Title: shinobi

Author: paws-bells

Beta-ed by: MelissaRose85

Characters/Pairing: Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Itachi

Type: Two-shot (Complete)

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 5208

Theme: LJ Community, 50-shinobi theme #35, shinobi

Rating: T (Contains content not suitable for children)

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto-san.

Summary: Non-massacre AU. Sequel to sexy no jutsu. Contrary to popular belief (and Shisui), Itachi did not seduce Sakura during the time she was nursing him back to health. No, it was actually the other way around, and a completely innocent seduction that had ensnared the Uchiha heir like nothing else could. At least, that was how it started.

Created on: 21/08/08

Completed on: 29/08/08

Chapter Last Revised on: 28/02/09

Chapter 2

Two days later, Sasuke came over to visit. He was not the only one.

Her visibly irritable teammate skulked into her apartment with a clearly unwanted tagalong, at least for Sasuke, that is.

"Yo! Itachi!" Another raven head popped out from behind the obviously grumpy younger Uchiha. Ridiculously cheerful, a head of messy black hair and lively dark eyes inherent to that of his family bloodline, Uchiha Shisui casually brushed past his miffed younger cousin to greet his other cousin and good friend. "I heard that not only were you carried back to Konoha upon Sakura-chan's lily-smooth back like a little princess, you are now also receiving some private treatment from her as well! Aren't you lucky, you sly dog?"

"…" Sasuke looked very annoyed. "I went over to the clan holdings earlier today, to update Kaa-san about your condition, nii-san." The youngest Uchiha present glowered even more at the mention of his tense visit with his clan, if possible. "Shisui decided to come along as well."

Itachi, who had been feeling strong enough today to have lunch in the living room, simply refused to be embarrassed by Shisui's completely inappropriate but true comments. He nodded in acknowledgement towards his brother and cousin instead.

Sakura smiled in a chagrinned manner. Her superior strength was oftentimes a running gag amongst the circles of her peers, but still, she would never be ashamed of her ability, which had helped transport and saved dozens of close friends and fellow Leaf-nin.

"Have the two of you had lunch already?" she asked instead, smoothly changing the touchy subject of the proud and powerful Uchiha clan heir having to be carted back to Konoha by a kunoichi, of all people. Itachi could have told her that she need not try to soothe his 'injured' male pride, since in the first place, he hadn't minded being rescued by her. It was either that or risk a lower chance of survival, and it had made perfect sense then that she should be the one to aid him, since she was the most skilled medic of her team and he happened to be the most badly injured casualty.

Pride wasn't a necessity, and Itachi had always been a man who survived on only the most basic of needs.

Still, her consideration for him was taken note of, and just like every time she was always trying to help her friends and teammates, she was also doing the same for him. It was a surprisingly pleasant sensation, to be taken care of by her.

"We have already eaten."

Sasuke answered, whereas Shisui proceeded to look comically touched, the idiot.

"My, Sakura-chan!!" the unlikely Uchiha cooed, much to the kunoichi's amusement. "You are being so very cute and domestic that I'm quite envious of Itachi now. Will you nurse me back to health the next time I get injured as well? We can even play house; you will be the sweet and naively innocent wife and I will be the dashing and enigmatic husband!! Ohohohoho!"

Sasuke twitched.

It was true that the 'Shunshin no Shisui' was a formidable shinobi on the battlefield, but it was also a rather well known fact within Konoha that the Uchiha was also an idiot and an incorrigible flirt outside of his missions and assignments, oftentimes finding many ridiculous ways and reasons to escape his duties and often seen with a certain tardy-prone ex-sensei. It really wasn't an uncommon sight to see the Uchiha and Kakashi sitting together in a dango shop (both escaping from their respective 'duties' of course) giggling pervertedly as they read the irritatingly familiar orange books penned by the Super Pervert of Konoha.

Sakura easily shook away Shisui's grasp.

"Shisui-san, I certainly don't mind if you wish to stay here. You do have to be prepared to take on the combined antics of my teammates, though."

The mention of the infamous Team Seven gave even the great Shisui of the Mirage pause. Individually, the four members were very powerful ninjas of their own right. As a team, they were simply an enemy's worst nightmare. It was really no wonder that Team Seven was often contracted to perform covert infiltration and surveillance, assassination, and even outright demolition, their ingenious and out-of-the-box strategies hard to anticipate and even harder to defend against.

