/ The following story is rated "M". It contains graphic violence, adult language, adult content, and strong sexual content. I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender, but the world I'm placing them in is my own. Reader's discretion is advised. /


By Bleeding Wings

"Hey, handsome. My name is Katara. I can give you the best night of your life if you take me to your place. One hundred fifty bucks for the first night. Trust me: it's a much better deal than what all the other girls in this city are offering."

"Beat it, kid. I prefer to have older women, and you barely look old enough to graduate from high school. Better luck next time, kid."

"Please, mister! I really need the money! Just one night, I promise-" Katara's pleas were unheard as the next man left her alone in the breezy spring night of Metatron City. It was Katara's first night as a prostitute, and luck was nowhere close to be found. Katara clutched onto her light jacket and looked all around, hoping for her very first customer to come up to her and use her body any way he pleases. This wasn't what she wanted at all. The young, blue-eyed girl left her town and family behind to travel to the legendary Metatron City and achieve her dreams. But all that came to a shattering end when a couple of thugs ganged up on her and stole all her belongings: backpack of personal stuff, her clothes, her money, everything. Now she had only one thing left to use in order to survive: her body.

"Oh man. I should have listened to mom, dad, and Sokka. And I thought I was going to become one of the best entertainers in the world since Beyonce. What the hell was I thinking?

"Hey, sexy girl. What are you doing alone at this time of night?" Katara nervously turned her attention to who was calling her attention. An ugly, fat man with a big nose took up her personal space and slowly caressed her face. His four friends, looking just as horrible as him, chuckled to themselves and surrounded her. Katara tried her best to wear a smile and be a good giver.

"Hey. My… my name is Katara. Are you boys looking for a wild night?"

"Damn right we are, hot stuff. You're not from around here, are you? You look more like you're from the country. I like that…" the fat, disgusting man slowly licked his lips and began to wrap his arms around her waist. Katara cringed and tried hard not to smell his putrid stench.

"Whoa, take it easy. If you want me to serve you, it'll be $150 each. No credit. Just take it easy, will ya? You're my first customers and-"

"We're not here to waste our money away. We want YOU." One of the men from behind clamped his hand on Katara's mouth. Katara tried to scream and slither out of their grasp, but it proved to be pointless. All five of the men grabbed her by the arms and legs and started carrying her off the sidewalk.

"COME ON, BOYS! LET'S FUCK HER GOOD!" The men cheered for the fat man's orders and quickly carried her to the closest dark alley. Katara tried to scream through the man's mouth and looked pleadingly to any people out there who saw what the ravenous animals were about to do to her. However, all the bystanders did was turn away from her and moved on with their non-essential lives. Tears began to stream down her face as she continued to fight them off as much as she could, trying to at least free one of her arms. All of them proved too strong for her.

The men tossed her onto an old mattress and began to rip her clothes off. Katara screamed with all her might, but nobody bothered to come to her aid. As soon as her jacket was violently removed, the five men tore away her red silk shirt and her mini-skirt. Feeling their mouths water, the sick animals snapped off her bras and panties. Two men pinned her arms while another pair pinned her legs. The fat man straddled himself on top of her, ready to make his move. Katara cried uncontrollably, wanting this nightmare to end. The man holding her leg smelled her torn panties hungrily.

The leader slowly pulled down his pants and exposed his dirty boxers to her. Katara stared at him with tremendous fear rushing right through her. The men's grips on her wrists and ankles grew stronger.

"Listen up, little girl. You're going to enjoy having my little friend in that tight hole of yours, understand? And you're going to loooovve it. All my friends here are eager to enjoy your glory-hole and you'd better be a good bitch. Understand?"

Katara said nothing and stared at him, slowly letting her fear go and glaring at him with defiance. Katara gritted her teeth and started to growl.

"… Fuck you, asshole."

"No, little girl. We're gonna fuck you. Fuck you GOOOOOD…."

Katara closed here eyes and bit her lip, praying the rape will be over with. A tear streamed down her lovely face.

Please... someone... help me...

Suddenly, the heavy weight of the leader on top quickly came off her, along with an ear-piercing scream and a few thuds from the brick walls and what sounded like a fist smashing into someone's skull. A nanosecond later, all men's hands on her wrists and ankles quickly released her, followed by more sounds of thuds and crunching bones. Katara opened her eyes and huddled against the wall, doing all she could to cover up her nudity.

The blue-eyed beauty looked around to see what the hell happened. Right in front of her was the back of a newcomer, a man wearing a black trench coat, black boots, black jeans, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Trying to calm her breathing down, she noticed that the newcomer was the wall between herself and the five men that tried to rape her. She also noticed that the four men were badly beaten and slowly helped up their battered-up leader, who had a fat lip and a badly swollen eye.

"Hey! Who the fuck invited you here? That girl was ours! Get your own!" One man shouted.

