"Tell me what happened to Aang! WHERE DID THEY TAKE HIM?"

"How the hell should I know, Sugar Queen? Maybe he ditched you because he found someone else to bang. I can't blame him though: why would he waste his time with a COW like you?" That question was quickly followed by a huge fist to Toph's skull. Toph could barely open her eyes when she ate yet another fist from Katara, but that didn't stop her from wearing a mean grin on her face. Katara tried to wipe that grin off with an iron-grip that slowly squeezed Toph's windpipe. Despite being chained to a wall and hanging half a foot above the ground, Toph didn't utter a single answer Katara and the others wanted.

"I'm not gonna ask you again, you blind bitch. Where. Is. Aang?"

"… go fuck yourself." Growling, Katara reached into her pocket and whipped out a switchblade. Just when she was about to plunge the blade right into Toph's gut, Suki grabbed Katara from behind and pulled her away from their prisoner.

"Katara, that's enough. Toph is doing nothing but torturing YOU! She's getting right under your skin, and you haven't gotten a single answer out of her."

"That BITCH is responsible for Aang's disappearance! Who's after Aang, and why do they want him dead?" Katara asked her. Katara shifted her attention back at Toph.

"Why is his death so valuable to you and your employer?"

"Oh, it's not just Aang she's after, Sugar Queen. My employer is also after you as well, and she really, REALLY wants to get to know you…" Katara stopped struggling with Suki, letting her know that she won't give Toph any more of a beating than she already did. Katara eyed her suspiciously. Suki finally let her go.

"What the hell are you talking about? Why would anyone be after ME? I'm just a girl from the suburbs who's trying to make it big in life." Toph couldn't help but burst in pure laughter.

"Oh, Sugar Queen. You have no idea what you REALLY are, do you? You're not the only one with hidden powers, Little Miss Clueless." Suki tried to squeeze herself into the conversation.

"Katara, you don't have to listen to this. Why not come out of her prison cell with me and let Teo and Father Gyatso interrogate her. They can-"

"No, it's okay, Suki. I'm tired to being in the dark. I want answers." Katara darted her eyes right on Toph. She may be blind, but she can sense Katara's attention right back to her.

"You're gonna tell me everything you know, Toph. Everything." Toph wore a crooked grin.

"Okay, Katara, but you're not gonna really like what I'm about to tell you."


"Katara is a Sirachian? I thought Sirachians are nothing more than figments of the imagination, just like elves and fairies." Angel Heart got out of the shower and started drying himself up with a white towel. Mai smiled and helped him dry up some more.

"Oh, but they are very real, Angel Heart. More than 5,000 years ago, Atlantis was one of the most prosperous continents in the entire world. They advanced in everything: technology, education, sorcery, weapons, EVERYTHING. One day, a scientist from Atlantis traveled to Europe and uncovered a very ancient race of sorcerers that laid dormant for a very, very long: the Sirachians. Fascinated by how much power they possess from within, the Atlantians took them prisoner and confined them into Atlantis' power-chambers, the very chambers that gave Atlantis all the power they ever needed to survive in such a beautiful yet brutal world. Atlantis had a taste of arcane power, and seeing how much more powerful Atlantis became, the Atlantians craved for more.

"Tired of being slaves to Atlantis, the Sirachians freed themselves from the power-chambers and fought back. Despite all the drugs they were given to sedate them, the Sirachians unleashed their wrath upon all who used their powers for their own greedy needs, making the Atlantians pay with their lives by the thousands by unleashing their arcane powers upon them…."


"… That was when Atlantis finally met its fate. When the Sirachians separated themselves from their power chambers, they unknowingly cut the source of all of Atlantis' powers that kept the very continent afloat for thousands of years. The Atlantians were fools for not finding other sources of energy and solely relying on the Sirachians to power up their very continent. In a matter of moments, Atlantis sunk to the ocean, killing all of its citizens and Sirachians as well."