"Ahaha, surely you know that I was only jesting," Shisui bantered back at last. Sasuke refrained from rolling his eyes.

Sakura was hardly offended. Shisui-san always was an incorrigible flirt, though he never meant any harm. She cleared the empty dishes from the kotatsu, having just finished her lunch with Itachi.

"I will go wash these up." She gestured to the gathered up utensils. "I will bring out some tea later, so you guys can chat freely if you want. No roughhousing with Itachi-san, though," she warned sternly, though her words seemed to be directed to Shisui more than Sasuke. The older Uchiha threw up his hands in surrender.

"I will be a good boy, I promise!"

"Stop flirting with my teammate, baka," an irritated Sasuke muttered at last.

"You aren't dating sweet, darling Sakura-chan, are you? You have no right to object on her behalf!"

"I'm her teammate; therefore I have every right, you immature old fart."

"Immature old fart?! Why, you stupid brat with the older brother complex-"

Shaking her head, Sakura's lips twitched with faint amusement and the pink-haired kunoichi directed a glance at the only Uchiha who didn't seem to be involved in the ruckus around them. "Stay out of the way when they start tussling around the floor, alright?" she cautioned him almost affectionately.

Itachi transferred his attention to her, his dark, onyx eyes briefly searching hers, and then he nodded once.

"Don't worry, Sakura," he assured her. "I'm used to taking care of myself."

She only gave him an odd look.

"That sounds awfully depressing, not to mention anti-social." Her smile widened slightly, though. "I think I know where Sasuke picked up his isolated temperament from now." She became a little serious. "You don't have to take care of yourself all the time. For example, I will be your support at the moment, so feel free to lean on me whenever you are tired, alright?"

She smiled at him again, an earnest smile that made him stare at her.

Though the effect was somewhat ruined by the noise that was getting steadily louder behind them, and the way Sakura's eyebrow ticked revealed her growing ire.

"Like now," she cooed sweetly to him, "when I have to keep the environment quiet and peaceful so that you can rest and recuperate with no disturbance, Itachi-san."

There was a flash of irate darkness across her responsive emerald eyes as she turned and promptly dealt with his overenthusiastic relatives, swiftly breaking up the quarrel and putting them both in their places with the ease of an expert veteran. The cowed, submissive reactions of the other two Uchiha made it very clear that the gentle, nurturing medic-nin could also turn into a terrifying entity on a rampage within the blink of an eye.

And just as quickly, she was able to transform back into the deceptively patient and understanding healer, after all the fuss was effectively dealt with, of course.

"Please do not agitate Itachi-san while I leave to wash the dishes," she remarked sedately. "Is that clear, gentlemen?"

Her soft, sweet lilt held a terrifying tone of warning within it, and it was difficult to comprehend how on earth Sakura could convey such accurate promises of extreme pain through her girlish voice. That only served to make her even more intimidating.

It was no surprise that Sasuke nodded warily (but quickly all the same), whereas Shisui just appeared plain astonished. Then, the men watched her collect the tray of dirty dishes and disappear into the kitchenette.

"Damn, Sakura-chan sure can be scary," the oldest Uchiha amongst the three muttered, still somewhat surprised by the delicate beauty's well-hidden but vicious, hair-trigger temper.

Sasuke snorted.

"Don't tell me that you really believed Kakashi's stupid explanation about how Sakura actually charmed her enemies to death?"

"Eh…" Shisui scratched his chin ruefully, and then tried to change the subject by looking at his good friend. "…So, how are you these days, Itachi?"

"I was right." Sakura gave Itachi a small, triumphant grin as the raven-haired male finished the last portions of his dinner.

Nearly a week had passed since the injured ANBU Captain had been temporarily living with the pink-haired kunoichi, and in between finding ways to improve his health and doing her best to get along with the sometimes distant and 'difficult to understand' male, the days had flown by quickly. It really had been a good thing that Sakura was relatively fluent in the difficult language of 'Sasuke-ese' since his brother seemed to be on a whole new level by himself.