"We're gonna mess up bad, you fuckin' asshole!" Unmoved by the rapists' threats, the man slowly removed his trench coat and tossed it onto Katara. While she quickly covered herself up with his coat, she noticed that the man that saved her was by far the most ripped sonofabitch she had ever seen. His muscles rippled out of his tank top t-shirt. Her eyes widen when the newcomer turned his eyes to her.

"Hey, lady. You okay?" The brown-haired man asked quietly.

"Uh… yes?" He wears sunglasses at night?

"Good. Don't worry. It'll be all over soon."

"Hey, quit talking to our bitch and give her back! SHE'S OURS!" One man roared and lunged towards Katara's savior, winding his fist for a good haymaker. In a blink of an eye, the man with shades delivered a deadly kick to the head so hard it nearly ripped his head right off his shoulder. The man's body hit the brick wall hard and slumped into a lifeless corpse.

The next two men ran towards him, hoping their simultaneous attack would give them the advantage. The second man threw a fist at the shaded man's head, but he weaved from the attack easily and intercepted the fist with his own. The sledgehammer fist made contact, knocking out over half a dozen teeth and shattering his jaw into three pieces. The shaded man in black grabbed his beaten victim by the shirt and threw his body into the third attacker like a ragged doll. The third man tried to get the second man's body off of him, but he met his doom when the shaded man in black lifted his boot high in the air and ended his life with one good stomp into the man's skull. As for the second man, the unknown fighter lifted his head by the hair and smashed it right into the concrete, ending his life and causing an enormous crack in the ground.

Feeling his heart beating like crazy, the fourth man drew out his pocket knife. Feeling a little more confident than his dead friends, the fourth guy waved his knife right at the shaded man's face, making a threatening gesture to cut him up. The knife-man began to laugh.

"Heh. You ain't so tough, boy. I'm gonna cut you up good, motherfucker. I'm gonna make you bleed and squeal like a pig, bitch! I-" Faster than the eye could see, Katara's protector grabbed the man's hand and drove the knife into the knife-wielder's very own throat. The thug staggered back and clutched his throat, feeling blood spilling out of it and trying in vain to breathe while choking from his blood. The warrior delivered a powerful side-kick into the dying man's chest and sent him crashing right through a brick wall. Katara covered her mouth in awe from her protector's power.

All that was left was their leader, the fat disgusting pig who didn't deserve to be considered human. The self-proclaimed alpha-male staggered away and looked horrifyingly upon the onslaught the unknown man in black brought upon them. Seeing how his friends mangled beyond belief gave him the notion that the man might not be human. Quaking with fear, the fat man drew out a pair of revolvers and aimed it right at the shaded man's chest from 15 feet away.

"All we wanted was a little fun, and you ruined everything! I'm the man around here, you hear me? I'M THE ALPHA MALE! THE WOMAN WILL BE MINE!" The fat pig opened fire, hoping he'd make the perfect shot.

"LOOK OUT!" Katara screamed. Katara curled into a ball, hoping she'd be out of the line of fire. Her attacker fired again and again, laughing maniacally to himself as he imagined the man to be nothing more than a lifeless corpse with a dozen holes in his body. He continued until his revolvers could fire no more and end up hitting empty chambers. As the smoke cleared, his eyes widen in shock.

The dark warrior was unharmed, not a scratch. Wearing a face of stone, the warrior slowly reached into his pants and drew something too dark for the fat man to see.

"… What in God's name are you?" The fat man would never get that answer because a huge dagger landed point-blank right between the fat man's eyes. The second and third daggers hit him in the throat and in the heart.

Katara started to feel a little woozy. Too much happened in one night. Five men grabbed her and tried to rape her. An unknown man saved and ended up tearing her attackers to pieces. Man in black too fast for the eye to see, too physically perfect, too damn unstoppable.

The shaded man approached Katara and slowly kneeled down to her. Fixing his hair, the man slowly removed his sunglasses and looked to her with concern.

"Don't worry, lady. I told you it'd be all over. Is there any place you're crashing? If not, there's a place I crash at where you'll definitely be safe. Then after tomorrow, you can head back to your place. Uh, lady? Lady, you okay?" Katara only barely heard half of what the man was saying. Instead of focusing on his words, all she had her focus on were his eyes: his beautiful, gray eyes.

"I… I didn't get your name," Katara said softly.

"My name is Aang. Welcome to Metatron City, country girl."

"… Aang…" exhausted from everything that happened, Katara fainted. Shaking his head, Aang buttoned up his coat over Katara, carried her in his arms and leaped to the rooftops. From rooftop to rooftop, Aang and Katara were getting closer and closer to his place. Aang felt relieved that the slumbering country girl didn't have a scratch on her.

"… Oh boy. Teo isn't going to like this. Not one bit…"