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"Beeeellllllaaaaaaaaa. Wake up Bella" Alice was shaking me very hard, to try and get me to get out of bed.

"Just five more minutes Alice" Surely five minutes couldn't be too much to ask.

"But Bella, you have to wake up now, we're going home today!!!" She squealed and jumped onto my bed.

Then it hit me…I'm going to see Edward today, well that's enough to wake me up!

I opened my eyes to see Alice's face very close to mine and she was grinning.

"You're going you see Edward soon! But before that happens I need to make you look nice for him, so no casual jeans and t-shirt today Bella, I'm going to choose what you wear!" She grinned at me evilly.

I started to protest, "But Bella, you haven't seen him for two years, you need to look nice."


"For Edward Bella, for Edward" Alice looked at me and pouted. Damn that pout.

"Fine then" She clapped her hands and then pulled me out of my warm comfy bed and dragged me off to the bathroom door, she shoved me into the bathroom, "I've already laid out some clothes for you, just get dressed and then tell me when you're ready" she said, as she closed the door.

I locked it and then turned around to the counter and was actually quite surprised, when Alice said that she had chosen my clothes for me, I was expecting the worst, but what I saw on the counter was a pretty patterned summer dress, that fell just above the knee and had a small white bow around it to cinch the waist and alongside it were some dark brown flats, "these are wonderful Alice, you chose well!"

Alice laughed from behind the door, "I know I did Bella, I'm not a fashion expert for nothing. Now we've found you actually like the clothes I chose, can you hurry up and change into them, I need to do your hair!"

"Ok, ok, I'm hurrying" I said, as I threw off my ratty t-shirt and pyjama bottoms I had been sleeping in.

Once I was dressed I opened the door "Ali.." She ran into me and knocked all the air out of my lungs and then she shoved me into the chair in front of the mirror, once I got my breath back, I turned round in the chair "Why are you in such a hurry Alice?"

"Do you have any idea what time it is Bella?"

"Urm…no.." I replied.

"Jasper and Edward are going to be here in fifteen minutes Bella! Fifteen minutes!!"

That soon! God I think I'm going to hyperventilate!!

Alice started pulling and tugging at my hair while she decided what would suit me the best and more importantly in Alice's eyes anyways, what style would Edward like the best.

In the end after much deliberation Alice curled my hair ever so slightly and let it down, nothing special but Alice confirmed that Edward would like it, although something called 'sex hair' was apparently Edwards favourite but that would wait for the clubs.

Just as Alice was putting the finishing touches to mine and hers make up, there was a knock at the door.

I froze. They're here. Edward's here.

Alice gave a shriek of excitement and practically flew out of the bathroom; I followed her and watched as she skipped to the door shouting "He's here! They're here!"

She flung the door open revealing an almost equally excited Jasper.

Where's Edward?

"Jazzy!" Alice jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, he caught her easily and started planting kisses onto her face, "I've missed you Alice. I know it's only been a few months but it's seemed like ages" he said as he let her down and put an arm around her waist.

"Same for me Jazz! But you're here now and we get to be together for the whole summer!" Alice started jumping up and down.

Jasper just laughed and walked with Alice over to me, "Hi Bella, how're you doing this fine morning?" He let go of Alice for a second to hug me and then put his arm around her again.

"I'm good Jasper thanks. How are you?" I replied smiling.

"Happy to see my girlfriend and my friend again!" He grinned.

I wonder if Edward decided not to come after all, maybe it's my fault!

"Jaaaaaaaasper? Where's Edward?" Alice asked, sensing my alarm.

"Down by the car, waiting for us." He turned towards me, "Bella. Why don't you go and say hi to Edward and keep him company whilst I say a proper good morning to Alice." He smirked and winked at me.

"Well no guessing to what you're going to be doing, but surely you can't wait until we get back?"

Grief! I know these two haven't seen each other for a while, but do they really need to do this right now?! Plus I'd rather have my little reunion with Edward, with them behind me so that I don't end up saying or doing anything stupid.

"Nup" Alice grinned, grabbed Jaspers hand and started pulling him towards her bedroom. "Now go say hi to Edward, I'm sure that he's been looking forward to seeing you again Bella!" She shouted before she slammed her bedroom door shut.

Giggles and sighs of 'Jasper' started coming out of Alice's room, I decided that I really didn't want to hear what they were doing, so I grabbed my bag and ran out of the dorm. I walked down to the end of the corridor where the elevators were and pushed the down button; I waited for the ding and then stepped through the open doors into the elevator.

There was no one else there so I had 8 floors to decide exactly what I was going to say and do when I saw Edward standing by the sliver Volvo (I assumed he still had it since he absolutely adored that car), in all his glory.

Ah Adonis….I remember his perfect body when we hung out in the pool together…..

There was another ding. The elevator had reached the ground floor. And I had nothing to say!!!! I had spent 8 floors thinking about his body. Damn him and his perfection!

The doors opened and I stepped out, walked past reception and started towards the double doors out of the building.

