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Heaven Sent


I wanna be the one who you believe

In your heart is sent from, sent from heaven


"Are you gay?"

The question, so out of the blue, nearly made him spit out the coffee he had just sipped. "W-what?" he nearly hacked out.

Yuffie grinned and whacked him on the back to help with the cough that had suddenly taken over the commissioner of the WRO. "I mean... I've never actually seen you with a girl. Well, there was that time when I saw you flirting with Elena, but then Tseng walked in and if looks could've killed, you would've been dead ten times over," she said rapidly.

Reeve glared at her and sat straight after nearly coughing up a lung. Yuffie just held up her hands and gave him an innocent look. "I mean, I'd still love you even if you loved guys," she said with a cheerful shrug.

"Yuffie," Reeve said in a slow tone, as if talking to a two year old—and in a sense, he was. "I am not gay," he said.

"Are you sure?" Yuffie asked, eying him critically.

"Do you want me to prove it to you?" he asked her darkly.

Yuffie cheeks flushed pink and she waved her hands in a negative. "As much as I'd think it would be fun, Vince would turn us into swiss cheese with Cerberus," she said nervously. As if on cue, her cell phone began to ring. "Y-ello?" she asked, drawing the made up word out.


"Vince? This must be a first, you calling me!" she said happily.

"I had a sudden feeling that you were doing something inappropriate," Vincent replied. "What were you doing?"

"Uh... nothing! I was just talking to Reeve and asking him a few things about his love life," she said quickly.

"Yuffie," he started in a warning tone.

"Aww, did you call because your jealousy radar started acting up again?" she asked, her eyes glittering merrily as Reeve watched her with a small smirk. "You know I love only you, right?"

"You better remember that," Vincent murmured after a moment of silence.

Yuffie winked at Reeve and stood to walk out of the bar, so that she could have some privacy. Reeve just watched her go with a small smile and was happy to see that Vincent was finally opening up and giving himself a chance to be with Yuffie. Her question had caught him completely off guard and though he was confident in his sexuality, Yuffie had a point. Ever since Shalua's death, he hadn't shown interest in another woman. That didn't necessarily mean that he wasn't interested in women, but that he hadn't exactly moved on.

A long moment later, when the last of his coffee had been drained, Yuffie stepped back into Tifa's bar. The bartender had gone out to buy some of the most common ingredients that had run out, and she had left Yuffie in charge. Reeve had walked in just to see a very bored ninja, with an empty bar. She had then offered him a coffee and had subsequently asked him that disturbing question.

"I was only asking because I'm worried about you," Yuffie said as she took a seat next to him. "I'm only saying because I don't want you to turn into the forty year old virgin," she said with a grin.

"Yuffie," he started, annoyed. "I am not a virgin." At her skeptical look, he shook his head. "I would be happy to show you, but we've already established what Vincent would do if we even tried."

Yuffie grinned. "Go on a date once in a while then. Prove me wrong," she said.

"I just wanted to drop by to say hello to Tifa and Cloud, but since they aren't here, I must return to the office," said Reeve, standing and walking towards the door. He turned to look at Yuffie and smiled. "I appreciate your concern, but I don't need you to worry about me. I am old enough to take care of myself," he said kindly.

Yuffie shrugged. "Forty year old virgin, Reeve," she sing-songed.

"Goodbye, Yuffie," he said with a sigh. He walked out of the bar and stepped into his car. In reality, he had been meaning to talk to Cloud about something. In a few days time, the fourth anniversary of his mother's death would take place, and he had wanted to ask him and Tifa if it would be okay if he took Denzel with him. After all, the boy had been the person who had taken care of her right before she had died that fateful day, when the lifestream had erupted from the planet to save them all from Meteor.

If he was completely honest with himself, he had begun to shut down all the opportunities he'd had at being happy. He didn't believe that a man who had worked for Shinra for so long deserved any happiness. First he had lost his mother, and then he had lost Shalua. That was why he had opted to dedicate the rest of his life to fixing all the harm that Shinra had caused to the planet. Maybe it would help with some of the karma.

