not just a sun, but also the prime inspiration for T'areba's greatest poets. Often described as 'The World's Supreme Treasure' and 'The Jewel of T'areba's Proud'. She was fifty-five thousand times as powerful as the Earth's sun. A true nuclear gemstone of God, blessed with greatness and strength; a power destined to give itself for the miracle of life; Life for the great planet, at the edge of its domains.

T'areba was a true green paradise, a rain forest like garden, whose name 'Green Paradise' justified its beauty and vast life forms and this was the home world of the keen insectoid race, which tamed and protected it.

T'areba was a heavenly planet, covered with thick tropical rain forests and vast green crop fields. Small and deep oceans full of life, and endless lakes and rivers cutting through virgin emerald jungles; with huge and low jungle covered mounts and millennial craters. Farming compounds and huge cities were everywhere, but carefully placed and planed to protect and maximize the living potential of the generous ecosystem. Its gifted children were a large and peaceful civilization now united for over four centuries under a single ruling queen council. Now united for development, for seeding their legacy beyond the borders of their beloved S'kriva'h. The first steps were slowly being laid, but a century or two would still be necessary to develop the tools and means to reach the stars the way they dreamed it; the vision they embraced when the first of their kind orbited T'areba on a crude and sturdy space capsule eight decades ago.

The low orange clouds dissolved and separated with the growing warmth and delightful light of the blue giant that rose slowly in the distant horizon. L'iusak lifted his insectoid head towards the delicately pinked nimbus swimming above, into the dawning orange sky, and straightening up is 6,6 ft tall biped form at the top of his singing retractile tower. His elegant head looked like a bald-faced hornet's head, but with marked differences. T'areban mandibles were much smaller and elegant, the antennas were smother and extended forward from the back of the head, their eyes were slightly smaller, whit a golden or silver ring around them. The exoskeleton was more stylized, smoother, edgeless and protuberant, more fitted for intelligent living than raw survival. His 2 legs had 3 segments that stood normally in a tilted Z composition. He lifted his two thick long arms and spread his 3 fingers and the bulky opposable thumb. L'iusak's exoskeleton was metalized green with electric purple joints. He was wearing a translucent flexible working exo over his natural armor, his farmer working clothes. The alien garment had intricate light purple designs that explained his line, the community he belonged to and his rank.

L'iusak extended his elegant musical spikes at his metallic green back all the way up with religious patience. Slowly and steadily he began to welcome the new morning with the sunrise chant. His intense and high hissing, similar to an earth's cicada, spread like the blue sunlight that was flooding the endless green fields around his huge farming compound, his home, and many others around on the great fields of K'len; also called 'The Granary of T'areba'. Almost instantly, another chant merged with his own, coming from another farmer far away, and then another, and soon many others. The T'areman's chant flooded the vast crop fields creating a passionate and vast chorus.

The brilliant sunrise blasted the sparsely clouded horizon in an explosion of color, inviting every life form to admire the indescribable view. S'kriva'h emerged completely at the horizon, reflecting his majestic light in the perfectly polished dark blue walls of the countless alien caterpillar shaped compounds; every one sitting at the center of 4 circular crop fields. The gigantic city in the great lake far away, with its tremendous egg shaped mile high citadels shimmered under the sunlight. Each egg shaped citadel housed an independent city with living facilities, food and hardware distribution centers, medical centers, laboratories, factories and research facilities. Each gigantic building rested on a crafted pedestal that once was a natural island, towering high over the lake's surface, 1000 feet below. Each skyscraper was surrounded at its base by a ring of thick virgin jungle; a living ornament to honor T'arebas's beauty and remember their origins.

The chant finished and each singer went back inside their own compounds to prepare for the grand harvest. The weather prophets had announced a glorious day ahead and a rich harvest for the last weeks before winter. L'iusak watched his entrusted crop fields around his compound with growing enthusiasm; he was already geared up and could barely hold his excitement. The long nights sacrificed to perfect the seeding mechanisms, crop feeding and stimulation, and the updated pest control robots had paid of very well; he had by far one of the richest fields of K'len, and at the end of the harvest cycle his family will surely win the summer harvesting prize. He was only waiting for the great moment to begin. His dark purple eyes glinted, his metallic green exoskeleton was even decorated with expressly ornamented farmer jewels his wife had especially prepared for him, for today as an early testimony of the imminent family triumph.

