Fire and Ice

Zebedee sighed as he woke the next morning. He hadn't slept well since his little talk with Zeebad in the Roundabout. He hoped the icy skinned Magical Springer had thought about what he'd said as he vanished in his usual haze of colouful sparkles. Mr Rusty wondered what was going on as Zebedee was near the Roundabout. He gasped seeing his magical friend go into it.

"So he went to talk to Zeebad huh? That's never happened before.

I wonder why." he thought as he saw the others show up.

He decided not to tell them where Zebedee had gone because they would be worried. Florence wondered where Zebedee was as the others played on the Roundabout. He hoped that the others would understand.

Zeebad yawned as his black eyes opened. There was great sadness in them. He had been having flashbacks about when he'd been freed from the Roundabout and had been fighting Zebedee on that snowy cliff. He wondered why Zebedee cared about trying to be his friend but understood why. He then saw Zebedee appear in his usual haze of colourful magic..

"What do you want?" he growled at him.

"I wondered if you thought about wanting to be friends. I know you're still unsure about it but it could work out." Zebedee told him. Zeebad looked away from him sadly but Zebedee gasped seeing scars on Zeebad's arms. "H-How did they get there?" Zebedee asked him but he pulled his arm away from him.

"I-I was trying to get rid of the pain so I asked Sam to let me use his sword, okay?" Zeebad replied coldly.

Zebedee gasped worriedly realising what the icy Magical Springer had tried to do.

"Let me help you Zeebad with your arm. It looks nasty!" he said to him putting a gloved hand on Zeebad's arm as magic entered the scars, healing them. Zebedee smiled seeing that but Zeebad gave him an icy glare.

"I.... see you're in a bad mood.

Maybe you'll calm down and listen to me. I don't understand why you tried to hurt yourself. Besides it wouldn't work because the both of us are immortal which means we will never die but we can be injured. I know you're feeling down but at least let me help you." the red skinned Magical Springer told him.

"You don't know how it feels to be hated by the Village because you're angry and very powerful. I figured that doing it would make everybody happy." Zeebad told him. Zebedee's eyes held sadness in them hearing that.

"Zeebad.... that's not true. Not everybody in the Village would be happy if you did attempt what you were trying to do." he replied softly.

The ice cold Magical Springer was confused hearing that.

"You would understand if you were trapped in here day after day with nobody to talk to, nobody to understand you.

Just leave me alone!" Zeebad growled hitting Zebedee with a blast of his icy magic.

"I do understand Zeebad but I won't give up on you like everybody else in the Village has. Deep down inside must be a lonely, hurting soul ready to cry but can't.

I will help you Zeebad, I promise." the red skinned Magical Springer thought vanishing in colorful sparkles of magic...... The others wondered what was on Zebedee's mind as they played together but he wouldn't say.

He felt that what he was doing, trying to reach out to Zeebad should remain a secret.....