After a short minute I caught up to her- after all, her tiny legs were no match for my massive ones. Stepping in front of her, I noticed that she was trembling violently. This was wrong- she shouldn't be afraid of me. Ever so gently, I leaned down and licked her face.

There was a whistle in the background though, and a tall, dark haired man appeared further down the path. I had to leave before he noticed me. It went against every nerve in my body, but I spun around in the other direction, inhaling her sweet scent one last time, and ran in the opposite direction.


I lay in bed that night, tossing and turning, trying to get to sleep. It was pointless though- every thought was consumed by the mysterious beauty I had encountered today. I had to see her; my body ached with the need to get up and follow her scent to the exact spot where she was, to watch her sleep.

It was unhealthy, my obsession, and I knew it, but I couldn't convince myself that I was doing the wrong thing.

My head was so wrapped up around the stranger that had stolen my heart, that I was surprised when I remembered the reason why I had met her.

What had seemed like the end of my world had led me to the true beginning. I would have to thank Edward and Bella- if it weren't for them meeting each other today, I would never have turned wolf, never ran across the bike path at the exact same moment as my reason for life.

I had to find her. I simply couldn't stay here doing nothing. Rolling out of bed, I pulled on a t-shirt and jumped out of the window to find her.

Her scent was easy enough to follow in human form, and finally I reached a deserted playground, the swings creaking eerily in the darkness.

And there she was, alone and afraid in the darkness, lying under the shelter of a picnic table. The noise of my approach had awoken her, and she looked around quickly with frightened eyes.

Standing still as a statue, I waited until her deep breathing told me that she was asleep once again, and then simply sat and watched her dream. Occasionally she would twitch or roll over, worrying me that she would wake up and see me staring at her, but then she would just roll over again, deep asleep.

The sun came up much too soon for my liking, and her eyelids fluttered open. Eyes growing wide with shock, she jumped up and took a step away from me.

"You're safe with me, I promise." I whispered. She shook her head slowly and took yet another step backwards. "Just trust me. Here, follow me..." I said, jumping up and walking in the direction of my house.

To my immense pleasure, out of the corner of my eye I could see a flash of gold behind me. She was following me home.

We walked in silence the entire way, with me walking in front and her tentatively following behind. Eventually though, when I reached the street before mine, I picked up the voices that were far too smooth to be human. The Cullen family were at my house.

I reached the driveway of my house before I realised the faces of shock on everybody's faces. What were they so surprised about?

Finally, Edward seemed find it within him to speak. "You... imprinted.... on... a... CHIHUAHUA?!?!"