Author's Note: Honestly, I need to get a Latin dictionary. As for now, my Bat Bogey Hex's incantation will be nothing like what the real one might be, if invented. But hey, I tried! Enjoy.

ALSO. The timeline is seriously different from the Canon books, but the events in Harry Potter's Hogwarts years are the same.

Disclaimer: It all belongs to JK Rowling.

Chapter One: The Arrival

"Mate, I still say you're crazy."

"Honestly, Ronald! Harry's doing the right thing!"

"Don't bother, Hermione. That brother of mine was born without common sense." Ginny rolled her eyes.


It was a few hours after the Final Battle, the killing of the Dark Lord, or as some others liked to call it, the victory of the Boy-Who-Lived. People had been constantly stopping the seventeen year old to congratulate him, or asking him for his autograph. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny pitied their friend, and made an excuse to get away from the crowded school. Now the three Gryffindors were standing outside, in front of Dumbledore's tomb. They had hardly been outside for ten minutes before Harry became overwhelmed by the bickering.

"Shut up!" he yelled, "Let's just bury the wand and get this over with." He looked at Ginny, who was, in his opinion, the only sane one of the three, and asked, "Could you give me a hand?"


Ginny took the other end of the wand and held it above the rectangular hole in front of Dumbledore's grave. Harry looked at the large tomb sadly. He remembered the day of his former headmaster's death vividly. His voice was full of emotion when he spoke.

"There were so many things I wanted to talk to him about. And I bet he would've been more patient with me in those Occlumency lessons."

"You could still ask him, Harry." Ron suggested, "His portrait's just in the headmaster's office."

"It's not the same, Ron. He's… dead. He can't show me his memories anymore through the pensieve, or offer me lemon drops, or…" he couldn't bear to continue.

"Harry, he knew it was war out there! There's the chance of dying for everyone. Just look at Fr-" Hermione stopped herself and looked at Ron apologetically, but it was too late. Ron was staring at the smaller tombstone next to Dumbledore's and Snape's.

Fred Weasley


Proud co-owner of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

Died in the Final Battle of 1998 in Hogwarts

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"You actually are joking, Perce. . . . I don't

think I've heard you joke since you were-"

"My brother died with a laugh, something

he always wanted, and I hope that he isn't

causing too much trouble in the afterlife as a

prankster. He has to wait for me after all."

-George Weasley, twin of Fred Weasley, commented with a sad smile.

Harry knew what Hermione was going to say and it made him feel worse. So many people… so many lives… so many innocent bystanders and families torn apart by the violence.

"Fred, Remus, Tonks, Snape, Dumbledore, Sirius, my parents…" Harry listed sourly, "My PARENTS, died because of me. Don't you see? All of them died because I, Harry damn Potter, was alive!" He had worked himself into a full-out self-resentment until his best friend interrupted his thoughts.

"Harry, your parents were aurors… They could've-" Ron couldn't bring himself to state what all of them knew could've happened, "What I'm trying to say is, if they saw you today, they'd be-"

"Proud, I know, Ron. People have been telling me that for years." he growled, "But still- I wish I could've known the real Lily Evans and James Potter myself, not hear how great, or brave, or strong they were from others. I'm their SON, Ron!"

Hermione's eyes glanced at the elder wand and gasped at its glowing appearance.

"Harr-!" However, before she could say a single word to warn them, Harry and Ginny were both engulfed by the mysterious light and they, along with the elder wand, disappeared with a slight pop!


A flash erupted out of nowhere in Hogsmeade and people ran into their houses for shelter. Two school aged children appeared, a girl with red hair and hazel colored eyes, and a boy with deathly black hair and emerald green eyes that glowed intensely in the nighttime surroundings.

"Harry, what just happened?" the girl asked, aghast with shock, and turned the face the boy. She gasped in alarm at the child in front of her.

"Harry– you…"

"Ginny– your–"

They screamed and the people of Hogsmeade glanced outside curiously. Nothing was out of the ordinary in their point of view. There were two young children outside; it was as normal as day. What was all the commotion about?

"You're eleven, Gin-"

"So are you!" the girl shot back.

Harry conjured up a mirror and looked into it. He couldn't believe his eyes. There, in his reflection, was his eleven year old self- but that was impossible!