L'iusak programmed his harvesting towers, singing the distinctive command in his musical arm wrist computer. A pleasant melody sang back, acknowledging his orders, and the huge compound beneath him began to tremble like the epicenter of a very soft tremor. Four large circular sluices located at the four cardinal points of the complex opened. Slowly, 4 mighty 120 feet high automatic squid shaped alien harvesters rose above the ground and reached their cruise altitude of 100 feet. L'iusak sang the next command; the giant harvesting machines extended their sensor tentacles and optic probes at the base, and advanced forward in a perfectly coordinated pattern. Each machine drifted perpendicular to the other and lowered their altitude to harvest level. The moment had come.

The bug hunter robots flew away from the four circular crop fields surrounding L'iusak's compound, back inside their artificial hives to recharge their batteries. One final command and the farming towers slowly began extracting the precious grain in a circular pattern with the help of multiple blue cutting beams from the tentacles and appropriated suction power; closing the circle with each new sweep, like a whirlpool.

L'iusak sang satisfied and his antennas shivered with excitement. He barely noticed the beauty of the sunrise as he stared at the perfectly coordinated work of his entrusted farm equipment. The harvesters were doing a great job! Even the repaired one that was malfunctioning the last time and wasted several tons of food before he could deactivate it; now it was back from the food machines production lab and supposedly fully repaired. He wished his city's Master Farmer would have sent him a new one and recycle this one, but the hot headed master decided the huge machine still had some productive lifespan ahead so he had to swallow it. So far, he was right.

L'emuk, his neighbor, was staring at L'iusak's progress with his wife at his side, whose female exoskeleton exhibited a wonderful combination of metallic orange and gloss onyx tones, displaying elegantly the creator's choice for their race: males had exos with more cold colors, while females more attractive warm colors. The couple sang deliciously, congratulating their neighbor and sharing their happiness. If only happiness could last forever.

L'iusak lifted his insectoid head and glanced up, to the far domains of space, as if a guardian spirit would have moved his head. The spontaneous detonation above and beyond the edge of the atmosphere caught his eyes, and shaped a massive liquid fire bubble. Its form and texture was very unusual and the mesmerizing colors dancing on its surface fascinated every living being on T'areba, catching every eye, amazing every mind, scaring every heart. L'iusak watched the rare phenomena and touched a symbol in his forearm computer, it glowed instantly. His singing tower descended to the ground level of the observation platform in the roof of his farm compound. His wife was waiting for him at the roof observation platform, gazing at the rare phenomenon as well; intrigue and worry dominated her soft features. L'iusak was concerned too. There were no space test programmed for that day in that particular hemisphere, and the shape and glows of the phenomena was nothing he had ever seen before, nor dream about. But he was almost sure of one thing, it could not be natural.

"Go inside, my beloved one, I will follow you soon."

L'iusak's wife bowed her majestic reddish pink head in a silent nod and quickly went inside. L'iusak secured the complex doors and windows remotely using his forearm computer, and sang the familiar atmospheric sentinel's code. He also signaled the other farmers around to join his conversation in the process. If someone knew something about this, he wanted to hear him. Every farmer and T'areban in the area joined the conversation, much to his surprise with the same doubts and fears.

"Wetter Master V'ereta, we saw a strange denotation, apparently nuclear, near the atmosphere. Did you notice it?"

At the near city, inside the biggest egg shaped building in the center of the lake, a group of climate researchers at the farming weather control stared in muted amazement to the big images displayed in the elliptical monitors at the walls and working nests, with more curiosity than concern. V'ereta, the group leader, watched the phenomena in his individual monitor at his working station. He was sitting at the top of the central multi nest platform where he was commanding his research team. Each member had a nest station below him and the other composite nests around the platform were almond shaped surveillance stations accommodating private weather researchers. The eyes of everyone were on the screens, but their questions were on him, their team leader; the one 'always' in control of the situation. If only he had the answers his personnel thought he had.

"We are processing the circumstantial data girth now, and it is too soon to distill an answer. Please remain calm and transmit any useful information". Suddenly, the largest screen displayed the most strange and eye catching image everyone at the center had ever seen: the pulsing cocoon that beat like a space giant's heart exploded like a surprise nuclear strike, and multiplied wildly fast. The young pulsating cocoons dispersed evenly across the planet sphere, forming some sort of perimeter. The cocoon's glow changed dramatically from fire red to a metalized sterling purple.

