Hiding in Plain Sight Ch. 16 the Epilogue

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Previously: Sam heard the rumble of the engine and smiled knowing that he would soon be back at Bobby's. He felt someone place a blanket over him and tuck it around his shoulders as he drifted off to sleep listening to the engine's purr.

Sam was awakened by a gentle shaking of his shoulder and opened weary eyes to see that they had arrived back at Bobby's place. It surprised him to know that he had slept the entire way and he felt a little guilty for not having kept Dean and Bobby company on the long drive. "Sorry I slept the whole way." he mumbled as he sat up in the back seat and reached over to tug on the door handle.

"S'okay kiddo, you needed your rest, don't sweat it." Dean answered as he reached over the seat and carded his fingers through Sammy's hair. He sighed as he saw the dark smudges under his baby brother's eyes attesting to the fact that he still had a long way to go before he was fully recovered. He watched as Bobby climbed out from behind the wheel of the Impala and walked around back to help Sammy out before climbing out of the car himself. Once Bobby got Sammy to his feet, Dean fell in on the other side of him as they both led the youngest Winchester across the yard towards the house. Nearing the porch, Sam tensed a little and sighed as he looked at the few steps leading up to the porch. Hefelt as weak as a newborn foal and didn't know how he was going to manage those steps.

"Take your time tiger, we're right here beside you to help." Dean said as he placed an arm around the small of Sammy's back. He could see the tremble in Sam's legs and knew he was exhausted just from their short walk already.

"Kay" Sam replied with a slight blush to his cheeks, embarrassed at having Dean and Bobby see him so weak. It took a couple of minutes, but he was finally able to struggle up the steps. As they waited for Bobby to unlock the door, he leaned heavily on Dean for support. Walking inside, he was surprised to a sofa bed set up and waiting for him with sheets, comforter and all. "Bobby?" he questioned in surprise knowing that Bobby had never had a sleeper sofa before.

"I knew you were going to be too weak to get up the stairs for a few days kiddo, I just wanted you to be comfortable." Bobby said with a shrug as if he hadn't done anything special. He loved those boys like they were his own and he wanted to make sure Sam was as comfortable as possible and that he wasn't put through any unnecessary stress.

"Aw, didn't know you cared so much Bobby." Dean smirked even though secretly it melted his heart to know what Bobby had done for his baby brother.

"Shuddup ya idjit." Bobby groaned as he and Dean helped Sam over to the bed and helped him sit down on the edge. Reaching down to untie Sam's shoes and pull them off, Bobby lifted Sam's legs and spun them around so he could stretch out on the bed. "Get ya some rest tiger. I'll wake you when it's time for dinner." Bobby said as he patted Sam on the knee.

"Thanks Bobby." Sam said with a wide yawn as he snuggled his head into the soft pillow. He watched as Dean pulled the comforter over him and tucked him in before closing his eyes and gently drifting off to sleep once again.

Dean stood by the sofa bed and watched his brother sleeping for a few minutes to make sure he was resting comfortably before walking into the kitchen where Bobby was currently pulling the things together he would need to make their diner. "Need any help old man?" Dean questioned as he sat down at the table.

"Watch it boy, or this old man will whip your ass." Bobby smirked as he placed a head of lettuce in front of Dean. "Cut this up for a salad. Sammy's going to need food that is easy on the stomach and not greasy." He explained as he watched Dean's nose wrinkle in disgust. "And before you ask, we're having grilled chicken with rice. No burgers and fries tonight for you."

"Awww Bobby, did you have to make all of us go on a health food kick?" Dean questioned as he began cutting up the lettuce into small pieces that would be easier for Sammy to eat.

"Damn straight." Bobby replied with a grin as he put the chicken on. Until that brother of yours is back to par, it's healthy all the way." Bobby couldn't help but laugh at the audible groan Dean emitted at the thought of not eating the greasy burgers he loved so well.


The next time Sam was awakened was by the smell of grilled chicken as his brother carried a tray into the room where he was sleeping. Pushing himself up, he swung his legs off the bed saying that he was well enough to eat in the kitchen with them at the table.

"Sorry kiddo, but you're staying right here, Dean informed his brother as put the tray down and swung Sammy's legs back up onto the bed.

"Deeean, I'm not an invalid." Sam whined as he leaned against the back of the couch with a pout.

"Didn't say you were Sammy." Dean replied as he placed the tray over his brother's lap and sat of glass of lemonade on the stand beside the bed.

