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Tracy had just finished changing Anthony when Link walked back in the room. "Our parents are excited! Mom and dad are watching Lizzie at the moment so they'll bring her over. Your mom is going to make a dinner fit for a king," he told her.

Tracy giggled. "I bet!"

Later that afternoon Tracy changed into a skirt and blouse she had in her suitcase while Link went to sign some more papers. Anthony was asleep in the moveable crib that was set up in the room. When he finished Link came back into the room.

He went over and kissed Tracy. "Ready to go doll?"


Link grinned. "You take Anthony and I'll take the suitcase. A nurse has to wheel you out even though you can walk. It's their procedure."

Tracy groaned. Angela came in with an empty wheelchair. Tracy picked up Anthony, cradling him in her arms and went to sit in the wheelchair. Angela wheeled her out as Link followed. She waited with Tracy as Link went to get the car. He drove it up to where they sat. Link took Anthony and gently placed him in the car seat that was set up in the back. He then held the door for Tracy as she slid in the passenger seat. They thanked Angela before he hopped into the driver's seat and drove home.

When they pulled up to the house Link opened Tracy's door and helped her out. She picked up Anthony while Link grabbed her suitcase. They walked up to the door together and before Link could it opened.

"Hi," Katie said smiling.

"Hi mom," Link replied.

"Come on in, Eric, Wilbur, Edna and Katie are all waiting for you," she said ushering Tracy, Link and Anthony inside.

Beebe and Brian ran up to them when they got in the door. They wagged their tails and licked Link and Tracy.

"Guys we want you to meet Anthony," she told them as she lowered herself so Beebe and Brian could see him.

They sniffed Anthony then deciding that he wasn't an enemy licked him. He giggled happily. He reached out and grabbed Beebe's noise but retracted his hand when he found it to be wet. She licked his hand again.

"I think they'll get along just fine," Link said.

"Mama, dada," Lizzie said as she walked out to them.

"Hey Lizzie, how's our little princess doing?" Tracy asked.

"Good," she answered smiling.

Anthony let out a cry.

"I think he's saying hi to you sweetie," Tracy said.

"Hi Anthony," Lizzie said looking at him curiously.

He looked at her and gave her something that resembled a smile.

Edna grinned. "Looks like Lizzie is warming up to the idea of having a brother."

"She really didn't get a good look at him in the hospital since she was so interested in the room," Eric stated.

"She'll adore her baby brother," Wilbur said assuredly.

Their parents spent the rest of the evening and went home right before it was time for bed. Tracy put Anthony in his crib before helping Link with Lizzie. Not long after Link and Tracy fell asleep themselves they were awakened by crying.

"I'll go," Tracy said.

She got up and walked down to the Anthony's room. She picked him up and sat in the rocking chair. She moved it back and forth trying to soothe him. She sang "Brahms Lullaby". She had begun feeding him when she heard a small voice.

"Mama," Lizzie said from the doorway.

Tracy turned her head to look at her. "Sweetie what are you doing up?"

"I heard you singing," she answered.

Tracy smiled "Come here."

Lizzie padded over to Tracy and Anthony. Lizzie climbed onto her lap as Tracy repositioned Anthony to allow her. She started singing again as Lizzie rested against her. Link wondered to the nursery and smiled at the sight before him. Tracy was in the rocking chair with Anthony while Lizzie sat against her, sound asleep.

"Hi," Tracy said softly.

"Hi, I see you have company," he said softly motioning to Lizzie.

Tracy looked down at her. "She heard me singing."

"Will you take her back to her room so I can burp Anthony?"

He nodded and walked into the room. He gently picked up Lizzie and she shifted in his arms. He carried her to her room and placed her on her bed, pulling the comforter up over her. When he returned to Tracy she was placing a kiss on Anthony's forehead. She put him in his crib and turned. Link opened his arms and she immediately went into them, hugging him. She looked up and placed a kiss on his lips.


"You're welcome. Let's get to bed before they wake up again."

She nodded as he led her back to their bedroom.

As the days passed Link and Tracy got in a routine of caring for both their children. Lizzie was in her terrible two stage. She would say no to everything Tracy or Link would ask of her. She would also get into anything she could since she had started walking. Tracy and Link would find books on the ground, toys everywhere and even records on the floor. Anthony was growing bigger everyday. He even started to giggle and kick his legs with the music that constantly filled the house. Soon six months had gone by.