"Magic was impossible for you at one point in time." a voice in his head contradicted.

"You might want to look at yourself, Ginny."

The girl took the mirror and her mouth dropped open in shock.

"I– What..."

"Gin, not here." Harry glanced around, realizing they had an audience, and pulled Ginny into an abandoned shack.

"Harry, what do you think happened? Where are we?"

"It looks like we're in Hogsmeade."

"Obviously!" She retorted. Ginny scanned the room with her eyes suspiciously, completing her scan by resting on the elder wand.

"That's it!" she jumped up and ran out of the shack, her red hair flowing freely behind her.

"Hey-! Wait!" he shouted before he followed the red headed girl.

They ran into The Three Broomsticks and Ginny asked Rosmerta for a calendar. Harry raised his eyebrow at her until he saw what she was pointing to.

Today was August 30th, 1971.

His eyes nearly flew out of their sockets.


"The elder wand took us back in time because you wanted to know your parents." Ginny hissed into his ear.

They were back in the wooden shack, huddled in the corner. The calendar sat across from them, tauntingly.

"What should we do?" he whispered.

"The only thing we can do. Figure out how it did what it did and a way to get back."

"Why are we eleven years old though?"

"If I remember correctly… 1971 was… was the year your parents entered Hogwarts."

"Oh no." Harry felt his body go cold and his heart stop a beat. It couldn't have… it wouldn't have…

"Oh yes. It means the elder wand wanted us to go to Hogwarts with your parents." Damn evil wand!

"Isn't that going to change history?" His eyes widened at the possibility.

"Exactly! So don't let anything slip while we're here," Ginny narrowed her eyes, "And for Merlin's sake, don't do anything to Pettigrew."

Harry's eyes darkened at the mention of the betrayer. How many times did he have to let that filthy death eater betray them? Innocent people lost their lives because of that- not human- RAT. How could he stand there and do nothi-?" He gasped as the idea hit him.

"Ginny!" he said excitedly, "What if we changed history… on purpose? That way, my parents wouldn't die!" His mind was running wild at the thought of being raised by his parents… his loving parents… the family he always wanted. If only… if only-

"You'd be better off going on a suicide mission, Harry!" Ginny said coldly, "We know Voldemort will fall in the end if it goes accordingly to plan. If we change history, we don't know what might happen. For all we know, Lily and James could die at a different time. For all we know, if Lily and James live, YOU might die!"

Harry paused before answering. "It'd be worth it."

Not a second after the last word had left his mouth, a sharp slap collided with his cheek. Ginny was glaring at him with despise, panting heavily as her chest rose up and down.

"Will you please think of yourself for once, Harry?" Ginny growled and took a deep breath. "If not, think of ME! What would I do without you? Have you ever thought about THAT?!" she cried, fleeing from the shack.

"Ginny…" he murmured. Then, he ran after her for the second time that night.


"Mate? Where are you? Ginny? Where'd you go? This isn't funny!"

"Harry? Ginny?"

Ron walked over to where Hermione was standing and put his arm around her. She her tears flow freely on his shoulder.

"What happened, Ron? They're g-gone!" she wailed.

"Don't worry, Hermione. We'll find them. They're tough, remember?"

He then pulled her into a full embrace.


"Ginny!" Harry shouted as he caught up to her, "Ginny, I'm sorry." The girl was crouched on the ground and Harry sat down next to her. The autumn wind blew against their bodies harshly, sounding on collision. For a split second, all was silent, other than the dog barking in the distance. The boy looked at the girl hopefully, wishes answered when she finally replied to his pleas.

"Don't b-be." she hiccupped as she spoke, her voice wavering. "I'm just acting like a spoiled brat. I… I would want to do the same thing if I were you too." she smiled slowly, "I don't I'll have any problem acting as an eleven year old."

Harry chuckled. "I don't think my immature way of thinking could pass as an eighteen year old either."

There was a small moment of peaceful silence before Ginny stood up. She offered him her hand and he gladly accepted.

"Harry?" she asked when he had finally steadied himself on his feet.


She leaned in, the way she did when she kissed him in his sixth year. Harry closed his eyes on reflex, eager to feel her soft lips.

"Do you think we still have the trace on us?" she murmured softly.

