Hey! I've never done this before, but I am holding a contest! I wasn't so sure about the whole idea, but it's intriguing to me to have people submit stories based on my specific criteria. Send me the link to your story in a PM, or in a review for this note. The due date is March 17, 2009. St. Patrick's Day! (I'm way too Irish...) However try to get your story in quickly, because I'm only accepting the first dozen, (unless the thirteenth is spectacular).

Here's the criteria:

It can be no longer than a 4-shot. (Preferably no longer than 6,000 words.)

It can have any rating, but no lemons. These will be immediately disqualified.

Please limit the fluffiness. I cannot stomach too much fluff.

Canon pairings. (Please try to stay in character as well.)

First-person is preferred, but not necessary.

It can be a poem or a story. Limit the songfics, please.

Here are your options:

Bella's POV of anytime during her zombie period in New Moon.

A POV from any member of the Volturi (or their guard) of anything involving the Cullens. You may include the Breaking Dawn investigation of Nessie or the New Moon/ suicidal Edward scandal. The Cullens do not have to be present, but they must be referred to at least once.

Any La Push POV. Suggestions: an Emily/Sam wedding, a Leah/Sam confrontation, Quil or Embry's POV of Bella and Jacob's sudden friendship. These are only suggestions- originality and creativity are welcomed, of course!

One of Rosalie's many weddings (to Emmett, naturally).

Rene's take on Edward during their brief trip to Jacksonville.

A Bella/Charlie conversation.

Any vampire experiencing the change into vampirism. (This idea was brought to my attention by dyingimmortal.)

If you have any other ideas, PM me! I'm open to suggestions. Priority judging will be given to those stories submitted before the end of February, but do not rush! PM me with any questions.

The winner (and possibly second and third place, depending on the response that I recieve for this contest) will recieve my author subscription, favorite author, a guarentee of my reviews on any story they publish or update throughout the months of March, April (and maybe May), and a bold shout-out at the end of my profile page and any story that I update or publish within that same time period. All in all, doing well in this contest will bring a lot of attention to your fanfictions. I don't mean to sound full of myself, because by all means I am not, but I do have plenty of subscribers to my own stories and they will stumble across the winning author's name quite a lot... Also, you get the pride of a job well-done! Isn't that enough?

So good luck and have fun! Thanks in advance to anybody who participates!