18 February 2009

Disclaimer: I, Sarah Rose McLovin, in no way own Grey's Anatomy, as the right has been given to Shonda Rhimes. I, however, do own all four seasons on DVD, a calendar, a few issues of the magazine, and a Billboard poster from Season 3 which hangs on my wall. This is a work of fiction, my first one in fact, so I please ask you to be polite in any criticism as am I new to the writing side of this world. All my love. Enjoy.

Sure To Fall

Sure To Fall (In Love With You)

By The Beatles

I'm sure to fall, fall in love,

I'm sure to fall in love with you.

You are so sweet and so near.

I'm sure to fall in love with you.

So hold me tight,

And let tonight be the night.

Darling, don't ever let me go.

Loving you is the natural thing to do,

I want you for the rest of my life.

So hold me tight,

let tonight be the night.

Oh darling, don't ever let me go.

Loving you is the natural thing to do,

I want you for the rest of my life.

Lexie Grey. The thought never dawned on you that one day you'd be sharing your room... your bed... your heart with Lexie Grey. She was a baby compared to you, an infant both in age and medical knowledge, but that didn't really matter. What mattered was that she understood you when no one else did. She was an outsider, just like you. So you clicked and that worked.

Falling in love with Lexie Grey was not in your New Year's Resolution. Not that you would ever admit you had a New Year's Resolution, but you still knew. You were turning over a new leaf or whatever. A New Year's Resolution sounded good. You quickly realized, so did falling in love.

The whole escapade started off as casual sex. She needed a friend and you needed fun. Those both worked well together for a few weeks, but once she broke your… penis, that all changed. She wanted more than sex, and you understood that, because if you were being honest with yourself, so did you. It didn't matter anymore what every one else thought. Not Addison, Callie, or even Derek, because you were falling in love with her and you liked the way that felt.

Now it's February 15th and you just woke up from your first official Valentine's Day together. She slipped out of bed to go to the bathroom to rid herself of morning breath and you get tired of waiting and casually follow her, that's when you see it.

She's brushing her teeth and peeing at the same time.

Something many other people would have found disgusting, and you find it rather beautiful. And you know it's time. Valentine's Day was too much of a cliché and didn't feel right. Now it feels right. You have to tell her.

"I love you," you blurt out, without really thinking, so when she gets the whole deer caught in headlights look and starts choking on her toothpaste, you think you did something wrong and walk out. Stupid, stupid, stupid Mark. You probably shouldn't have done that.

There's a good five minutes that pass before you hear her she leave the restroom. She sits on the corner of the bed, turns to you, and that's when you notice she has a small smile on her face. Then you hear it, it's only a faint whisper, but it's there, "I love you too".

The End.