The weather guardians watched astonished as the fascinating data displayed in their elliptical neon green screens showing the pulsating eggs blowing up, releasing what appeared to be some sort of organic mass that also seemed to be artificial at the same time. The masses quickly gained their progenitor's shape and pulsing life.

L'iusac saw that the mysterious bright dot disappeared in a flash, like if it was obliterated by a nuclear explosion, living only a suspicious ring shaped green aura were it was before. He was about to enter his complex when two, ten, twenty, hundreds of similar detonations blossomed rapidly in the morning sky filling it with their gloomy radiance. The deformed inter dimensional auras reshaped into massive pulsating cocoons, just like the first one, and began placing themselves around T'areba like small glowing full moons.

L'iusac watched, impressed and worried at the same time. The phenomena could not be natural, and whatever intelligence was behind it, definitely wanted to present itself fast and without warning; not the caution ways of a diplomat or emissary, but rather the bold massive force display of an attacker.

Questions and fears ran from mouth to mouth in the weather control center. No specialist or researcher seemed to have an answer. The chaos was starting to posses everyone, but the leader was not willing to let that happen, not in his watch. V'ereta shrieked loud, his musical spikes fully extended, until everyone shut up. Then, he took over.

"Listen, L'iusak, thousands of strange objects are orbiting T'areba. I believe they are of an unknown intelligent origin. They seem to reconfigure and reproduce themselves alone. Our optical sensors show us they are changing but we do not now into what. This may be the greatest day of T'areba, the answer to the mother of all questions" He looked at his staff with proud and determination "The existence of intelligent alien life! I will contact the atmospheric guard and the Scientific Conclave immediately." The high fidelity voice distorted rapidly as the rudimentary holographic image from the leader's watch nest became fuzzy, like attacked by a disease. In the next second all images at the station shut down abruptly.

"Control. Control!" L'iusak feared the worst and lifted his eyes to the morning sky. He scanned the puzzling dots, up and above, until his fear overcame his curiosity. They were like the vertices of an invisible net, but for what purpose? He was about to send a general warning message to all farmers in the territory, when it began...

The cocoons stooped pulsating and dramatically transformed into melon shaped bio hives. The Hivor living fortresses had finally mutated to the appropriated battle form. Monstrous moths formed and lifted over their inter dimensional skin and spat a swarm of creatures that rained down towards the planed like a thick dark cloud. L'iusak watched in muted amazement as what appeared to be streams of distant black smoke surged from the dark dots and dove towards the atmosphere, plainly embracing the destructive consequences of entering T'areba's atmosphere at killing speed.

The dark smoke descended fast, its composition and nature defined in a couple of seconds. There were not meteors or debris, but literally a swarm formed by thousands of some kind of strange dark creatures. The creatures slowed down before impact, but the crash was still brutal and powerful. Still, they emerged from their smoking meteor crates fresh and angry. Their main combat armor protruded outside like bulging muscles, ripping through their wasted thermal armor. The disposed armor dissolved in the air like burning silk. One swarm crash landed near L'iusaks field. The emerging creatures changed their armors and rushed from their impact craters instantly, like hungry lions. They attacked the floating giant collectors and complexes around them like killer ants, shredding and destroying everything with pure brute force. There was no technique, no plan or strategy, just pure and plain violence. Ironically, many attackers brought their own doom blowing up inside the exploding giant collectors in the crazy attack, sacrificing themselves frenetically for an unknown cause. The closest collector near L'iusak's complex was brutally invaded by the vicious attackers and lost stability and altitude blazing fast. It exploded violently a few seconds later, spiting a wild rain of sparks and twisted metal chunks hundreds of feet around. L'iusak ducked, face down, and covered his head with his arms. When the hot scrap metal rain was over, L'iusak raised his head and crawled towards the roof hatch. A loud and solid impact echoed behind him. He froze.

L'iusak hesitated a second, and turned around; if it was going to be his end, he wanted to see the face of his killer. What he saw nearly terrified him to death, his antennas shivered; the quadruped monster looked like a cross between a reptile, an insect and a wolf. It was mostly black, with a flexible armor that looked like exposed muscle tissue in some segments, had broad shoulders, spiked back, big claws and fangs. The creature's phosphorescent green eyes were fixed on him. It approached him, slowly... Like a horrific predator of some ancient child's terror tale. But this creature was real! Its eye catching shape and ever changing tattoos were unlike anything he had ever seen or imagined before. It was the fundamental warrior of the Raman Cult: the feared and lethal Mutalink. The bizarre trans spatial warrior that was not an insect nor an animal, not a living being nor a machine, not even a ghost... but a sinister combination of all of them. A magnificent conquest weapon, whose only purpose was to destroy and conquer; or die fighting.