It wasn't that Itachi was a cold-blooded and hateful individual; it was just that the man was naturally reclusive and ridiculously wary and quiet, preferring to watch a situation from the outside most of the time than actively participate, and that only made him seem even more emotionally distant to those who only saw him on an infrequent basis. That seemingly 'icy' temperament only served to churn up the fevered fantasies of his rabid horde of fangirls, thus fuelling all the rumors that made him out to be a lot more emotionally detached than he really was, and Sakura was beginning to understand a little of just how he ticked, even if she was only barely scratching at the surface of this ridiculously complex man.

Still, as much as he intrigued her, she was rather aware that he was going to leave very soon, the very moment he was healed, actually, and she had tried to tell herself from the very beginning not to get too attached to this particular man, even though he had been the only one other than her parents to see her naked as the day she was born and had kissed her in a way that she had never been kissed before.

Uchiha Itachi was a very brilliant actor, to be able to touch her and weave such seemingly genuine intimacy between the two of them months ago during that disgraceful 'oiroke no jutsu' incident that had nearly landed her (literally and figuratively) in hot water with the Uchiha clan elders. She had been slightly worried that what had happened in the hot springs inn that time would have made staying together a little bit awkward, but the raven-haired ANBU had been the perfect gentleman and model patient, never causing her any trouble and never mentioning anything that may even vaguely allude to that time when they had been tightly wrapped together in the onsen, him touching her in such intimate places that she still sometimes blushed heavily whenever she accidentally thought of it.

Sakura, too, was professional enough to put it aside when the Uchiha was around, of course, but she still could not help but think that he was such a consummate actor if need be. Not that she felt that he would be interested in her just because of their brief encounter nearly three months ago, but the fact that he was acting as if nothing had happened between them made her feel a contradicting sense of relief—and mild depression.

Did she fail so badly as a woman that he could look and touch her naked body once, and not even react with any sort of emotion or stray memory of that day whenever he saw her?

"What were you 'right' about?" the man in question asked then, giving her his entire attention.

Sakura quickly pushed aside her utterly inappropriate thoughts. Now was certainly not the time to examine the pathetic level of her attractiveness to men, or lack thereof. She quickly focused back upon Itachi.

"Well, you really do look a lot better now that you are eating properly again." Chin propped on interlaced fingers, the pretty pink-haired female examined the tall Uchiha currently sitting across the table intently. Now that she was taking the time to notice, he definitely appeared more robust and less exhausted-looking, and the color was returning to his face. Not only that; the poison was completely extracted from his body, his wounds were mostly healed, and she had no doubt that in just a few more days, he was going to leave her apartment and would no longer have to depend on her anymore.

For some reason, the notion that they would return to mere acquaintances again upset her slightly. She had enjoyed his company for the past few days, even if he didn't like to talk unless absolutely necessary, even if he kept defeating her in chess and debating with him was almost always a futile effort. He really was the pride of the Uchiha clan; she may be smart, but he was certainly smarter.

At least, when it came to matters not pertaining to his health. Genius or no, the man appeared to be an absolute ignoramus when it came to taking proper care of himself.

Sakura's emerald eyes narrowed slightly.

"You are going to have to continue eating correct portions of food even after you leave here," she announced bossily, suddenly a little irritated that she wouldn't be able to be by his side constantly during mealtimes to make sure that he actually ate. "Not just whatever teeny bitty nonsense that happens to be convenient just so that you can go beat yourself up some more and call it training, do you understand?"

He only heard a single thing throughout her entire spiel.

"You will release me, soon?"

It just figured that he probably could not wait to leave this place and return to his normal life. It was probably boring as hell for him to stay here for the past few days, and it was probably because of his stern upbringing and background that he had refrained from showing any signs of cabin fever or any other impolite behavior.

This time, Sakura forcibly quelled the twinge of growing upset and nodded quickly instead.

"The only injuries you have now are mostly light and superficial. You are a qualified field medic as well, so you should be able to take care of those wounds yourself with no trouble at all until you heal completely." She looked at him briefly, and then glanced away. "Actually, you can leave now, if you wish."

Her voice was kept deliberately neutral, and she avoided eye contact with him completely as she started to clear the table of empty dishes.

"…Does this mean that the 'favor' you felt you owed me is completely repaid, as well?"

