The rope was light brown and covered in dirt. She recognized it immediately. Her mother spent the past year denying that there was a problem.

The drinking, the yelling, the millions and millions of pills and there bottles lying around the house. "Don't touch those." Her mom would always tell her. She knew better then that though. She knew what was happening but she didn't know why. She was in the tenth grade and none of her friends parents were going through this problem. She mentioned it to them but never again. It wasn't normal and she didn't want that kind of label. High School was hard enough.

The year of therapy didn't prepare her for what she saw that day. Why had it have to be her? She was thankful though that it was finally over.

Riley Adams' walked in the front door of the family house. She tossed her semi-fashionable bookbag containing her Advance Physics and Calicus text books on to the hardwood floor. "Dad I'm back, do you need anything?" It was her daily routine. Wake up, Shower, Go to school, come home and take care of her father till her mother came home, then hide the rest of the evening. "Dad?" There was no reply from him. Her size eight feet carried her up the stairs to her parent's bedroom "Dad, you here?" She turn the doorknob…the image she saw was one that would be with her till the grave.

"No he isn't responding, just come please, fast." Riley was yelling into the speaker of the home phone. "Dad! WAKE UP!" She tossed the phone on to the ground.

There were pills everywhere. The large rope tied around his neck and the balcony's bars. It was purchased years ago at Lowe's to help pull a tree down. Now it was to help dangle a drugged father, husband, son and brother from one of the master bedroom's best features.

The sixteen year old girl knew that she was standing and looking down at her dead father's body. The only thing she could do was to do nothing. She did all she could. The sirens of the ambulance and police wailed in the background.

The End.

A/N – So last night's episode there was totally something off with Riley and she really didn't want to deal with the man's wife. I just thought that I would write a one shot on a possibility of what might have happened to her. The girl is full of mystery, lots of it. Please review and let me know how I did.