Hey guys!! Please go easy on me. This is my first fan fiction :)

It started out like any other day. Carly was sitting on the couch eating a frozen pizza while watching some cartoons on the TV.

There was a knock at the door.

Carly got up and went to answer it.

There was a young girl, about Michael's age standing at the door.

Carly--Hi, do I know you?

Girl—Hi, No you don't. May I come in?

Carly—Sure Carly opens the door for her to come in

There both sitting on the couch in an awkward silence

The girl-- My name is Aly.

Carly- I'm Carly. If you don't mind me asking why are you here?

Aly- This is hard for me to say but it's all about Michael

Carly- Why are you interested in my son?

Aly- This is a long story

Carly-Well you came here so you must have to tell me some thing important. And this has to do with my son.....so I would like to know

Aly- Michael and I.....we were dating before he was shot.

Carly- Michael never told me about you.

Aly- Yea, well we wanted to keep it a secret. We started out as friends in school and then we both started to like each other. We hung out every moment possible and I went to his soccer practices. He was the nicest boy I've ever met.

Carly- Why are you telling me this now?

Aly- I'm telling you this because when Michael was shot I felt like I had lost my own life. Michael was everything to me.

Carly- I see…

Aly- I was wondering if I could go in and sit with Michael.

Carly- Sure you can sweetie. We can go tomorrow ok? …But call your parents first. I should talk to them about this.

Aly- Ok, thank you Carly.

Carly-No problem *smiles*