By the time he arrived in his lonely apartment, a light drizzle had started and it looked as if it would rain until the anniversary of his mother's death. Sighing to himself as he sat on his bed and pulled off his boots, he realized that it had been a long time since he had taken a few days off from his job. He had deemed it necessary, so that he could mourn in peace. Yuffie's words kept ringing in his head, and he smiled wanly to himself.

Yuffie had a very bizarre way of showing she cared, but it was nice to now that there was someone out there who would miss him if he were dead. Well, a whole group of someones. He just didn't know how he would continue to resign himself to being lonely. Cait Sith could only fill in so much of his life. Besides, Yuffie was right. What normal man preferred a robotic cat to a real woman? Reeve grinned to himself. It was best if he kept his thoughts to himself. Telling Yuffie that she was right was a recipe for trouble.


The morning of the anniversary of Meteor and his mother's death, the city remained silent. Only very few people were seen out on the streets, and almost all of them were taking flowers to the monument that had been rebuilt in the center of the city, and to the graves where the bodies of the few that had been found had been laid to rest.

Reeve stepped over to his mother's grave, along with Denzel, and was thankful that his friends of Avalanche had allowed him the chance to grieve alone, with only his young friend. They would wait for the both of them back in Seventh Heaven, where they would show their support. "I will always be grateful to you, for spending the last of her days with her," he said to Denzel.

The boy smiled sadly. "She took care of me, but she always talked about you, Reeve," Denzel replied, setting down a bunch of lilacs right at the foot of the tombstone.

Reeve smiled faintly and nodded, setting down the white roses he had brought with him. After a moment of saying a prayer for her, he turned to give Denzel a moment to say goodbye. Reeve blinked and wondered if he was imagining things. Standing at a distance, under a large, black umbrella, was someone he hadn't seen in years. The first thing that gave her away were her eyes. Those bright, blue eyes. "Emi?" he murmured.

She smiled softly and stepped forward, a red rose in her free hand. "Hey, Reeve. It's been a very long time, hasn't it?" she asked.

He nodded and looked her over silently. She had grown into a fine woman. She should've been what? About thirty-two now? She had been the daughter of his neighbors, and they had almost grown up together, up until before he had left to go to college out of the city. She was wearing her long blonde hair in a braid that curled over her shoulder and fell parallel to her arm. "I read in the newspaper that today you would be mourning your mother. I didn't know she had died," she said quietly.

Reeve nodded. "Four years ago, when Meteor nearly hit the planet," he said, offering her a thankful smile when she held her umbrella above the both of them. "Where have you been all this time?"

"Around," Emi replied evasively.

"Around where, Emilia?" Reeve asked, using her full name. He was very aware that she had hated her name when she had been younger, though he didn't know if she still felt the same way.

"God, I still hate my name," she said with an embarrassed smile. "But I've been living in Mideel. I just... I thought it would be good if I came to offer you my condolences."

Reeve stared into her glittering blue eyes and realized that there were tears in them. "Thank you," he said.

Emi nodded and placed a hand on his arm before moving to place the flower over Ruvie's grave. "Sorry I never came back, even to say hello," she murmured. "But know that you will always be loved."

Reeve watched her silently as she stood straight and offered a small prayer. Then he noticed that Denzel was watching her as well. "She's an old friend. We grew up next door to each other," he said quietly.

"She's cute," Denzel said with a small smile.

Reeve held back a chuckle and nodded. "We should go, before we catch a cold," he said. He waited for Emi to step up next to him and noticed that she was cleaning away her tears with a gloved hand. "Do you... have anywhere to go right now?"

She shook her head. "No. Why do you ask?"

"Because I have some friends who want to spend the afternoon with me, and I would really like it if you joined us," Reeve said with a smile.