It was a strange question to ask out of the blue, especially when she had fully expected for him to start preparing to vacate her home. Thoroughly confused, she lifted her head to look at him.

"…Yes," she nodded, pausing from her chore to give him her full attention. "I don't owe you anymore; for all that you did to help me that time." She looked at him. "I know you weren't attracted to me in that way, but you still forced yourself to touch me in a manner that would convince your clan elders to believe the lie."

He didn't know how on earth she had somehow managed to convince herself that he must have found it an utter chore to indulge in those kinds of 'delectable activities' with her, but the fact that she was oblivious enough to think thusly made him stare at her with inward incredulity.

Wasn't she aware of how attractive she was?

"I didn't 'force' myself to touch you that day." He decided to clear the air before she could muddle it up even more, this kunoichi who didn't quite seem to understand her own appeal. "I did it quite voluntarily."

Sakura could only look at him with mild incomprehension, and he decided to put it in a more obvious manner.

"I believe there were quite a number of shinobi who would have happily traded positions with me that day," he spoke softly, watching her as the light of understanding slowly dawned in her eyes.

And then she started to blush, and it was a rather adorable expression on her normally confident, saucily mischievous countenance.

"But you-" she quickly tried to quell her fluster by protesting.

"There were a few other ways to help you get out of that particular situation unscathed, and none requiring the sort of intimacy that I had imposed upon you," he admitted bluntly, interrupting her in the process. Poor Sakura was almost gaping at the Uchiha by now.

"I took advantage of you that day, Sakura."

The kunoichi looked like she really didn't know how to respond.

He had taken advantage of her.

He had taken advantage of her?

And she had still foolishly thought that she owed him a favor. Was he making an idiot out of her the entire time?

Granted, she had been ever the willing fool, but she had never thought of him as purposely malicious or hurtful!

He wasn't.

At the moment, those mesmerizing emerald eyes of hers were so transparent that he could read each and every one of the thoughts that flitted across her mind.

The sweet-tempered, passionate healer, whom he was most interested in, at the moment looked almost wounded by the callousness that she had perceived in his deception, but that wasn't the truth.

She hadn't heard the full story yet, and he wasn't about to let her go jumping to any false conclusions before he could clarify the entire matter with her.

Uchiha Itachi had no intention of wasting more time coaxing her to believe the truth when his patience had already been sorely tested the past week. She had been so near the entire while, genuine and concerned and so damned earnest that it was difficult not to react to her and be apathetic instead. After all, she had been only trying to 'return a favor,' as well as only 'caring for a patient' and putting in so much effort looking after him only because he happened to be 'Sasuke's elder brother.'

As much as he had wanted to touch her again like that time in the hot springs, he was prevented from trying to seduce her because of her.

In a way, this was really all her fault.

But not anymore.

Now that she had as much as admitted that she was no longer trying to do him any favors, she was now open to him again, and no longer influenced to just accept his suit blindly by any obligation she felt she owed him.

Of course, that really wasn't the problem anymore, judging by the way her eyes were firing up with growing anger.

…He was really beginning to enjoy watching the way those responsive eyes of hers never failed to shine with her every emotion.

Sakura, on the other hand, was really getting furious. How could she have thought that Sasuke's brother was the perfect gentleman when he was actually such a jerk?! Had she been blinded by him or something? Powerful ANBU or no, she was ready to rip him a new one, and then boot him out of her house immediately and ignore him for the rest of her life, but clearly he had other ideas.

Before she could even start voicing her displeasure, he had reached across the narrow kotatsu between them, caught her by her wrist, and easily pulled her upper torso to his. Surprised by his abrupt act, she was slow to react, her senses dulled by her unhappiness. By the time she thought to pull away he was already meeting her halfway, his mouth pressing against her parted lips as he gave her a hard, urgent kiss. His free hand came up to cup the back of her head, holding her in place, his long fingers twisted amongst her luxurious pink hair.

She was stunned by his daring boldness, but even that changed quickly to growing anger when she realized what he was doing.

He was trying to distract her, and damn it all, it was working.

He was preventing her from moving away, coaxing her to accept his deep, demanding kisses, his tongue sliding into her mouth and taking absolute possession of her even as his lips caressed hers with exquisite gentleness. Still, it would have been thoroughly simple for her to use her chakra-powered fist to get out of her current situation.