The Mutalink roared; a high pitched roar, strident to the last note. Like a predator before slaying his prey. L'iusak covered his ears, they ringed in pain. He turned around as fast as he could and ran towards the hatch. The glittering mandibles of the Mutalink opened and the glowing heat of its entrails cooked the air, green resinous energy danced among the fangs. The creature's scream shoot forward, seconding several neon green, spiral shaped liquid energy beams trough the jagged mandibles that converged into one drilling beam. The beam went through L'iusak's body as if it was made of air. The doomed insectoid screamed loudly, his body twisted and convulsed painfully as he vaporized in mid air, in torturous spasms.

L'iusak's wife scared more than ever before in her life and hid in a domestic grain storage thank when the attack of the farming complex began. Dozens of Mutakliks rammed the metal amour of the main window and ripped through it easily, like breaking through thin glass. Shards of crystal and metallic alloys rained inside the main living room as the swarm rushed inside, they quickly found the female T'areban whit they advance senses and killed her without hesitation or mercy. Immediately afterwards they began destroying everything on their path; ripping furniture and artworks, incinerating rooms, shredding equipments and walls, without discrimination or control. Explosions thundered all over the complex, some of which blossomed powerfully to the outside, others spat fire like geysers of flames. The earth trembled, and a few more seconds was everything the Mutalinks needed to turn the immense place into a massive fire ball.

The Mutalink swarms continued to disseminate trough the entire globe rapidly and deadly: trough lakes, rivers, oceans, islands, continents, plains, mountains and jungles, like rampaging killer ants; running and swimming at surprising speeds while whipping out everything organic and artificial on their path, with a brutal and shocking destruction capability.

Twenty minutes after the first strike an unspoken command ran through the horde. Groups of five Mutalinks separated themselves from their respective packs and stooped their rampaging momentum; like black seeps abandoning the heard. They silently communicated and combined themselves, forming one massive pulsating inter dimensional cocoon. Seconds later a whole new Mutalink creature, equally lethal in nature, but with a much more sinister purpose than its predecessors emerged from the exploding cocoon.

The new and young air warrior jumped high and embraced the sky at supersonic speed, imitated by dozens of others like him, all around the planet; each Mutalink rising above their respective packs after an identical transformation. They were conceived to dominate the skies of T'areban, forever if necessary, but this time their journey would be short; the ultimate order had been given. The flying Mutalinks reached their designated coordinates and graciously dived downwards in an acrobatic roll, straight towards the surface. Close to ground level, they mutated into a dart shaped AP ballistic bio projectile and sunk deep in the ground and the ocean's bottom. The Mutalinks injected themselves into the planets crust until the adequate deep was reached, then... the sacrifice.

Without mercy or hesitation, each burrowed Mutalink detonated in a brutal explosion. Each one whit a force of 200 kilotons; destroying the earth, the oceans, the sky... and even their swarming comrades within their blast radius; but that did not matter, only the obedience, only the goal. That was their mission, their destiny...

Hundreds of yellow mushroom shaped nuclear blasts erupted all over T'areba, turning the unforgettable paradise into an indescribable hell of ashes and ruble. The Nature twisted into chaos as tons and tons of burned organic and inorganic matter shot upwards, clouding the entire atmosphere, covering the dying atmosphere whit a storming darkness. Almost all life disappeared in that instant.

But even after that horrible taste of Armageddon there was no mercy, no calm after the storm. A new swarm of Mutalinks rained down from space, promptly replacing their vaporized comrades; like flying serpent towards the planet from the orbiting Hivors; ripping through the thick storming dark clouds that started to cover the sky completely.

The chaotic weather maddened the planet and stole the warmth and majestic light of the blue giant. Blinding purple bolts danced in the spooky clouds, more than one stroke the ground harshly, further punishing the lethally hurt badland.

The new swarm literally covered the devastated surface of the planet again, running and screaming over the burned world, ruling between the storm and the fading sorrow of the dying nature. Destroying the few structures and citadels that miraculously resisted the first devastation, like macabre birds of prey.