"That doesn't explain how I could be a Sirachian if it was confirmed that they're all dead." Katara stated.

"Well… Lady Azua found out that not all of them are dead. A small handful of Sirachians survived the catastrophe, getting out of the sinking continent and making it up to the surface of what we know today as the Atlantic Ocean. Over the millenniums, Sirachians began to interbreed with other humans, allowing their arcane powers to wane away generation after generation. Lady Azula thought at first that finding a Sirachian would be a foolish path, but one day, she discovered that there is a Sirachian that possesses more power than any other Sirachian from thousands of years ago, and that Sirachian is YOU, Katara."

Katara felt her heart began to race and tried to keep her hands from trembling.

"… that's a lie. There's no way I could be one of those… THINGS you're talking about."

"Oh, but it's true, Katara. Even I can sense great power within you. The reason Lady Azula wants you…"


"… is because Lady Azula wants to unleash the most powerful, most black-hearted fallen Angel upon the world. When Jesus Christ crushed the head of Satan the day before his resurrection, many fallen angels fought one another to see who would be the new ruler of Hell. After hundreds of years of war, one fallen emerged victorious, and his name was Ozai, father of Lady Azula!"

Angel Heart couldn't bury the memories anymore. The warrior remembered his last battle with the fallen angels over 10 years ago. He remembered his battle with the fallen angels and the time he slew Ozai with his very hands, ripping him to shreds to make sure he would never ever come back to cause any more trouble. He remembered the time he looked into the eyes of a little girl who wept over the death of her father, unable to stand up to the monster that destroyed Ozai and his entire angelic army.

"Why the hell would Azula want Katara, anyway? I destroyed Ozai, and there are no more powerful fallen angels left to fight! Angels, archangels, principalities, thrones, cherubim, seraphim: I WIPED THEM OUT. Azula is nothing more than a nephilim, a damn half-breed. Azula cannot possess such power. It would destroy her!" When Aang removed his towel, he summoned the shadows to cover him up and become his new set of clothes. Another layer of shadow blanketed over him and became a new black trench-coat. Mai sat on her bed and eyed Angel Heart teasingly, willing to go another round with Angel Heart.

"It was never Lady Azula's intent to use the power herself…"


"... Lady Azula has an older brother: Lord Zuko. He was Ozai's only son, and a full-blooded angel. She felt that Lord Zuko would be the only one who would be worthy to drain you bone-dry and power up to levels that no one would dare imagine! Oh, you have no idea how much deep SHIT you're in, Sugar Queen. When Azula rips the power out of you and feed it to her brother…"


"… The world will be forever in the image of what the fallen angels truly desire, a world without humans. Satan's plans will come to fruition…"


"The Will Of God will be no more…"


"And our world shall be ruled by darkness. Humanity will be no more, and the fallen ones will rule this world as they see fit!" Toph and Mai spoke those last words in unison, despite being in different places. Sadly, their words just might come to pass.


"I CAN'T ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! I have to put a stop to this madness! NOW!" Just when Angel Heart was about to jump out the window, Mai grabbed him by the arm and turned him around to face her.

"What is it?" Angel Heart asked. In a flash, Mai embraced him and kissed him with great passion. Angel Heart wrapped one arm around her and kissed her back. Eventually, the two broke away from their kiss.

"That's for good luck, Angel Heart."

"Uh… thanks. By the way, how do you know so much about angels and Sirachians, Mai?"

"I like reading on mythologies of all sorts, not to mention the fact that Lady Azula let me in on her plans." In a split second, Mai kissed Angel Heart again and dug her wet tongue deep down Angel Heart's throat. The ninja-girl grabbed his ass and rubbed her soft sex into the young man's hardness. The warrior's eyes widen in shock from how much of a sexual beast Mai turned out to be. Finally Mai released him and took her tongue out of his mouth.