She didn't.

The fact that he wasn't completely healed from his injuries made her hesitate, and the medic in her was simply unwilling to inflict any damage upon him.

The woman in her was also unwilling to hurt him as well.

And he knew it too.

"Sakura…" he whispered her name huskily against her lips, his heavily lashed eyes dark and searching. "We never did finish what we started that day, did we?"

She shuddered, and tried immediately to pull away from him and his soft, alluring voice. How was it possible that he could affect her this way? He was making her knees go weak with just a single, heavy-eyed glance!

He refused to let her go, and instead, tugged her slowly away from the table that obstructed him from her, moving closer against her when he managed to coax her around to where he wanted her to be.

Tilting his dark head, he trailed his lips down the curve of her neck, running the sharp blade of his nose lightly against her fluttering pulse point, licking and nipping her soft skin carefully. She trembled even more, and he could feel her tense up as she tried to resist him.

"I…don't want this," she spoke shakily, not looking at him, not looking at the way he was kissing her. "…Stop, you are just playing around with my emotions."

To her surprise, he actually stopped.

He lifted his head to regard her, his eyes calm and sure.

"You told me to trust you," he commented calmly. "You told me to depend upon you, that you would be my support whenever I needed it."

Well, that wasn't exactly what she had told him, but what he had said was mostly correct and Sakura knew that she couldn't take back her words. That didn't mean she didn't try.

"That was before I knew you tricked me," she defended unhappily, not pleased at all to be maneuvered into a corner by him. "Sasuke always worshipped you; you were the perfect brother to him-"

He was unfazed by her accusation.

"I never claimed to be perfect, or a decent person," he interrupted her. "Understand that I'm an Uchiha, I will do anything to get what I want."

His eyes narrowed upon hers.

"And I want you."

It was a simple sentence, but it felt as if he was branding the words into her very soul.

She flinched reflexively, instinctively affronted by the quiet possessiveness in his silky voice.

"Let me go, and get out of my house," she hissed furiously, hackles rising with indignation all over again.

He did not budge.

"No." Not surprisingly, he denied her demand. "It's a little too late to try to drive me out of your life now."

"You are not who I thought you were."

Something flashed across his eyes at her stark statement, but still, he refused to release her.

"I am exactly as I am," he told her in a hard tone. "I am not perfect, Sakura."

Without even thinking, she answered reflexively, not even sure what he was trying to say at first.

"Of course you are not perfect," she snapped, irritably. Did he really think that he was a god? "You are only human."

Then, the truth behind her words hit her with the force of her sledgehammer.

He was only human, just like her.

The abrupt realization also awoke her to the fact that, just like everyone else, she had unconsciously expected him to be the man she had blindly assumed him to be. The perfect clan heir, the perfect warrior, the perfect man.

He wasn't.

It was true that he was a highly intelligent individual and brilliant strategist and shinobi in the field, it was true that he would be an excellent leader of his clan one day, and it was certainly true that he cared so much for his little brother that he would have willing sacrificed himself time and again to protect Sasuke in every way he could.

However, behind that façade that was powerful warrior, formidable leader and protective brother, was a man, not a god.

He was not perfect.

And he was opening up for her, showing her a rare glimpse of his true self, hidden flaws and all.

The look of surprised comprehension on her face must have been obvious, for the way his gaze gentled on hers made her feel strangely uncomfortable—and unworthy.

She looked away with great effort.

"You are not perfect," she mumbled gruffly, wondering why on earth she was feeling as if she was giving him a compliment instead of an insult. She sought to revise her mistake immediately. "You are only human, and you are also a pervert, to boot."

She quickly became irritated again. She should have known that Shisui-san's bad habits would have rubbed off on his best friend, never mind that Itachi was normally a hard-to-read and stoic individual. It just goes to say that one should never judge a book by its cover.

"Let go of me," she remarked once more, now calmer and not as furious as before. Oh, she was definitely still quite ticked, but the hurt was fading away, fast, though if he thought that he would be able to bully her any way he pleased, boy was he in for a big surprise.

