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Right where we left off…

So I took a deep breath, and prepared to give him and answer to what he had nonverbally said.

His vivacious emerald eyes were full of uncertainty and hope, and seeking forgiveness.

I could feel tears brimming in my eyes.

"What took you so long?" I said quietly.

He smiled widely, looping his arms around my waist and pulling my lips against his.

Of course I forgave him. I could tell how sorry he was, and well, I loved him. Forgive and forget.


Three months later…

I stood up from my seat in the lecture hall in Professor Westell's class, slinging my book bag over my shoulder.

Out the door, I was bathed in sunlight that probably should feel warm, but due to the 45 degree weather, it didn't.

I walked across Brown campus, pulling out my cell phone. I had a new message.

Miss u.

I smiled, and quickly typed a reply.

Miss u 2.

And I hit send.

Almost instantly, I got a reply back.

Love u. Call u l8r?

Due to the time difference between coast to coast, he was still in class. And apparently texting in class.

Definitely, gtg, bye. Luv u2.

I pocketed my phone, remembering two weekends ago, when Edward came to visit.

I went to Brown, just as I planned to do. But I couldn't leave Edward behind.

We'd been going at this long distance relationship for a while now. He came to visit of course, every two weeks.

And while I got a job at a campus coffee house here, he was looking into applications for Brown, and colleges near here.

For now though, I was on my own. But that was okay. Because in truth, I was never alone, not really.


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