In spite the quick and devastating global strike, one of the reinforced military citadels was marvelously still standing and active. The garrisoned soldiers and military personnel were battling their own emotional war: struggling to maintain order and discipline were hundreds of unanswered questions and impossible orders ruled. It wasn't too long until they realized their world was being obliterated, without explanation or logic. To make things worse their battle fortress was literally blind, so there was not much they could do to understand what was happening beyond their reinforced walls; but someone listened to their prayers and the fortress's badly pounded sensors made their designers proud one last time.

With a last struggle, the damaged systems transmitted data streams and images about what was happening outside and who the attacker was. The Mutalinks had already surrounded the military citadel and were roaring fanatically at it, forming a mighty war chore. The remaining T'areban soldiers managed to activate some of the citadel's main defensive armament, just in time. A few shock cannons screamed and fired magnetically encapsulated mini nuclear detonations to the horde, to the ash covered wasteland below, in a brave last defiance.

The Mutalinks never tried to avoid the fire, there simply was no point; the war was won, and this desperate attempt to change the inevitable was more amusing than effective. The Mutalink collective mind rapidly chose the warrior who would deal whit this minor inconvenience. A designated Mutalink emitted a telepathic inter dimensional command and a hundred of his comrades ran towards him. They combined in an eye blink to form a new terrifying creature. A warrior whose armor and destructive power was more than enough to doom the desperate last defenders of T'areba once and for all.

The new super Mutalink was three hundred feet tall, whit a firepower equivalent of dozens of Mutalinks. The huge warrior jumped and attacked the building, like a stalking tiger attaching his prey, tearing a hole in the smooth polished outer shield of the army's citadel whit its energized claws. The super Mutalink was as precise and fast as his smaller brothers beneath, firing spiked projectiles that drilled trough the massive alloys and imploded deep inside, causing an exaggerated destruction. While slashing and tearing the great combat creature pushed itself inside; his little brothers dug beneath the fresh ruins to take care of the subterranean section. The beast kept forcing its way inside like a giant monster attacking a building; ripping and tearing everything furiously, punishing the damaged structure until it collapsed whit everything and everyone left inside.

A Great pack of Mutalinks stooped in the middle of their run as the swarm of destruction finally reached its last target, purposefully spared. It was a reasonable large city in the southern hemisphere protected by an experimental magnetic force field. The beautiful city was now surrounded by a world of ashes and craters that was one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes of T'areba a few minutes ago. The Mutalinks surrounded the city but did not try to break through the intermittent force field, as if waiting for something to happen...

Nine hundred feet away from the city the Mutalinks opened a perfect empty circle in the middle of the swarm. And far above, beyond the hurricane winds and the expanding chaotic dark cloud masses, soared the monster, hidden in the darkness; the most devastating weapon of the Raman Cult. The gigantic creature broke through the clouds like a charging predator and landed violently in his 6 bulky legs like an impacting meteor; right in the center of the great circle; crushing the stone ground and sending a massive shock wave all around. The Broom had arrived.

The monster was big. No, it was immense! A solid bio technological inter dimensional warrior conceived to crush and conquer; without weakness, weak points or flaws. The huge creature strengthened his massive 6 legs, showing of his proud 1000 yards stature and bulky bio technological body. It was 50 yards taller than the tallest structure in T'areban. The Broohm...

The Broohm targeted his objective and prepared to attack. It rose its body in four of his hind legs, rapidly increasing their mass and density, and mutated magnificently in a poetry of changing forms and colors; now it was ready to attack. The combat ready Broohm opened its mount and a liquid red beam shoot out, cutting through the T'arebans greatest defensive achievement as if it was everything but nothing; like a scalpel cutting mist. The Broohm tilted his massive head backwards, allowing his glowing cutting beam to shoot upwards after until it reached 90°, and let it burn the sky for a few seconds; proving everyone its strength and destructive power.

The last hope of the remaining T'arebans was no more.

