(A/N: Just a little reminder, this story was written when I was very bored and in need of a little comedy. It gets lighter further on :))

I loved Bella. Bella loved me. Everything should have been perfect. But I guess that's life, isn't it- when life has the potential to be wonderful, something happens: in this particular case, my something was a filthy bloodsucking leech by the name of Edward Cullen.

He just had to come back into Bella's life, didn't he? When he had first left, Bella was a zombie; eventually though, she had healed the wounds he left. I don't even think she knew it to begin with, but deep inside she was in love with me too.

I watched her get more alive each day. After months of being with me, she started to look normal, happier. She was herself again, living again- she had gotten over Edward.

Life was amazing- kids down at the reservation had stopped turning into werewolves- there was no need: the vampires had left.

Bella and I were together now- there were no complications, no twisted, tangled love triangles. It was just us, living love that was as easy as breathing.

All of that was before Edward came back: Bella was doing just fine without him- couldn't he just leave her alone?

I found the answer to that one day, when Bella and I were watching the sunset turn the water at First Beach into glistening orange waves splashing onto the multi-coloured pebbles. Up on the cliff, I saw a sparkle of light. Pulling Bella into a piggy-back, I ran up onto the cliff top to investigate. Then he saw us.

Running with a speed that only a vampire could, he was instantly by our side, and before I knew it, Bella was no longer on my back. It took me a second to realise, but she was in that Edward's arms, crying tears of happiness into his designer brand t-shirt.

And there I was- standing there alone and unloved, like a rejected once loved toy bear replaced with some sparkly, new object.

The impossibly immense amount of crushing grief was too much to bear- I couldn't watch any more. Turning, I ran as fast as I possibly could. Faintly, over the crash of the waves and the air howling past my ears, I heard Bella call out to me. "Jacob, wait!"

And that was exactly the last thing I was going to do.

While I ran, I found myself thinking: trying very hard not to explode with the impossible amount of emotions running through me: fury, grief, sorrow rippling through me again and again. Soon enough, though, it became too much, and I phased.

Then I ran: I just let the animal inside me take over, and ran. There was no destination. There was no reason for a destination. There was only one thing that felt compulsory. And that was to run.

I didn't even know where I was going- then I realised that I didn't care. Eventually though, I reached the bike bath on the side of the forest, and knew that I had gone too far.

My legs were worn out; I had run for almost 13 hours. I flopped behind a tree near the path, listening to the rhythmic crunch of gravel beneath someone's feet to help me sleep.

Then I felt it- this string pulling me towards the person approaching. I had to get up and see who it was- it didn't even occur to me that some people may get just a little worried seeing a horse sized wolf on the side of a bike path.

And then I saw her. Walking along, right before my eyes was the centre of the universe, the reason for my existence. She was blonde, short, with small features, and the most amazing brown eyes. I could stare into those eyes forever, but then she turned and ran.

Pushing my legs into overdrive, I followed her.