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Pairings: JasperRosalie, CarlisleJasperRosalie, EdwardBella.

Warnings: Blond threesome :P


Vampires, Bella decided as she leaned against the door she'd just slammed shut, need to put up signs around the house when they decide to do things that might make someone's eyes bleed.

She took deep, calming breaths, trying to get her face to stop burning.

On the other side of the door there was a crash, a muffled curse and a deep laugh so seducing it only made Bella's face burn more and a teeny tiny part of her wish she were in there too.

They'd probably let me join if I wanted to, she mused, and immediately groaned, wishing she hadn't thought that.

She'd been slightly stunned when she opened the door to find Rosalie in dark red panties and a matching bra pushed up against the wall, her legs wrapped tightly around Jasper's waist as her hands crept down his pants. Bella's hand froze on the door knob and watched in slight fascination as Jasper, who had discarded his shirt and was in the process of having his pants removed by deft hands covered in red nail polish (why does she always have to match everything?) slid a hand behind Rosalie and popped open her bra with skilled and practiced fingers.

Bella tried not to think of how many times he must have done that do be able to do it one-handed, without even glancing at it.

In order to not think about this, Bella busied herself with staring that the pale breasts which were currently being crushed between Jasper and Rosalie. I never noticed how big they are, Bella thought absently, trying her utmost to wrench her eyes away from the scene.

Absently, her mind registered a low mutter coming from the adjacent bathroom, but she ignored it in favor of trying to make sense of the scene in front of her. Jasper and… Rosalie? They never seemed to interact much, let alone like each other. It was one thing to hear it from Alice that they occasionally did it, and another all together to see them making out against a wall.

Perhaps Jasper sensed her confusion, because he ripped himself away from Rosalie (and Bella tried not to think of the sound that kiss made when it was broken) to look at her over his shoulder. His eyes were pitch black, almost ravenous, but where Bella expected to see a teasing smirk there was none. His expression was intense, compelling and Bella almost ran out of the room right then and there.

Unfortunately, her legs still refused to listen to her.

"The fuck are you doing, Jazz?" Rosalie growled, low and guttural, annoyed he'd stopped grinding against her. "You owe me, remember?"

Ah yes, there was the smirk Bella was expecting. "I don't think wanting to spend Alice's birthday with her means I owe you. Besides, we have a visitor, in case you didn't smell her."

Rosalie's eyes, which had been clenched shut, snapped open, and focused on Bella. They stared at each other for a while, Bella still ordering her legs to work, when a slow smile spread across Rosalie's face. Bella was sure she'd never looked so happy to see her.

"Bella darling," she purred, her hands buried firmly in Jasper's pants. "Care to join us?"

Bella struggled to connect words into a sentence. She cleared her throat.


"Shut up Rosalie," Jasper said coolly. "If you'd get your mind detached from your cunt for a few seconds, you'll remember that Edward told us to lay off her for now. She's not ready."

"She won't be ready until she tries," Rosalie pointed out, unhooking her legs from Jasper's waist. With a coy smile, she sank to her knees in front of Jasper and grabbed his hips, mouth dangerously close to his open fly. Jasper's hand clenched and unclenched once.

"So what do you say, Bellllla," she drawled, "are you going to come try?"

"I - I don't think I can start off with a threesome. You two just – go ahead and –"

Finally, her legs were moving. Shuffling really, and they felt like jelly, but still, they were moving.

"I'll just – go."

"Threesome," Rosalie asked, puzzled as Jasper's hands gripped her hair. "Don't you mean foursome?"

Up until now, Bella had been stunned, embarrassed, and maybe just a little bit interested, but in that moment the source of the murmuring in the bathroom became clear.

A tousled blond head came out, followed by a pale, perfectly sculpted body and long fingers curled around a cell phone.

"Sorry," Carlisle said, dropping the cell phone on the table and ruffling his hair. "The head of oncology wasn't available for a consult so the doctor called me – Ah."

Carlisle at least sounded sheepish when he spotted Bella by the door, jaw hanging to the ground. "Hello Bella. We thought you were over at Jacob's."

Carlisle stood behind Jasper, one hand gliding over Rosalie's grip on his hip and resting comfortably on Jasper's waist.

It was at that moment that Bella experienced sensory overload and her legs snapped into action. Wailing what sounded vaguely like an apology for entering without knocking, she slammed the door shut and leaned back against it. She tried her damnedest not to imagine what was going on behind that door and how Jasper was in the middle and Rosalie would be having double male attention or how sinful it seemed that Carlisle was talking about saving a patient's life minutes away from having sex with two of his adopted children.

And she most certainly did not think about how exactly a foursome would work and would they split up in two or just collapse in a pile of flesh – on what, there was no bed, but that table looked pretty sturdy – and I am not thinking of that.


She nearly jumped out of her skin when Edward's voice cut through her not happening fantasies.

"Are you okay?" he asked, peering at her dubiously. "You look mortified. I thought you were at Jacob's."

"He - he called and said he had to run some errands and that he'd stop by later," she whispered. "Carlisle –"

She pointed helplessly to the door.

Edward frowned, tilted his head to one side and listened to the thoughts on the other side of the door. His face broke out into a devious grin.

"Well, they're certainly having fun."

Bella covered her mouth. "Uh huh," she grunted.

"I wonder if they're going to chose the floor or the – ah, they chose the table. Rose's favorite. She's very limber."

Bella keened slightly and shook her head, trying to get him to shut up. Edward grinned at her and offered her a hand.

"Well, I'm going to go join them, unless you want to do something similar? With just the two of us?"

"Oh, God yes," Bella breathed, slamming into him and wrapping her arms around him tightly.



They collapsed on the couch, hand roaming over each others' bodies, and Bella almost panicked when she realized that anyone could catch them at it. She wasn't ready for them to see her naked.

"Don't worry," Edward murmured, hands unfastening her jeans and guessing why she he suddenly gone stiff. "Carlisle and Jasper have enough sense to stop Rosalie from coming through that door once they hear us. They won't ruin your – our – privacy."

Bella ignored the teasing hint behind the last word that was meant to point out that there was no such thing as privacy in their house.

"They'd better," she said, attacking an earlobe viciously.

"Still," Edward laughed, flipping them over so that he was on top. "You've got to admit that three blonds going at it is very hot."

"Why do you think I'm so excited?"


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