The Broohm roared furiously and jumped forward, to the center of the city. It was an incomparable jump; tons or crushed rocks and ashes ejected upwards whit the power of the mighty impulse, following the giant warrior's short flight and spilling all over him. It landed brutally right in the middle of the city, the earth rumbled and shattered and packs of near Mutalinks flew outwards whit the force of the meteoric impact. The giant warrior roared again and extended his 6 arms, each one aiming at a different citadel building. Energy eels germinated from its clawed fingers and crafted a growing black hole. The black balls, one of the universe's most destructive forces, grew until they reached the size of spheres big enough for the gigantic hands to hold. The Broohm opened his palms and released the dark orbs. Each black hole flew towards its intended targets like intelligent missiles and impacted whit full force; the results could not be more devastating. The black holes literally swallowed and disintegrated each citadel they hit whit unimaginable suction power, and surprisingly collapsed in the moment their job was done. The few bold Mutalinks that were to close to the destructive show were swallowed and disintegrated within the massive gravitational pull, but it was irrelevant; for each fallen Mutallink a hundred more were ready to replace it.

Now, the once bristling city full of life, dreams and progress, was nothing more than a sad memory; even less... a silent desolation. All buildings were gone except one, only one. Carefully preserved from the annihilation.

The Mutalinks flooded the city's perimeter like a tidal wave and rapidly surrounded the big sparred building. Thousands started to climb its smooth and richly carved metalized ceramic walls, while thousands dug beneath it, separating the massive structure from its base in an epic scene. Raising the massive building several feet of the ground with a titanic effort. The countless Mutalinks above and below created a living pedestal and an intricate net around the structure, restricting it for a double purpose: to stop any unwelcome guest, and stop any inhabitant to leave without permission.

When the living restrains were complete, an inter dimensional bubble formed directly in front of the building, a hundred yards apart, and inflated like a balloon. The perfect sphere was smooth and massif, covered whit intricate grows and strange symbols everywhere. There was a tone, and then the sphere split in hundreds of symmetrical fragments from both poles to the equator. The fragments flew away, vanishing into the air, revealing five elegant throne like structures that floated inside; each one different and remarkable in its own way.

The throne at the far left wing had an elegant and strange blossomed lotus flower form, beautiful to the last detail of its motives, scintillating colors and symbols; mighty and elegant as the humanoid alien general that sat proudly on it: Sindra. Her body was smooth and her skin was dark blue, covered whit symmetrical dots that ran from the back of her neck to the tips of her 3 toed feet. She wore an ornamented Raman Cult's battle gown. Next to her, Dramyu's throne, a majestic nest similar to a jelly fish, whit tentacles that danced graciously in the air around it, transparent as the almost humanoid shaped alien with glowing purple eyes sitting on it. His vast and luminous circulatory system and few trans spatial organs were clearly visible.

At the far right wing Shym's throne was like a black pearl whit a chopped tip, whit little red, blue and yellow suns nested in dozens of niches carved around the throne. He seemed to be made of moving molten lava, and constantly changing his form. Little multi colored suns were orbiting around his throne as well, like electrons around the nucleolus. Next to him, at the left of the great central throne, was Dorvakh; the Raman Cult's Judge, Juror, and Executioner. Dorvakh rested his bizarre smooth body, very similar to the alien sitting on the center. His throne was a sculpted giant alien head, similar to his own; an amazing monument to his race's greatest judge and warrior; the head of Morakh. But no one of the four amazingly beautiful and strange thrones could compare to the biggest one in the center.

The great and majestic throne had dominated the colossal view from the very beginning. Sitting on a structure that was a monument to power and defeated foes, was the architect of the planet's destruction: Sarakh the Great. His intriguing humanoid shape was like a mix between an insect, a reptile and a human. He was scaring and marvelously majestic at the same time, whit living tattoos running and reshaping all over his massive body, changing and adapting to his moves and moods. The sharp crest in his majestic head rose upwards proudly; a strange fusion between a crown and a combat helm. His exoskeleton, besides being an intelligent living armor, was also a royal outfit. Sarakh gestured to the general at his right; the transparent alien whit thick ostrich kind of legs cried powerfully and pointed at the wall in front of him whit his index. A luminous dot surged in the center of the finger, in a vein, and split into two dots, from two different colors. The shining dots floated to the outside and spin following the finger's circumference. The dots grew a little and shot forward forming a spiraling, two colored, solid beam. The beam hit the wall surface and formed a ring that dragged the thick heavy alloy wall to an endless deep, like a whirlpool sucking water to its center, and disappeared in a tiny flash. Sarakh's throne advanced first to the inside of T'areba's last standing building as a king whit his war cohort behind him, floating above the loud Mutalink frenzy that covered the earth below and formed the mighty platform that held the building up. The conqueror's throne entered the powerless building silently and slowly. The interior was a mix between a high tech hive and city environment, the colors were mostly soft pink and light purple; the ovoid lights were off and the big elliptical corridors were deserted. There were so many smooth angles and curves... The pale colors and the general "pacific" ambient contrasted severally whit the sharp edges, fangs, claws, and the shiny dark colors conforming his throne.

