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Love In All The Wrong Places

Is it really that bad when you realize that you love more than one man at once?

And is it really that bad when the men you love happen to be a father and his son?

I couldn't explain it at all.

I used to think that Edward would be my only love. I thought he would be the one who I would spend my whole life with when I was finally changed.

But then new feelings seemed to possess my body.

When I would spend time with Edward, I found myself hoping I wasn't.

When I would kiss Edward, I would open my eyes and hope to see blonde hair instead.

When I would see Edward smile, I would see a complete different person in it's wake.

And so I wasn't sure what to do.

I was eager to take more tests in school.

And I was even more eager to get them back because I knew that Human Biology was my worst subject.

And because of that, I needed tutoring; right?

Edward volunteered to help me out. He did go to Medical School, but I knew he wasn't the one that I wanted to see.

One day I gathered up the strength to approach his father and ask for a tutor.

Carlisle accepted without any thought to the matter.

Those lovely nights I would spend with Carlisle in his study were...unexplainable.

I can tell you this for sure: my grades didn't improve. Not the slightest bit.

I was way too distracted to learn.

And Carlisle noticed. Or I think he did.

When the study sessions were over, I would be happy to see Edward eager to drive me home.

The kiss every night from Edward kept me stable. They still never seemed to quench the thirst that my body had.

That's when I realized that I wanted both of them.

Carlisle was, of course, my first choice.

As graduation time neared, I could feel the anxiety drowning me slowly.

I made an agreement wit Edward. Edward was going to be the one to change me.

To tell the truth, I didn't want that.

I was longing to feel the coldness of Carlisle's lips leaving a mark on my warm neck.

I was longing for him to kiss me- to feel his lips moving against mine in sync.

I was confused beyond my own comprehension.

I was the stupid lamb that fell in love with two lions.

I found love in all the wrong places.

I always did.

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