One day Amber was watching Anthony and Lizzie for Tracy while she and Link were out. He was sitting on a blanket in the living room playing with a truck that Link had bought him. Brian traipsed over to him with a tennis ball in his mouth and dropped it at his feet. He giggled as Brian nudged his leg with his nose. Anthony picked up the ball and tossed it. Brian retrieved it with a wagging tail and dropped the ball at Anthony's feet again. He picked it up and threw it. Brian retrieved it again. Soon Beebe had joined in the game they were playing. Lizzie walked in and found a second tennis ball throwing it along with Anthony.

"Lizzie, Anthony was playing with them," Amber told her. She was sitting on the couch reading a book between keeping an eye on them.

"I want to play too," Lizzie stated.

Anthony looked up from where he was and smiled at Amber. He rocked back and forth until Lizzie helped him lay on his stomach. He made a happy giggle sound as a "thank you". He started moving his limbs back and forth eventually moving a couple inches towards Amber.

Amber stared at him and smiled. "Anthony you crawled!"

He smiled back and moved again, a little farther. Beebe and Brian ceased playing and were watching him fascinated at what he was doing. He wore out pretty quickly so Amber scooped him up and put him in his crib for a nap. Brian followed and lay down in front of the crib. Beebe stayed downstairs wanting to play more. She grabbed her rope and was playing a game of tug of war with Lizzie. Amber found them staring at each other with Lizzie holding one end in her hand and Beebe holding the other with her teeth.

"You two are concentrating very hard on each other," Amber mused chuckling.

Lizzie nodded. "We are having a stare contest."

After awhile Lizzie grew tired of holding the rope and released it much to Beebe's dislike. Amber saw that she looked tired so she picked her up and carried her to her crib. Beebe decided to follow and sleep next to the crib. They both awoke when they were hungry. Amber fed and changed both of them before they returned to their nap. They were both sleeping when Tracy and Link arrived home. Amber was watching television after having finished the book.

"How was your night out?" Amber asked.

"It was fun, though we missed the kids," Link answered.

"How were they?" Tracy asked.

"They were good. Guess what Anthony crawled a little!" Amber told them.

"When? How?" Tracy inquired.

"He was playing fetch with Brian and Beebe when Lizzie joined in. I said something to her and he heard me and tried to crawl towards me. He moved a few inches before tiring out," Amber replied.

"I'm not sure how I'll like having two movers and shakers around," Link said almost to himself but Tracy heard him.

"He's not fully crawling yet and it'll be a while before he walks."

"And we've hidden the expensive stuff that we don't want broken from Lizzie already," she added.

He nodded. "True."

"Well, I should get going. Corny will want me home," Amber said smiling.

"Alright, thank you for watching Lizzie and Anthony," Tracy told her as they hugged.

"You're welcome. I'm happy to watch them."

Four days later Anthony was able to crawl a few feet. By another week he was crawling everywhere much to his parent's chagrin. He was able to get into the smallest crevice. Once, Link found him trying to get under his changing table. He scooped him up before Anthony could get wedged into it. He eventually learned where he could go and places he should avoid, mostly by trial and error. Usually Link or Tracy would catch him and tell him not to crawl into a particular place before he was hurt.

At ten and a half months Anthony said his first word. Tracy had just walked into the nursery. She went up to the crib.

"Mama," he said.

Her eyes widened. "You spoke!"

"Mama," he repeated.

"Link!" Tracy shouted.

He ran into the room looking around frantically expecting the worst.

Tracy smiled. "Anthony said his first word."

"Mama," Anthony repeated once again.

Link smiled as he walked up to the crib. "Can you say dada?"

"Mama," he responded. Link frowned.

Tracy giggled before kissing him. "He'll learn dada soon."

Link grinned. He spent the next few days teaching him to say dada along with other words. Link was frustrated because Anthony would catch onto the other words easier like "truck" or "song". Link sighed at the failure to teach him "dada."

"Dada," Anthony said.

Link immediately turned to face him.

Anthony reached out for him and Link swept him into his arms.

Anthony laughed. "Dada."

"I heard someone call you," Lizzie said appearing in the room.

"Your brother said dada," Link told her.

Tracy walked in. "What's going on?"

"Mama, dada," Anthony said.

"I told you he'd learn," Tracy told Link.

Tracy sat in front of her mirror later that day thinking about the accident. The accident had brought on many changes. She had broken her leg but had been able to dance again. She thought that she couldn't have kids but then they adopted Lizzie. Later she found that she was pregnant with Anthony. She had also just found that she was pregnant again, this time with twins. The doctor had heard two strong heartbeats at her last visit. She was waiting for the perfect time to tell Link. Tracy wasn't sure if she believed in miracles but in times of need she knew that she was given one.

The End *sniffs*