Emi returned it and nodded. "I would very much like that. We have so much to catch up on," she said, her eyes searching his sad ones. It had been so long since she had seen him, but he was every bit as handsome as she remembered him.

"Tifa and Yuffie are going to have fun today," Denzel muttered under his breath.

It was enough for Reeve to hear him and know that he was very right. By the time they arrived at Seventh Heaven, Tifa had already started to prepare lunch for them all. The way Yuffie's eyes lit up, made Reeve's stomach drop right down to his feet. He cleared his throat uncomfortably as she sidled up next to him, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Who is that?" Yuffie asked with a grin.

Reeve could feel Vincent's eyes burning into the back of his head. "What have you told Vincent in order for him to be glaring at me like that?" he asked without turning.

"You can't answer a question with a question!" she exclaimed. At Reeve's look, she shrugged. "I may have invented some sort of a crush between us."

"What?!" Reeve nearly yelled. He was aware of their friends turning to look at him curiously. "Why would you do something like that?"

Yuffie smirked. "You'd be surprised how a little jealousy can make for unimaginable sex," she said lecherously.

Reeve rubbed a hand across his face and excused himself, walking over to Emi, where she had been introducing herself to Tifa, Cloud, and Barret. "I'm sorry... I got held back," he said, glaring at the ninja, who had followed him with a bounce to her step. "I suppose you have all met Emilia?"

"Emi, Reeve," she muttered. "But yes. I've been so out of the loop that I wasn't even aware that you had become a hero who only kept other heroes as his close friends," she said with a smile. Reeve just chuckled and shook his head.

"Where have you been living all this time?" Tifa asked curiously.

"Oh, I was living in Bone Village," Emi said.

Reeve frowned and looked at her. "I thought you said you had been living in Mideel," he said slowly.

"I've been living in a lot of places," Emi said with a shrug.

"I need to take her away for a moment. We need to get reacquainted," said Reeve, taking the coffee Tifa was offering with a smile. They moved to sit at a booth in the corner, and Reeve stopped to shake hands with Cid, Rufus, and Nanaki, who only offered him a few words of condolences. It was nice to see that even Rufus had come by to show solidarity.

"Have you really been living in various places... or do you not want to tell me where you have been all this time?" Reeve asked her softly.

Emi shook her head and took a sip of the hot chocolate that Tifa had handed over to her. She had always despised the taste of coffee. Sitting back and looking at Reeve, she shrugged. "I've been living in various places. I haven't been able to stay in one place because I'm like a free spirit. I've been to every continent now, and it was a miracle that I saw the paper a few days ago," she said with a small smile.

She did have a nice smile, Reeve mused. He stared down at his coffee and was bombarded by images of himself, older than Emi, watching her in annoyance in his teen years. He could remember blonde pigtails, a pink bicycle with tassels, and scraped knees. He had always seen her as a little sister. But he had to admit that she no longer looked like a child. She had grown into a beautiful woman with a straight, lightly freckled nose, wide, blue eyes that shone like the clear water, and a tall, slim body.

"I never thought you'd grow up to be famous," Emi said. "I remember the sound of breaking windows after school. You were always attempting to build something electronic, and somehow it always exploded." She laughed, and it was a gentle sound. Reeve realized he liked it very much.

"I want to help the world," Reeve said humbly. "I... worked for Shirna for many years, and the world was nearly destroyed by the very same company. It's the least I can do," he said quietly.

Emi smiled. "Are you married? The boy who was with you at your mother's grave, is he your son?" she asked curiously.

Reeve shook his head. "He is a young friend of mine. He took care of my mother the weeks before her death. I'm not married," he said calmly.

"I'm surprised. Why isn't a man like you tied down already?" she asked playfully.

"I guess I haven't found anyone yet," he said, his eyes lingering on hers. Distant giggling reached his ears and he turned to look towards the bar counter, spotting Tifa and Yuffie talking to each other while throwing him glances every few seconds. His eyes narrowed in annoyance before he turned back to his old friend.

