Bleach One Shots
5 ways to take out Aizen.
Take One: The Vaizard no one knew.

Around Aizen Sosuke lay the last hopes Soul Society, and the human world, had. Ichigo Kurosaki, Chad, Orihime, Uryuu, each of the remaining Gotei 13 captains and vice captains, all but one were defeated. Captain-commander Yamamoto stood steadfast before the traitor, cane in hand.

A handful of the espada were in similar, if slightly better, conditions then the shinigami and such on the ground, barely standing behind Aizen, the man with out fear.

Yamamoto, slowly pushed himself up straight, no longer leaning against his staff, staring at Aizen with no small amount of loathing. "You have lost, captain-commander. Do not strain yourself or I will have no option but to end you as well." Aizen said softly, a self-satisfied smile on his face.

"..." without a word, Yamamoto slowly rose a hand before his face, head down cast and eyes closed.

And a moment later a white mask began forming over the captain-commanders face.

Aizens composure fell as he openly took a step back. "What.. in the hell?" he demanded.

"Hell is precisely where I shall send you, Aizen Sosuke." without another word, the greatest threat to either world was ended in an instant, the burning flames of Ryujin Jakka engulfing the leader of Hueco Mundo and his espada before anyone else could make a move.

Precisely three seconds later the mask cracked. "Damn thing still won't last."