"Huh?" he opened his eyes to see her wand pointed straight at him.

"Battus Bogetus." she muttered, her eyes sparkling with both fury and delight.

"Ginny!" he screamed as a swarm of winged bogies attacked him. "Call 'em of- OW!"

"Payback is sweet, Harry." she grinned.

"Ginny-OW Come- GERROFFME- on!"

"Too bad!" she sang as she skipped back to the shack.

"Gin-ny!" he whined, running after her.


The sun shone into the shack, coming between the planks of wood and through the open entrance. Harry woke up, his eyelids heavy from begging his friend to stop the hex. He heard the people of Hogsmeade outside, up and awake. He turned his attention to the girl next to him and smiled sadly. Her face was calm, but the young innocence was not there. Ever since the diary incident, she'd been different. Even in a separate time, her body still reflected her soul's troubles from her first year at Hogwarts.

"It's all Riddle's fault." he thought angrily, "Ginny, so pure and innocent… it's all Ridd- VOLDEMORT!" His eyes were fully open now, as he remembered the vile man would be fully alive in the time he was in.

Ginny stirred, and raised her head a bit off the ground, propping herself on her elbows. She could feel the light in the "room", if you could call it that, even with her eyes closed. She could smell the Hogsmeade air, the wood from the shack, and Harry's body…

"He doesn't smell half bad." she thought, smirking, "Even for someone whose been off fighting Voldemort's forces for a year." Opening her eyes, she saw Harry staring at the ceiling. As usual, he was showing his emotions on his sleeve.

"Angry today, Harry?" she raised her eyebrow. "I didn't think the hex was that bad. . . The twins used to get it worse. The twins. . ." she shook her head in her mind, returning to present time. She had to stay strong, if not for herself, for Harry. She saw that he was a lot more relaxed than before she had commented on his expression.

"I'm fine." he replied and continued on after hesitating. "I was just thinking about Riddle."

"Oh." Ginny paused, realizing what he was implying. "He's still out there, isn't he? In this time, he's still alive and well."

"Yeah." Harry replied, returning his gaze upwards. She couldn't take the gloomy atmosphere anymore.

"Let's go." she said. Ginny got up from her place on the ground, brushing dust off her clothes. She pulled out her wand to check it was intact and stuffed it back into the robe pocket when she was satisfied.

Harry stared in astonishment at her. "Where?"

"Term starts tomorrow- Where else?"

He was still confused.

"Diagon Alley, Harry."

"But we don't have our letters…"

Ginny laughed. "Harry, the elder wand is smarter than your average Malfoy. We got sent here with letters and a personal vault."

He gaped at her. "How… do you know that?"

Ginny held up two envelopes and a key. "That's how I know," she replied, "Our names are Harry Podder and Ginny Westley." Ginny added, reading off the parchments. She sniggered at the similarity between their real surnames and their fake ones. She was liking that wand more and more.

Harry grinned as something dawned on him. "I guess Molly and Arthur are attending Hogwarts too."

Ginny paled considerably.


"We'd like to go to our vault," Ginny told the goblin at the counter while handing over the key for inspection, "Vault 432."

"Very well." the goblin answered and called, "Griphook!"

Harry watched the goblin as he took them to their vault. He remembered the first time he had come to Gringotts and then the past year when he had, with the help of Griphook, broken into the Lestrange's vault.

"Here is vault 432." Griphook said, opening the door.

The vault was filled, just like the Potter vault in his own time. Galleons, sickles, and knuts were piled high in the chamber, reaching up to the ceiling. He watched Ginny's mouth drop open, no doubt it was an extremely large change from the Weasley vault. Harry then noticed something leaning against the side of the vault. "My firebolt?"

He ran towards the broomstick and nearly whooped out loud at the sight of his gift from his godfather. Before he could explore the entire contents of the vault, Griphook commented nastily. "How awful it might be if I were to accidentally lock two people in a vault because they were too slow in getting out." Once Ginny dragged Harry from his reunion, the two filled their money bags and left the bank (After apologizing to Griphook), more than ready to buy their supplies.

"Thank Merlin there aren't any Lockhart books on here." Harry smirked while reading the list. He raised his eyebrow when Ginny stopped in her tracks.