Emi just smiled and began to stand. "I need to go, Reeve," she said quietly.

"Why? Where?" he asked, standing with her.

"I have some things to do, and I just wanted to share my condolences. Will you be okay?" she asked, patting his arm.

Reeve nodded. "I'll be fine. Why don't you give me your address, while you stay here in Edge?" he asked.

"How about I just give you my cell number so that you can call me whenever you want to talk?" Emi offered instead, taking a piece of paper out of her purse and writing down the numbers.

Reeve didn't pry into why she had refused to give her his address. He had a feeling that there was more to Emi's story, and that she needed to really talk to him about it, but she had to do it on her own. He wouldn't force anything from her, especially after years of not seeing her. Though he had many fond memories of a small, blonde girl, the woman before him had grown and had a different life that he knew nothing of. He finally nodded and took the paper, walking her out of the bar.

"We still have many things to talk about," Reeve said, walking a small distance away from the bar.

Emi nodded and her eyes settled on the winged angel sitting on one of the city's many beams; it looked as if it were standing vigil over Seventh Heaven. "I suppose we do. Take care of yourself, Reeve. It was really nice to see you again," she said with a gentle smile, moving forward to brush her lips against his cheek.

"Same here," Reeve said before watching her go. Before she was out of sight, she turned and waved once. Then she disappeared and Reeve turned to walk back into the bar.

"Aww... did you scare her away?" Tifa asked as she and Yuffie nearly cornered him.

"...Tifa, I never pictured you to be as immature as Yuffie," Reeve said with a sigh.

"It's just that we're so happy that you finally brought a girl around!" Tifa said excitedly.

"Should we start planning a bachelor party for you?" Yuffie asked.

"I believe that is the job of the best man, when there's a wedding," said Vincent, coming up behind the ninja and nearly dragging her away.

"We'll plan any bachelor parties that come up," Cloud said, taking Tifa and pulling her towards the kitchen.

Reeve gave the other men a thankful look and took a seat with Rufus, Cid, and Barret. "Can I get in on the game?" he asked, motioning towards the cards and the chips.

"Not unless you tell us about da girl," said Cid, downing back a shot.

"There's nothing to tell," Reeve said with a heavy sigh. "But if there is, I promise I will invite you all to a game at my place," he said with a smirk.

"Deal," said Barret, patting him on the back.

Reeve nodded and smiled, thankful that he had his friends there with him. He didn't know what would've been of him had he never met them. Yuffie could always put a smile on his face, despite aggravating him beyond anything. Tifa always provided the care and the best drinks he had ever tasted. Cloud offered him silent companionship and someone to listen to his problems. Vincent was the same, the most levelheaded of them all. Barret and Cid always provided for entertaining, drunken discussions when he needed to blow some steam. And he couldn't forget Cait, his most faithful friend.

They had all served as his anchors so that he wouldn't sink into his sadness. What he could admit silently to himself, was that there were nights when he yearned for a female companion, and not only for physical release, but to have someone to hold and to hold him. Letting out a sigh as he looked at his cards, Reeve realized that Yuffie was right. He needed to date and meet other women. He was trying to right all the wrongs to the planet, and he had mourned Shalua long enough. It was time to move on.


Folding his newspaper and setting it on the table next to his fizzy drink, Reeve stood and smiled when he caught sight of Emi. This time though, she was wearing her long blonde hair loose and she had opted for a simple, aqua colored dress. It brought out her eyes and made her look all the more beautiful. She smiled and took a seat when he pulled the chair out for her. "Ever the gentlemen," she said teasingly.

Reeve nodded and sat. "My mother taught me well," he said with a small chuckle.

Emi nodded and stared down at her hands. "I feel bad that I didn't come by to see her in years."

Reeve nodded and motioned the waitress over. "How long will you be staying now?" he asked.

