Notes: For Laura

February 21, 2009

For Clavila

On a day so downcast,

The skies are grey,

But our hearts are greyer,

Grey with loss, grey with grief.

And when the night turns,

Black is the sky,

But not so black as our hearts

In emptiness.

No other colors exist,

None but black and grey,

Darkness floods the souls of those

Who knew the girl Clavila.

Where has she gone?

Beyond the Gates, beyond the dark,

Leaving naught but shades of grey,

And taking every color.

Crimson, for her ruby lips,

No rose was ever purer,

No ruby could outshine

Her radiant smile.

Cerulean, for her eyes,

No sky was ever brighter,

No sapphire could out sparkle

Her twinkling eyes

Auburn, for her hair,

No earth was ever richer,

No memory could outlast

Her flowing hair.

And white, for the pureness of her soul,

And the pureness of her heart,

Shining ever brighter

When the night grew darker.

She holds that light

Now empty from our hearts,

As hope turns to despair,

As loss consumes the soul.

A mercy, a sign shines down

Upon us from above

As the brightness from her soul

Shines down through the stars

Guiding the way of the weary traveler,

Lighting the way for the lost child,

And revealing home to the grievers

So that we may return.

She exists.

She is gone, and we live on,

Yet she exists among us

As the stars that light our soul.

In memory of both girls, may they both live on. Pray for them.