Sarakh's generals followed him closely, each in his own throne, in perfect tuning, two at each side; representing the order and power levels of the cult. A faint tremor caressed the building from bottom to top as a swarm of Mutalinks flooded inside like hungry dogs, whit orders of searching and destroying any resistance or threat they find.

The living tattoo in Sarakh's forehead changed its shape, and his eyes became living flames. An invisible but terribly destructive wave consumed everything in front of him like a big disintegrating ray; doors, walls, equipment, vaporized like burning gunpowder. The destruction stooped when a heavy armored door vanished before his power. Sarakh advanced towards the now revealed gigantic lab whit his generals behind him, his faced flushed whit delight. The Mutalink swarm advanced inside the lab, searching for something, illuminating the darkened place whit newer luminous armor adaptation; they were definitely Sarakh's proud war dogs and one of his finest creations. The lab complex was huge, whit advance equipment and computers carefully organized and placed all around. The ceiling was as high as a skyscraper, sharing its vast space whit suspended analyzers and heavy equipment carefully stored in the amazing darkened heights. The Mutalinks screams soon blended whit an intense pledging and sobbing in an unknown language. Four of them emerged from the fading darkness deep inside the lab, carrying their victim to their master, whit the care of a nurse.

"Help!" The T'areban screamed and struggled desperately, only until the terrifying attackers held his members firmly enough to cut his movements, but whit a gentleness that seemed unknown to those destructive mandibles. His hands trembled uncontrollably. "Please stop..." He had finally realized there was no escape, perhaps only the moment before the kill. He visualized that with as much certainty as he understood that there was nothing he could do to stop it.

The Mutalinks strengthened him up and presented him like a living sculpture to their master; a public spectacle of the T'areban defeat and destruction.

The T'areban looked into the glowing purple eyes of the mighty terrifying alien sitting on the spooky throne; he had to be the leader, the boss... And he spoke, whit an intense and amazingly clean voice.

"I heard that you banished fear from your race's existence long time ago, because you conquered it. Was it a Lie? Or just another tale to boast your race's pried and moral?"

The T'areban tilted his head slightly, clearly surprised to hear that strange alien creature speaking in his mother thong. "Your language is known to me. As well as your identity, K'mar. I am Sarakh The Great. I am the one who destroyed your past, your present, and holds the future of your kind in my hands. Know now that your life has little importance to me, and the only reason you still keep it is because you have information I seek. Open your knowledge to me, so you and a few other T'arebans live."

K'mar knew this nightmare was real, he knew he had no chance of escaping or changing this cruel fate, so he chose defiance.

"If what you have said is true, alien, then the only way I can harm you is by refusing your request. And I want to refuse very much!"

Sarakh roared and laughed at the same time. With a mighty grin in his face he disappeared from his throne, dived between space and time, and reappeared directly in front of K'len. The T'areban scientist was much smalled than him, and was scared to the death.

Delighted whit this display of T'areban's bravery, the warlord approached his elegant and ferocious face to his victims eyes. Sarakh's tail was swinging placidly in the air behind him and stoke suddenly, without warning; like a vicious snake. The mutating prehensile member coiled around K'mar's neck with almost enough force to pop his eyes out, the Mutalinks released him. K'mar wanted to scream, but he couldn't, the grip of Sarakh's tail was almost pulverizing his neck.

Sarakh walked outside, carrying him in the air behind him, and stooped at the edge of the hole from where he and his minions entered the enormous building. K'mar was gasping and dying slowly in the alien warrior's powerful tail, almost losing consciousness.

Sarakh brought him forward and suspended him outside, showing him the unbearable face of his destroyed home world; a burned and rotten paradise. Billions of Mutalinks screamed and swarmed everywhere, apparently whit no direction or purpose whatsoever; while many others stood still and silent, awaiting new orders; watching their leader in the highs stand proud whit his prey in his tail. The Broohm walked among the city ruins, roaring loud from time to time. The sky was a dark gray chaos; chilly hurricane winds and intermittent bolts danced wildly in the massive dark clouds. The temperature was dropping dramatically fast as the few pillars of sunlight that struggled to dive between the whirlpools and the tick chaotic dark clouds were fading. Still, the scarce light left revealed vividly the magnitude of the destruction below. Minutes before, T'areba was 'The Green Paradise', now it was nothing but desolation, much like the moon's surface.