Emi shrugged. "I haven't really thought about it. I may stay a few days, or a few weeks. It depends on how much I like things," she said, taking a sip of the water at the table. They ordered their food and then sat back to talk a little more.

Reeve watched her move. She was graceful and careful with the way that she picked up her glass, or how she folded her napkin. Was he... watching her because he hadn't seen her in so long? Or was it that he had a... crush on her? Reeve nearly cringed at the word. A man who was nearly forty had no business having crushes at this stage in his life. He was... interested. "I would think that your parents would've wanted you to settle down by now," he said out of the blue.

Emi looked at him with those clear, blue eyes and shrugged. "I don't think I'm ready just yet. I know how some women like to be married by thirty-five or something, but I've still got time. I've been traveling so much that I haven't really had time to meet a decent man," she said sheepishly.

Reeve chuckled and nodded. "Where are your parents, by the way?"

She looked away, into the distance and shook her head. "They're around. I... haven't seen them in a long time," she said quietly.

Reeve reached across the table and squeezed her hand, watching the jewels that were her eyes turn to meet his. She smiled, and he had never seen a more beautiful woman. "You know that you have me, right? For anything that you may need," he said quietly.

Emi nodded and gave him a sweet look. "Thank you, Reeve. I often wondered if you would turn out as charming as your father."

"Dad was an old grump, may he rest in peace," Reeve said with a fond smile.

"Yeah, but your mother found something that she loved in him, didn't she?" she asked. Reeve chuckled and nodded before sipping his drink. Their food was brought over, and they ate in silence for a while. Once they were done, he gazed off into the distance and was unaware of her eyes watching him.

He was a truly handsome man, but he wouldn't understand if she were to be really honest with him. Emi let out a sigh and looked away, her eyes staring at her hands. "Have there been any important women in your life?" Reeve gave her a look. "Come on! We used to talk to each other about these things all the time when we lived next door to each other!"

Reeve smiled. "I distinctly remember that you used to pry the information from me," he said.

Emi shrugged. "Well, what's so different now? Do you want me to pout and flutter my eyelashes?" she asked with a laugh.

He shrugged. "Try me."

"Reeve..." she whispered, leaning forward against the table, using her baby blue's to her every advantage. "Tell me..."

Reeve cleared his throat and felt the insane urge to lean forward and kiss her. "There was one woman," he started, uncomfortable.

Emi sat back and gave him a curious look. "And?"

"She died," Reeve replied.

She gave him a surprised look that quickly turned apologetic. "I'm sorry," she murmured.

Reeve shook his head. "We never got a chance to solidify anything between us, but the attraction was there. We just... had different priorities," he said quietly.

Emi felt her heart break for him. She remembered listening to him once, talking about a break-up when they had been young. She had felt the need to hug him and comfort him as best she could, but she had never acted on it. Now, she didn't think she'd have the courage to do it either. They were entirely different people now. They had lived separate lives and were barely getting to know each other again. "You'll move on, won't you?" she asked him softly.

Reeve smiled slightly and shrugged. "I'll try my best," he said with a nod.

She smiled and stood. "I have to go, but I had a great time with you," Emi said, smiling thankfully.

Reeve frowned. "Why do you keep running off like this? And why won't you tell me where you live?" he asked.

Emi shook her head. "It doesn't matter, Reeve. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and I hope we get to talk again soon," she said before turning and walking away, leaving behind a very disgruntled commissioner.

Reeve sighed and took a seat, pulling out his phone from inside his coat. He dialed a number and waited. "Yuffie?"

"Heya Reeve!" The ninja replied cheerfully.

"I need you on a very important mission," Reeve said carefully.

"Hold on a minute," she said. There was the faint sound of rustling and her giggles carried through. "Vince! Stop it!" she hissed before moving back to the phone. "Okay, what do you need, boss-man?"

"I need you to track someone for me," he replied.