"You… You don't think- Lockhart- Hogwarts- school…?" she stuttered meaninglessly. At least, it was meaningless to anyone who wasn't Harry or Ginny. His face drained of color. Ginny nodded towards the store window of the quidditch shop. Sure enough, little Gilderoy Lockhart was standing in the store, practically drooling over the newest broom, a lowly Nimbus 1001. He seemed to be a little younger than eleven, which made a warm sensation of relief flow through Harry's body.

"Think about it this way… we won't have to deal with that moron until third or fourth year." Ginny said nervously as they walked away from the window, "And we might not even be here at that time."

"I hope you're right Gin. I don't favor seeing Lockhart again in this second lifetime of mine." "Neither do I, Harry, neither do I." said Ginny, opening the door to Madam Malkin's.

"Hello, dears. First year at Hogwarts?"

The woman was a lot younger than the woman Harry saw in his first year. He opened his mouth, then closed it, remembering what time he was in. He turned to Ginny who was smiling at Madam Malkin and nodding. As the woman left, another boy came in. There was no mistaking that disgusting platinum-blond hair, it was a Malfoy.

"What is it with me meeting Malfoys in the robe shop?" he thought bitterly as Lucius turned to him.

"Hello. Hogwarts too?"

"Yes." said Harry in a cold tone. Lucius was taken aback to his voice and turned to Ginny.

"And you?"

"Obviously." she replied, not bothering to look into the future death eater's eyes.

The blond man didn't seem to get the hint.

"Do you two play quidditch?" he asked. There was a hint of eagerness in his tone and the two time travelers knew he wasn't going to shut up.

"This is going to be the exact same conversation I had with his son." Harry thought, starting to get annoyed. "Only I won't be saying 'No' to the questions this time." he remembered from the conversation years ago.

"Yes." Ginny replied, speaking both of them.

"My father says it'll be a crime if I don't get picked to play for my house next year, and I must say, I agree! Know what house you'll be in yet?"

Harry was about to make some nasty comment about the Slytherin house when Ginny stopped him.

"No one knows what house they'll be in before they got sorted." Ginny replied, her eyes darting to Harry. He knew what she meant, for him to keep his mouth shut, but it was hard to when Lucius made his next comment.

"I know that, but my entire family has been in Slytherin, so I know I will be too. Imagine! Being in Hufflepuff or," he smirked, "Gryffindor, I'd leave, don't you think?"

"No." Harry spoke coldly, his temper getting the best of him. Ginny sent him a sharp look.

"Oh really?" the boy sneered, "What houses were your parents in? They were our kind, right?"

"Yes, they were." Ginny's eyes narrowed at the boy, now getting irritated. Harry glared at Ginny for beating him to the punch. "And they were Gryffindors, mind you."

Before Lucius could throw another insult at them or their parents, Madam Malkin came up to Harry and Ginny.

"You're done, dears."

Glad for the excuse of leaving, he and Ginny left the shop, not giving Malfoy a second look. They didn't need to buy a wand, so they continued on with supply hunting at Flourish and Blotts and the Apothecary. They finished it off at the Owl Emporium, wanting to get a pet in this time.

Harry remembered the Emporium from his first year and felt tears seeping into his eyes as he thought about Hedwig. He then saw her. The snowy white owl with amber colored eyes, younger than the one he had bought years ago- in the future. It looked so much like Hedwig- could it be possible? Those eyes seemed to draw him to the creature, and within seconds, he had coughed up the galleons and bought her. She nipped his ear affectionately.

"…Hedwig." he whispered, "It really is you."

Author's Ending Note: Hedwig was one of my favorite characters so, naturally, I was devastated when Rowling killed her off. And just as naturally, I'd obviously bring her back in a fanfiction! I looked it up, and there have been owls that lived up to 28 years of age… I'm stretching it a bit but, hey. You can do almost anything when you're writing. So I love Hedwig too much to kill her. Review Review and Review!

Author's Ending Editing Note: I did some slight changes, nothing big. I was going to change Lucius's age to sixth year, but I decided against it. What's Harry Potter without a Malfoy to tease? Also, I was going to take out the miniture argument scene, but I decided against that too. So this series is officially PARTIALLY-CANON. Malfoy becomes six years younger. Narcissa starts next year. Bellatrix is in third year as of now.