Epilogue: Nineteen Years Later

Written for the Better Epilogue Challenge


"Albus, Stop pulling your sisters hair!" Ginny snapped for what felt like the twentieth time that day. Rubbing a hand over her eyes she glared over to the couch and her messy haired husband who was lounging around in his underwear. "Harry, help me out here!"

"Kids, listen to your mother." Harry said distractedly as he scribbled out another paragraph down onto parchment. "Yes dad!" Albus Severus said happily before blatantly disobeying and making another lunge at one of Lily's long red braids. Screaming in horror, Lily dashed outside banging into an end table on the way knocking over and smashing the lamp top of it. Albus followed quickly after.

Running to the door stopping shortly to look down at her now ruined antique lamp, she called out the opened door, "Stay out of the street!" Then turned to give a nasty look to the unknowing man on the sofa.

When she dreamed of being married to the famous Boy-Who-Lived as a little girl, she had imagined... Well she didn't know what she'd been thinking! But it wasn't this.

With a quick wave of her wand, Ginny repaired the broken pottery and placed it carefully back into place. Before turning nastily back to Harry.

"I could use some support you know!" She snapped at him. With a long suffering, martyring sigh, Harry turned his attention to his wife. "Ginny, you know how important writing my memoirs is to my public. If the kids are bothering you so much, just sit them down in front of the television or something."

Ginny felt her fingernails dig into the palm of her hands as she tried to channel her anger out. "Of course dear,"

There were high-pitched shrieks of, "Aunt Hermy!" for the front lawn and Ginny turned to see her sister-in-law be dragged up the porch steps by her screaming children. Hermione looked slightly worse for ware, her bushy brown hair pulled back messily, and her eyes red and puffy, obviously from crying.

"What happened?" Ginny asked, moving to embrace her friend, causing a new stream of tears to fall from Hermione's eyes.

"We're getting a divorce." Hermione said, leaning into Ginny's shoulder. "I though we could wor-work it out, bu-but h-he —!" Braking off sobbing, Hermione could barely stand as Ginny walked her towards the staircase.

"It's okay, Hun, its going to be okay. Why don't you head up stairs; I'll make us some tea and you can tell me all about it."

Hermione nodded and drug her self up to floor above them, while Ginny went to the kitchen to boil some water. As she carried the trey of tea back through the room towards the stairs, a voice interrupted her, causing her to stop in her tracks.

"It's too bad," Harry said. Ginny turned towards the desk; she had forgotten he was even in the room. "A shame the two of them couldn't work out their differences. Not everyone can have it as good as us, though." Pushing his chair back, Harry stood, and made his way past her towards the kitchen.

Left alone in the room, Ginny stared out the window watching her children running around the yard. Up stairs she could faintly hear Hermione's muffled sobs.

"Yes, such a shame." She muttered, and made her way up stairs to comfort her friend. And in the deepest depths of her unconscious mind, the first part of Tom Riddle's soul started to laugh as he slowly took control of Ginny's body. 'A shame indeed!'

The End