"Hmm... is this for the WRO, or is it a special order mission?" she asked

"I want you to find Emi. She refuses to tell me where she lives and she begins to act strange when I ask her questions. I want to know that she's okay," he replied. He knew that Yuffie would undoubtedly tease him, but the words never came.

"Do you think she's in trouble?" Yuffie asked curiously.

"I hope not," Reeve replied. "But I need to know for sure. She must be staying around the downtown of Edge, because when I asked her to meet me for lunch, she arrived rather quickly."

"Alrighty, as soon as I have any info, I'll let you know," she replied.

"Thank you, Yuffie. I trust that you will handle this with the finesse that only a veteran ninja like you can?" Reeve asked, stoking her ego to ensure that she would keep the information to herself.

"Aww... you're making me blush!" she said with a laugh. "Uh-oh, Vince is glaring at me. Gotta go. I'll call you when I find out where she is," Yuffie said before hanging up.

Reeve just chuckled to himself and closed his phone. Staring out at the city as it passed him by, he realized that though time had passed and he no longer knew the girl next door, he still wanted to protect her.


Finding her wasn't as hard as Yuffie had initially believed. After explaining to Vincent that she had super-secret mission for Reeve, and making sure that he wouldn't get too jealous and possessive, she made her way out of the apartment she had been sharing with him for the last month. Their friends didn't know they were living together, but Yuffie knew that if Reeve found out, he'd have some very nice blackmailing material to work with.

It took her only two hours of asking around downtown, when she got wind of a blonde woman living in a motel near the flea market. Avoiding the shiny stuff had been her main priority as she checked out three out of four of the motels right at where the flea market stopped. Pausing in front of the last motel, Yuffie cocked her hip and stared at the run down structure and wondered why Reeve's friend was staying there. Moving to stand at the bookstore right next to the motel, she pretended to read a book as she made an assessment of her surroundings.

She looked up in interest when she heard arguing and Emi stepped out of the front door. "You can't kick me out, you prick! I paid you in advance and you'll have to give me my money back if you want me to go!" she hissed.

Yuffie raised an eyebrow. Well, she sure was spunky and would more than likely have Reeve on his toes, but Yuffie could admire a woman who didn't take shit from anyone. She continued to listen and darted her eyes towards the book, just to see what she had randomly picked up. She swallowed back a shriek when she realized that it was a Kamasutra book. Her cheeks flushed red and she looked curiously at the images. "That looks a little painful," she muttered to herself, grimacing. Then she shut the book and put it back so that she could get her phone and call Reeve.

"Reeve here," he said.

"I found her. You owe me big for this, Reeve-o," she said, watching Emi as she nearly fought the man when he returned with her bags and threw them out. "I hope you handle this smartly. She looks like a kick-ass type of girl. Take down the address," she said.

"Alright, Yuffie. Thank you for doing this. I didn't think you'd find her so quickly."

"It wasn't all that hard," said Yuffie walking off to buy herself a treat of crushed ice and some type of blue syrup. "She's pretty and men notice," she said absently, watching as Emi picked up her things and dragged them towards the sidewalk. Besides, she was the WRO's top spy. When she set her mind on her missions, she usually had information down on the first day. The only reason why it took so long for her to get the info back to Reeve was because of the travel she had to do by either foot, boat, or chocobo. Yuffie leaned back into the shadows and gave him the address.

"Thank you again. I will see you Monday at work," Reeve said.

"Sure. Have a good one Reeve, and you better tell me what you talk to her about when I see you at work!" Yuffie replied cheerfully before they both hung up. Sighing to herself, she made her way back to her apartment. Hopefully Vincent was still waiting for her all warm and inviting. She had always loved being cuddled and Vincent had arms long enough to make her feel all warm and protected. She smirked and wondered if Reeve would end up marrying this girl he was so desperately seeking.