"And that was for giving me a real good time, baby." Smiling at his kidnapper, Angel Heart leapt out the window and descended to the streets 30 stories below. In an instant, he disappeared into the darkness. Mai clutched onto her robe when a lovely breeze blew into her room.

"Come back soon, hot stuff. I so can't wait to fuck your brains out again…"


"… All this time, I was putting everyone in danger. This is all my fault. Maybe if I give myself to Lady Azula, nobody's gonna try to hurt Aang anymore. You'll ALL be safe if I surrender to Azula!"

"KATARA, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? If we let you get taken by Azula, the whole damn world will be screwed! We can't let that happen!" Suki said. Suki heard some static in her earphone. When she adjusted the frequency, she could hear Teo's voice more clearly.

"Teo, did you hear all this?"

"/Yeah, every single word. We have to get back the Lair immediately and have a major lockdown! We cannot afford to risk the lives of the Warrior Priests. All they're going to do is get themselves killed! Prepare all security and-"

"Uh, Mr. Genius? You, your girlfriend, and the Sirachian aren't going anywhere." In Toph's hand was a red button. When Toph pressed the button, a gigantic explosion blasted out of the streets of Metatron City fifteen blocks away from St. Gabriel's Cathedral. Suki and Katara stared at the explosion in shock.

"You see, while you guys were snoozing away, not only was I able to hack into your computer to learn all the facts about Katara being a Sirachian, but I also rigged your precious Lair with a shitload of explosives. You're not going anywhere…." Toph smiled in victory, sensing anxiety from her captors and smelling the fear seeping out of their bodies. Never did fear smell so damn sweet to the blind ninja-girl.

Suki grabbed a spear from the wall and ran right towards Toph, aiming the spear right at her chest.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH! I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL-" An explosion ripped right through the concrete wall. The blast knocked Katara and Suki right off their feet and smashed them right into a wall, knocking the wind of them and sending them halfway to dreamland. As the dust settled, numerous laser-guiding beams scanned the place. Suddenly, masked troopers stormed the prison chamber and surrounded the two girls. One of the troopers unshackled Toph and helped her off the wall.

"Thanks. Took you guys long enough. Secure the goods." A different trooper put cuffs on the half-conscious Katara and hoisted her on his shoulders.

"What do we do with the others?"

"No witnesses. Kill them all."


Angel Heart leapt from rooftop to rooftop, trying his best to get to Katara and the others as quickly as he could. The dark warrior used his homing beacon to home in on their location when he realized that they weren't in the Lair. What really disturbed him was that he couldn't get in contact with the Lair at all. Angel Heart prayed that nothing serious happened at his home. He prayed even harder for the safety of his beloved.

"I'm coming, Katara, I'm coming! Just hang in there! I won't let any of them hurt you! I'm-" A beam of light blasted square right into Angel Heart's chest, sending him flying off a rooftop and landing right into the street, making a huge thud. Angel Heart can handle falling down ten stories of a building and walk it off easily, but it was the fiery blast that really had him hurting. When he looked down, he realized that his trench coat and his shirt were completely singed. Whoever shot him with that much power is definitely a warrior of high caliber, a big gun Angel Heart hasn't fought in a long time. When he slowly got up, another beam of fire blasted Angel Heart right through a building and sent him right out the other side! After skidding down the street, the singed Angel Heart writhed in pain and slowly got up on one knee. All the people that laid witness to the beating Angel Heart received ran like hell, not wanting to have anything to do with any of Angel Heart's battles.

With one eye open, Angel Heart finally got a good look at the man responsible for giving him pain he hasn't experienced in a very long time. The warrior responsible for bringing Angel Heart to his knees was a bald man with a full beard. He was built like a tank, looking almost as huge as The Boulder. Unlike The Boulder, however, this man had a face full of calm, not bloodlust. What Angel Heart noticed the most was the tattoo of a third eye on the man's forehead, and it started to glow hot-orange when it aimed right at Angel Heart's head.

"It will be an honor to bring an end to your very life, Angel Heart…"