"Come on Dean, I don't want to eat in here by myself, it'll be boring." Sam stated with pleading puppy dog eyes turned on full force.

"You won't be Sammy." Bobby replied as he walked into the room carrying a plate for him and Dean. We're going to eat in her too. He placed their places on the small table coffee table in the room before returning to get him and Dean some lemonade too.

As the hunters ate, they made small talk about what was going on in the hunting world and what their plans would be for the next few weeks as Sammy recuperated at the salvage yard. Once they had finished, Bobby gathered up the dishes and carried them to the sink to give the brothers some time alone together.

"Dean?" Sam questioned a little timidly as he gazed up at his brother after Bobby left the room.

"Yeah Sammy?" Dean said wondering what had Sam so nervous.

"Could you uh, help me up the stairs? I want to take a shower." Sam said as he chewed lightly on his bottom lip in hopeful expectation of Dean's answer.

"Ain't no damn way I'm letting you do that Sammy." Dean answered with his hands on his hips. "You're still too weak to even think about letting you stand in the shower."

"Aww Dean, I really need a shower. I feel so grungy after lying around in the hospital. I promise I'll make it quick." Sam retorted praying that Dean would agree because there was no damn way he was getting up the stairs without help.

"Tell ya what Sasquatch, I'll help you up the stairs if you agree to take a bath instead and you leave the door open." Dean replied giving Sam an option.

"What? No, I'll take the bath but I'm closing the door." Sam stated thinking of his modesty. He knew Dean had seen him naked plenty of times when he had been hurt, but this was different.

"Then forget it Sam, I'm not taking any chances with you getting hurt." Dean replied as he started to walk away.

"Dean wait." Sam said with a groan since he really did need that bath. "Okay, I'll leave the door open but you have to wait out in the hall."

"Deal." Dean answered as he helped Sam gingerly up off the bed. Wrapping an arm around Sammy's waist, he helped his brother across the floor and up the steps. He strengthened his grip as he noticed the way that Sam's legs were trembling as they climbed the steps. Once they made it to the bathroom, Dean ran the water for Sam as his baby brother sat down on the toilet lid a few minutes to rest. Once the water was ready, he took his leave and sat down outside the door as Sammy stripped and climbed into the tub. Once Sam was situated, he told him he would be right back as he went to get his baby brother some clean boxers and a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt. Returning with the clothing and putting it just inside the door, Dean sat down on the floor once again and leaned against the wall. Knowing he'd never have a better time to talk with Sammy about how their dad's death had affected him, he cleared his throat and said, "Hey Sammy?"

"Yeah?" Sam questioned as he relaxed in the hot water enjoying the feeling of just soaking in the tub.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry once again for the way I acted towards you the past few weeks. I took my anger out on you and it wasn't fair." Dean said as he twiddled with his shirt hem.

"It's okay Dean, it was my fault for pushing you. If I had just left things alone…"Sam trailed off wondering if things would have gotten so bad between them if he had just kept his mouth shut.

"You're wrong kiddo. It's just…Sammy I was lost without him. I had always followed him no matter what, whatever dad did or said was gospel to me, he was my hero. After he died, I didn't know what to do kiddo. I felt alone without having his guidance." Dean said knowing that he had to make Sam understand why he acted the way he did.

"As Sam sat listening to his brother finally opening up, tears trailed down his cheeks upon finding out that Dean had felt lost and alone. He knew just how that felt since he felt the same way when he first went to Stanford. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he whispered, "I'm sorry Dean, sorry that you felt that way even with me and Bobby here."

"Don't feel guilty Sam, it's just something I had to work through for myself. But I want you to know I don't feel that way anymore. I know now that having you here and alive, that's what's important and I swear Sam, things are going to be good between us once again. I'm going to be the big brother you need from now on." Dean promised as a tear slipped down his cheek.

"You already are dude, you already are." Sam said smiling through his tears. Things were finally good between them once again and he couldn't be happier. Finishing up with his bath, he climbed out of the water and toweled off and dressed in the clothing Dean had set just inside the door for him. Easing his way out of the bathroom, he smiled as Dean stood up quickly to help him down the steps and back into bed. Fading off to sleep once again, Sam couldn't have been any happier than he was now.

As he watched Dean fussing over Sam, Bobby couldn't help but smile knowing that things were finally back to the way they were supposed to be. The protector was watching over his charge once again and he couldn't be more pleased "They're going to be okay John." He whispered as he looked Heavenward. I'll make sure of it."

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