Spinning down, spinning down, spinning down

Title: Spinning down, spinning down, spinning down
Pairing: TamakixHaruhi, KyouyaxHaruhi
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst?
Words: 445

Summary: you can see it in him – body language, facial expression, breathing: this is someone whose heart is breaking.

Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine - lyrics courtesy of Pink - Sober

Author's Note: Originally wrote this for another fandom, but I also thought this kinda fit this fandom too, so yeah, hope you enjoy (: and it says it's a Haruhi love triangle, but only Haruhi's name is stated in this so it could be any 2 boys - I chose Tamaki and Kyouya cause those guys with Haruhi are my favourite pairings xD


"I'm safe, up high, nothing can touch me"

At the beginning, all you did was subtle flirting: her hand enclosing yours, whispers to the ear that were just a little too close, arms around waists, chins upon one another's shoulder – it made you feel so good, so high that you had no idea that this would all come crashing down.
All you could see was upwards, the sky was your limit, nothing could stop you, you could do anything, whatever you wanted, anything – and the best part was, you could do all of this with her: Haruhi.

It got better.
A little bit of kissing, cheek, lips: a little bit of tasting, ears, necks: a little bit of touching, chest, stomach, here, there, everywhere – she was yours and you were hers.
Nothing could have gone wrong. You were on top of the world, you and her, looking down at what you'd achieved without anybody realising, holding one another's hands, holding one another's hearts.

"When it's good, then it's good, it's so good,

'til it goes bad"

And then it went wrong, so wrong.

When did you realise you'd gone the whole day without once even seeing her? (Did she miss me like I missed her?)
What did it feel like to have her hand in yours again? (Did her fingers intertwine in yours, did your fingers mix together awkwardly?)
How long ago had the smell of her buried in the crook of your neck disappeared? (Did it wash off while you were showering, sweating, crying?)
Why hadn't you noticed that her sweet light smell had been tainted with the bitterness of guilt, shame, male, betrayal – infidelity? (Or did you know and just not want to face up to it, certain that if you didn't see it, it surely wouldn't exist?)

You're crying: so is she. (and you just want so badly to wipe them off her beautiful face and you just so badly want her to do the same for you)
You're screaming: so is she. (tell her to shush, stroke her back, kiss the top of her head – these urges, when did they become second nature?)
You're hurting: you think to yourself she isn't – how could she if she did this to you? (but you lie, you lie, you lie: you can see it in her – body language, facial expression, breathing: this is someone whose heart is breaking.
And you only know this because this was – is – you.)

"Comin' down, comin' down, comin' down"

You're tumbling, tripping, falling, plummeting –


And that's it: you've lost – world, love, sanity, happiness, friendships: heart.

(the higher you are, the harder you fall – and god, how he wished he'd known that)