Oh goodness. Oh crud. What am I going to say to him?!

I pushed open the doors and was just about to walk through the doorway when I saw him. Standing by the silver Volvo was Edward.

He looks even more gorgeous and perfect since when I last saw him!

My dreams do NOT do him justice.

"Excuse me but can you please decide whether you are going out or coming in because you are in my way!" Someone was trying to get past me and I was standing in the doorway, whoops.

I mumbled an apology and walked outside towards Edward.

I got about halfway to him when he looked up and saw me, I wave shyly and he waved back, grinning his crooked grin…..swoon.

He watched me as I continued to make my way over to the car. Is he just going to watch me?! What If I trip and fall flat on my face!!!

I tried to watch where I was going and just keep my feet moving forwards, turned out I was concentrating a bit to hard and I ended up tripping anyway, over absolutely nothing!

I thrust my hands out in front of me to stop the impact of the fall from being to hard, just as I was nearing the ground, I felt two arms grab me and stand me upright.

I looked up to see that the owner of the arms was Edward, he had caught me!

"Oh God. I'm so sorry Edward." I mumbled, blushing.

He chuckled, "What have you got to be sorry about Bella? I'd forgotten how much I liked catching you!"

Oh yeh, one more thing I forgot to mention. When we were in high school together, he assigned himself as 'Bella's personal catcher', he said that he enjoyed protecting me, it made him glad that I was safe. I quite enjoyed him catching me too, I liked his arms being around me.

"I missed you Bella" He said, as he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly.

"I missed you too Edward. I haven't seen you for a few years!!" I hugged him back, just as tightly.

"Way to long." He pulled back, his arms still around my waist.

"How have you been? How's Uni?" I asked.

"It's great! But I've been missing my family and friends" He said, pouting.

"Awwwwwww. But you should be happy now, you get to be with us for six whole weeks!" I laughed.

"And I get to be alone with you in the car for eight whole hours" He smiled.

Suddenly it fell silent between us, our gazes locked and we just stood there staring at eachother.

Then he leant his head towards me and brought his face close to mine. Is he going to kiss me? Oh lord I hope he is!

I could feel his breath on my lips as he leaned down a bit more. "Bella" he sighed, our lips were just about to meet, when my mobile started to ring.

We both jerked our heads back, and took a step back from each other, I blushed as I searched for my phone in my bag and flipped it open.

"Bella!" It was Alice. I looked at the ground but I could feel Edwards gaze on me.

"Hi Alice. What's up?" I asked, shuffling my feet.

"Me and Jasper have..urm.. finished saying hello, so you and Edward can come up and help us carry our stuff to the cars."

"Yeh sure, will do, see you in a bit Alice." I hung up and put my mobile back into my bag.

I looked up at Edward, who was still watching me, "Urm, we should go up now and help with the boxes, if you don't mind?"

"Of course I don't." He smiled.

We walked back to the dorm in slightly awkward silence, neither of us knowing exactly what to say to each other after our almost kiss.

I pushed open the door into the dorm and had to quickly move to the side as Alice came running towards Edward. "Eddie!" She cried, as she flung herself at him. "I haven't seen you for ages my dear old brother!" She grinned.

"Neither have I seen you for ages, dear little sister!" Edward ruffled Alices hair and she smacked his arm in response.

I laughed, "Alice, surely Edward doing that wouldn't make much difference considering what you did with Jasper after you threw me out of our dorm!"

Alice harrumphed and stomped over to our boxes of stuff and picked one up. "Come on Bella, Edward. Me and Jasper aren't doing this all on our own."

We each picked up a box and walked down to the cars, a few more journeys were made until we had packed all of our things. My stuff in Edwards Volvo and Alices in her Porche.

I was feeling quite anxious at having to spend eight hours alone with Edward, I wonder If he regretted our almost kiss, I certainly hope he didn't because I would very much like to do it again, execept maybe next time we would actually get to kiss without being interrupted.

It was only then that I realised that Alice was talking and that I probably should listen.

"Ok, so I think that about four hours in, so thats around half of the journey we should stop at a service station for lunch and then carry on from there until we get back home. You're obviously going to get home before before us Edward, because you drive like a maniac and Jasper here doesn't really drive fast enough. Sorry Jasper, but you know how fast I like going in cars." She turned to Jasper and gave him a peck.

Jasper sighed and nodded. "That's why I wanted to drive back today, so that we don't get into any trouble."

"Anyways, I'll call you a few times to make sure that you're on track and I'll also call you when I think it's time to stop at the service station Bella." Alice gave me a hug, then Edward. "Bye Bella, Edward, see you in around four hours and have fun!" She winked at me, and then skipped over to her yellow porche with Jasper, they both waved before they got into the car, started it and started to drive off.

"We should get going then" Edward smiled at me and opened that passenger door for me to get in. How very kind of him, I'd forgotten how gentlemenlike he was.

He climed in the drivers side and put the key into the ignition. "Off we go."

The start of our eight hours alone with each other........maybe he'll end up actually kissing me.........

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