In concession to her demand, he loosened his hold on her, but still failed to release her. She gave the handsome Uchiha a pointed look, but since she wasn't in the mood to get into another tug-of-war with him, she decided to stay put instead.

"I will not allow you to take advantage of me again," she informed him flat out.

He merely raised a brow.

"I won't call this 'taking advantage,'" he drawled softly.

"Of course you won't." Her sarcasm was obvious, but he ignored her mutter easily and continued to speak.

"I'm making my intentions clear this time."

"I want you," he repeated calmly.

She stared at him.

"If you are expecting for me to fall all over your feet in a dead swoon, you are sadly mistaken."

He looked mildly interested by her remark.

"If you do faint, it will be easy to find ways to persuade you to wakefulness."

The faint, silkily suggestive tone of his was impossible to miss. Her face warmed slightly.

"I'm not going to indulge in relations with you."

"Not yet," he merely amended blandly. Now that he had her complete attention, he could afford to bide his time.

Surprisingly enough, Sakura did not argue his point. The kunoichi was honest with her feelings and realistic enough to be aware that she would only be prolonging the inevitable by denying what was sure to happen eventually.

Of course, she wasn't planning to make it easy for him.

He would thoroughly relish her challenge.

Still, despite Itachi's obvious interest, Sakura still felt the need to warn him off, one last time.

"If this is just a frivolous pursuit to you, or even a game, I would suggest you quit here." She frowned inwardly at the rather possible notion that he was only toying with her, but quickly willed away her uncomfortable thoughts. "You are going to make a lot of people angry if that is the case."

He was fully aware of what she meant. He had done his research on her, and had learned in the process that she had no lack of friends, and was a rather popular individual among her patients and fellow nin as well. Not to mention her close connection with their Hokage and her own fearsome teammates, it was no wonder that there were not a lot of men who were daring enough to take on this beautiful, intelligent and caring, albeit very well-guarded, kunoichi.

All the better for him.

The Uchiha looked at the pink-haired female calmly, contemplatively.

"I only play for keeps, Sakura."

His sure, quiet reply told her without doubt that he meant exactly what he said, and although her heart was pounding ridiculously hard over his gentle, yet intent, proclamation, Sakura was not quite ready to be completely charmed by the handsome, raven-haired Uchiha who happened to be her teammate's beloved older brother. Sakura didn't even want to think about Sasuke's reaction when he realized what was going on between herself and his aniki, and she really didn't even want to imagine her teammates' collective explosion when they knew. As such, Sakura quickly pushed that thought aside.

"Is that all?" Itachi asked; his hands curled loosely around her waist, those long fingers of his stroking the bare skin that peeked out from between her shirt and pants with casual, yet startling intimacy. A little disconcerted by how pliant and relaxed she was by his touch, Sakura quickly laid her own hands over his to stop him from his distracting ministrations.

He took advantage of her action immediately, turning his palms towards hers and easily interlocking his fingers with hers, holding her in place as he trapped her smaller hands in his. She frowned slightly at him.

"I want you to promise to take better care of yourself," she blurted out. She might as well milk this encounter for as much as it was worth, since the normally detached man was feeling so uncharacteristically indulgent.

His onyx eyes darkened slightly at her demand, drawing her attention to those brilliant slivers of cobalt blue that were embedded deeply in his irises. It took her breath away, this sudden hungry, almost sexual look in his intense gaze.

"What is it now?" It was all she could do not to stammer.

"Do you have any idea, Sakura, how much you affect me whenever you say things like that?" he began softly, his voice slightly lower, huskier than before, his eyes never leaving hers. "I want badly to ravish you, to have you writhing under me, your eyes glazed, seeing no one but me, your lips red, your mouth crying nothing but my name."

She started to turn bright red at his casual, but oh-so-explicit description.

"I was only asking you to take care of yourself!" she protested in surprise. It wasn't as if she was being suggestive or anything!

But he was.

Giving her a half-lidded, heavy stare, he bent his head down slowly and lazily, slowly, brushed his lips against the hypersensitive shell of her ear. She shook slightly at the sensation, but remained perfectly still within the cage of his arms.

Emerald eyes darkened, dilated. Dear god…

"But Sakura," His whisper was like crushed velvet, chocolaty and smooth.

"I would much prefer for you to take care of me instead."


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