Bleach One Shots

5 ways to take out Aizen.

Take Five: A mind of its own.

Aizen stood in the center of Las Noches, with all of the Arrancar and original Espada gathered around him. He had just arrived from betraying Soul Society. "This, my friends," Aizen began and raised his right fist into the air. He unfolded his fingers to allow the Orb of Distortion, or Hōgyoku, to show, "this is the key to your next step on the path of evolution."

The gathered hollows stirred restlessly, a hunger gleaming in their eyes at those words and the sensual tone the shinigami before them spoke in.

"Watch as I awaken it, and in turn, you." Aizen stated in a soft voice that still managed to carry all the way to the back of the large room. He turned his attention to the Hōgyoku and began bleeding his reiatsu, his spirits energy into it. The tiny black orb took on a low gleam of energy as Aizen pumped up to half his reiatsu forward, then began slowing the flow down.

Or so he tried. The shine became brighter as the Hōgyoku greedily sucked Aizens reiatsu down, absorbing it at a far faster rate than the former captain could keep up. "N... No... " the only words Aizen was capable of getting out as his body began to age rapidly before their eyes.

The fear radiating in his own and from his form, no longer able to be suppressed, began amping up up the not-so-under control hollows.

And still the Hōgyoku drew in Aizens reiatsu, until his aged body had no more left to give. And when that happened, the bright gleam died down somewhat, leaving the ancient and withered looking betrayer standing before hundreds of hungry hollows, with not a drop of power in him to fight them off. "Sh.. atter!" Aizen rasped, struggling to lift his Zanpakutō.

And that was all it took to trigger the feast.

In the skirmish that followed Aizens failed release command, both Gin and Tosen were pinned down by a group of Espada and devoured before they could retaliate successfully. The fight was over in seconds, but the feast lasted far, far longer.

And no one noticed as the Hōgyoku found itself rolling along the floor, nimbly avoiding the many hundreds of feet coming down around it, not even as it rolled into a set of shadows and the tale-tell gleam vanished from sight.

Kisuke Urahara whistled a happy tune to himself behind his fan, walking through the white sands of Hueco Mundo. Clasped in his spare hand, which was wearing a special black reiatsu negating glove, was the replica Hōgyoku. Not even he would be eccentric enough to store the real thing within Rukias body!

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