By the time he arrived, Edge had been enveloped in dark clouds again, and it was beginning to sprinkle. Emi was still sitting on the sidewalk, her head in one of her hands, and her long hair once again braided. He took a look at the neighborhood, at the motel, and wondered if this had been why she had not wanted to let him know where she had been staying.

Taking a seat her side, he sighed quietly as the raindrops became a little heavier. "This is just great," she muttered angrily.

"It really isn't, but you get used to the frequent rain here in Edge," he said, watching her jump in surprise and turn to look at him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked quietly, looking away from him.

"I was worried about you. Why didn't you want to tell me where you were staying?" he asked.

"This isn't a place I'm exactly proud of, but it's... it's all I can afford," she said quietly.

"Where are your parents?" Reeve asked her softly.

"They're... gone. They died the same day your mother did," she muttered. "That's why I left. I left Midgar and traveled as far away from here as I could. I tried to out run the memories, but it's impossible," Emi said, a few tears trailing down her face and mingling with the raindrops.

"Emi... I was serious when I told you that I would be here for you. You should've called me and told me about your situation," he said seriously.

"I didn't come back just to ask you for help!" she exclaimed, her blue eyes darkening in annoyance. "I don't want you to think that."

"I don't, but it's what I would've wanted you to do," he said seriously.

Emi let out a long sigh and shook her head. "My life didn't turn out the way I wanted it to," she admitted.

"It rarely does," Reeve admitted, his eyes distant.

"I don't want you to think I came here to take advantage of your status and all that," she murmured.

Reeve reached over and lifted her chin, making her look him in the eye. "The girl I used to know wasn't this shy," he said quietly.

Emi shrugged and managed a smile. "That girl grew up," she said lightly.

"I see that," he said, releasing her face when he realized that he had kept a hand on her jaw. He stood and offered her a hand. "But the boy you knew grew up too, and he's a sucker for damsel's in distress."

"So... you go around rescuing women who get thrown out of the places they live in?" she asked, cheering up slightly.

"I try to keep it a secret, since you know that I'm famous now," he said with a smirk.

"And not at all modest, I see!" Emi replied with a bright laugh, taking his hand. They had a moment of looking into each other's eyes before she cleared her throat and stepped back to gather her things.

Reeve picked up the biggest piece of luggage and they began their quiet trek to his car. Neither of them had a thing to say to each other.


Turning the light of his apartment on, Reeve showed Emi in and gave her a small tour. "You can sleep in the guest room," he said, opening a door on the other side of the apartment from where his was.

Emi smiled gratefully and nodded. "Reeve... I... I don't know how I'm ever going to repay you," she said softly, looking around the simple, yet comfortable room.

"I do," said Reeve with a smirk. At her cautious look, he shrugged. "I have a secretary position open. I trust you know how to type and take notes?" he asked.

Emi nodded and laughed. "You're going to be my boss?" she asked.

He nodded and leaned against the door frame as she sat on the soft mattress of the bed. "I must point out though, that I am a very demanding employer. I like my employees to be on time, neat, and efficient."

"I think I can work with that," she said, her blue eyes shining with feeling. "I hope you're not expecting me to make you your coffee, though. For some reason, it always ends up being too dark."

"Good," Reeve said with a smile. "Dark coffee is my favorite."

Emi stood and quickly walked over to him, taking Reeve off guard as her slim arms slid around his neck in a hug. "Thank you for doing this Reeve. I just... I didn't know where to go anymore. Until I saw you in the paper and I remembered how much you protected me when we were small."

Reeve nodded and squeezed her shoulders in reassurance. "My mother would've taken a belt to my behind if I ever refused to help someone so beautiful," he said in amusement.

Emi laughed against his shoulder and leaned back to press a gentle kiss to his cheek. "I promise that I will do my best to repay all that you're doing for me," she said before drawing away.

Reeve nodded and stepped back before leaving her to settle in. He hoped he had done well by bringing her into his home. There were doubts, but there was also hope. Besides, the skin where her lips had kissed was still tingling. How could he go wrong with that?






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