Chapter 1

Kagome Uchiha, Sasuke's little sister, and Naruto Uzumaki's secret crush?

Kagome walked into class following her brother, some fan girls and boys glaring at both of them. Smirking she hugged Sasuke's arm slightly whimpering.

"Sasu....... t...... they are scaring me," she whimpered again with a hidden smirk.

Glaring at them they turned their attention somewhere else, sneaking a peek towards Uzumaki Naruto. A blush came when she saw Sasuke hide a smirk catching her staring at that boy............ again.

"A Uchiha never looks at lower persons," he said.

"And never hide a smirk you big.... big..... big meanie!!!"

Kagome yelled running towards their seat, and tripped because of a fan girl. Hitting her knee on the stairs tears came when she saw a little blood. All the fan boys glared at the girl, both Naruto and Sasuke ran to her.

"Kagome are you okay?!" Smiling towards them causing both of them to lightly smile.

"Nothing more then a little scratch." Standing she mentally flinched as pain shot through her leg. A small smirk came, "oh Sasuke! Sakura said she loves you!"

Sakura blushed glaring at the younger Uchiha, "I didn't say that Uchiha Kagome!!"

"I'm sure you did, oh well," sitting down she tuned everything out.


'I wish I could just tell him,' Kagome sighed walking through the town, 'how come I'm just like Hinata? When I see him I blush or smile like an idiot.'

Seeing the Ramen shop she stepped into see Naruto slurping down a bowl. A giggle caught in her throat, before sitting next to him. It took him all of three seconds to notice her before he stopped with a blush.

"S..... sorry," giggling she patted his head.

"It was rather cute," squeaking she blushed when he blushed.

~*0.o* o.0*~TWO YEARS LATER~*0.o* o.0*~

Kagome smiled at the two glaring at each other, "Sasu why are you glaring at Naru?

"I can," he simplly stated.

Smirking she stood walking over to the blonde haired boy. Pecking him on the lips 'causing Sasuke to glare at her. A small but yet big smirk came as she giggled.

"Sasu whats wrong?" She knew why but it was funny to see him angry.

"YOU JUST KISSED THAT THING!!!" He almost screamed.

"You bastard don't call him a 'thing'!!" She yelled grabbing a fist full of his hair, "I hate you Sauke Jin Uchiha!!"

"Let go of my hair dammit!"



"Yes!" She made fake tears, letting go of his hair she dropped to her knees crying.

"Hey don't cry! Okay I'm sorry for calling Naruto a 'thing'!!"

Smirking she wiped away the tears then hugged Sasuke, "I tricked you!"

"Thats evil!" He said saddly.

Kagome fell back on her back looking at the sky, "hey Sakura back at the school thing, I just said that 'cause you tripped me. Do you forgive me?"

"Uh.......... Sure," then was in a hug by Kagome.

"Now we can be friends!" Then she sat down, "and even be like sisters. Its no fun having a brother, who is mean!"

Sakura giggled sitting beside her, "wish I had a sister."

"I, Uchiha Kagome, say that you, Hanoro(sp?) Sakura, are a Uchiha now." Kagome said before looking back at her brother who was twitching. "Sasu are you okay?"

A puff appeared and all attention went to their sensei.

"YOUR LATE!!!" All but Sasuke and their sensei yelled.

"Get ready for your mission we are going after a cat."

"Why a cat?" Naruto asked with a pout.

"Not just some cat, a two tailed cat rare to everyplace."

"Lets find the kitty!!" Both girls yelled happily.

Slowly sneaking behind the cream colored cat Kagome leaped out and grabbed it. The cat's red/yellow eyes looked into her unusal(sp?) blue eyes then meowed happily nuzzling her chin. Which 'caused her to giggle with a silent scream, looking back at her group she held the cat out. Sakura quickly went to her then started to pet the cat, while Naruto and Sasuke glared at the kitten. The cat had cream-colored fur, black ears, two black stripes on each of her two bushy tails near the tip, and black-tipped paws. Giggling when the kitten crawled onto her shoulders, then jumped off going into a fire ball. There stood a ferocious lion-sized cat, slowly Kagome walked forward until her hand was on her back. When the cat purred she looked at Sakura.

"She's not mean," slowly the pink haired girl stood beside the raven haired girl.

The cat pushed both girls onto it's back then took off into the sky, both girls screamed holding onto the cat. Then relaxed after a few moments, sighing Kagome looked down to the ground.

"So what should we name her?"

'My name is Kirara.'

"Did you hear that?!"

"Yeah but what was it?!" Sakura looked around but saw no one.

'It was me, I can mentally talk with you,' Kirara explained.

"Oh," was all they could say.

'What are your names?'

"Sakura Uchiha."

"Kagome Uchiha."

'So your sisters?'

"No not by blood I adopted her into our family." Kagome said smiling while looking at Sakura, "do you have family Kirara?"

'No I am the last of my kind, I am a demon fire cat.'

"Oh I'm sorry Kirara." Sakura saddlly looked at the cat.

'It is okay, now I might be able to live with you?'

"Yeah!!" Both girls giggled as they landed on the ground beside three shocked males. "What?"

"What is that thing?!" Naruto said/yelled.

"She's a fire cat demon Naruto not a thing." Sakura said.

"Her name is Kirara, and she is the last of her kind."

Both girls jumped off Kirara's back then walked towards Konoha, "come on!"