K'mar gasped desperately but Sarakh gave him no pause.

"I have consumed your world..." Sarakh moved him outside a little bit more, allowing him to fully witness the greatness of his macabre work of art. "Your dreams, your hope, your beloved ones... and everything you had or would have had in this planet is gone. Still, there is something I haven't take from you, the only thing you have left: your life. So, this game as changed now. It's not about conquest anymore, but pleasure. My pleasure...

Sarakh turned him around to face him.

"One way or the other, I will get what I want. I always do. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far I have to go, no matter how much I have to destroy... Now, T'areban, there are two paths for you: refuse to cooperate with me, and I will destroy you with all my rage and anger. Tell me what I want, and by pleasing me you will save your sad life and the lives of the 50 male and female T'arebans in this building I have spared so far. If destiny is generous with your kind, you will be able to survive, reproduce, and perhaps... rebuild some of your lost glory and richness. You have ten seconds to decide, K'mar."

A tense moment followed those horrible words. K'len weeped in silence; he had lost everything. He could abandon all, even his life; for anger, for revenge... But not hope. For the sake of his kind, not hope...

K'mar prayed and made his decision, remembering his queen's words: "If there is life, there is hope." His eyes pledged and Sarakh eased the pressure, just enough to allow him to talk.

"I will tell you everything you want, Sarakh the Great." Sarakh tossed him inside. The Mutalinks outside generated a force field around the building to make the environment a more comfortable for the weeping insectoid.

K'mar abandoned his pride and crawled forward. He knelled down before his conqueror, his tormentor, between endless tears.

"I know you will..." Sarakh voice was overloaded with sadism; now he could finally begin to claim his real prize. "I know you were the leader of a group of technicians who have discovered the impossible. Live within the deeps of the inner space. When did this happen?"

"Ten cycles ago. I was testing a probe with my team; it was the first stage of a series of experiments aimed to determine the possibility of employing the inner space for long distance voyages. Two cycles after the initial dive, the probe detected an unusual radiation that shouldn't be there according to our data."

"Solar radiation..."

"Yes. But very weak, still, we were most certain it was. So we send a second probe whit specialized instruments to study the radiation and its source."

"And then you found them... Correct?"

K'mar looked at the powerful alien in the eyes; his tormentor appeared to know everything already; to be always a step forward. But if they were some secrets he wasn't aware of, they were getting close to them now.

"Yes, we didn't know how to deal whit such an incredible discovery at first, but our curiosity was too great, so we made contact with a group of them. I think with the technicians responsible to survey their own reality. It appeared to be some kind of self sustained colony, but the scarce data they provided us about their culture and layout quickly told us they couldn't have been born in the entrails of the inner space. I believe they are a race of beings that started here, in normal space." He gestured his surroundings "And somehow ended there. But they are extremely reserved and only maintained disciplined restricted contact with us; more for cartography and specific data exchange than anything else."

Sarakh laughed, delighted.

"They haven't change at all! Even after everything they have been trough... Now, K'mar, I want the coordinates to the specific location where you found them. And... If you feel the temptation to remain silent for the sake of an unknown, very soon doomed race, you can convince your conscience by telling it that your life and the fate of your hope will only cost you the unknown fate of an unknown race."

K'mar hesitated at first, but the endless song of his world destroyed ecosystem thundering outside was the most convincing argument one could ever hear.

"They are here..." K'mar told him everything he knew, or though he knew, whit trembling words backed whit fear.

Sarakh didn't need to use any kind of torture or mid games on him to verify the accuracy of the information. It was very clear that K'mar was spitting the truth; he knew it partially because of the data he already received in exchange of the life of one of the spared T'arebans, K'mar's personal assistant. Everything matched perfectly.

Each general grinned in his/her own way and bowed under Sarakh's gaze. Their mission here was over and victory was once more on their side. Sarakh vanished and reappeared in his throne. He sat back relaxed and ordered.

"We are leaving. And may fate be generous whit this T'arebans, for they obeyed the stronger, and thus obeyed the universe."

Sarakh's throne drifted outside of the punished building whit his generals, and took them and himself to the deepness of the inner space, to the entrails of the Raman Cult's War Temple.